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Happy Father's Day! 😍

#1 all day every day!!
Krista Megan there ya go sure
CMT13 hours ago

This melts our hearts ❤️

Loved me some Rhett Aikens so a great voice
So cute! Happy fathers day
Lynn O'Neall
Missy Hardy Headrick
Dang.... A lot of Handsome right here. 💕
Courtney Diener
HAppy father day
Laura Schroer
Cortney M. Richardson
Jennifer Meade
Rhett was such a cutie pie in the 90’s but, I believe he gets even better lookin with age. Wow Wee! 😮🤤❤️ Love those Georgia Men!!! Happy Father’s Day!
You're looking like your Daddy!!!!!!
Happy fathers day to you guys.your father is so handsom.I love his music and yours to young man.Rock on
Happy Father's Day
Samantha Fossa Ryan McGrane
So adorable and a little cutie
Happy fathers day
Connie Womack
How precious!
Tracey Smith 😍
How stinking adorable was that💜
Kenzee Ann
Travis Irwin
Ashley Jones
Dale L. Linneman
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I'm ready for summer after watching Kane Brown perform "Short Skirt Weather" outside on the Broadway Stage at the 2019 CMT Music Awards! 😎

He is so awesome live. see him in St. Augustine FL
He's too much like his buddy Ryan upchurch he grew up with.
When are we going to hear some actual country music?
Saw him in concert the other day in my town
This sounds like another song just can’t think of the title right now...I like it
Awesome loved it
This is not country
Awesome Music
I so do not like this song
Saw him with Jason Aldean in Jacksonville Fla. Loved him.
They need to create a new genre of music!! This new stuff is not country music!!
Who wears leather when it 100 degrees?
Love this guy he rocks ❤❤❤
Tessa Sexton Kim Honey we should have pulled this one up last night
Lauren Prewett we were there😍😭
It was awesome! Great memories huh sis Rebecca!!!
Love it
Natasha Craze
Butch Frederick
Love Kane ❤😁
was there
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When he was faced with a fork in the road, and he had to make a decision, Jordan Davis chose happiness ✨

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WORLD PREMIERE: Thompson Square's heartfelt music video for “Masterpiece.”

Beautiful song!!
I think they should be called Thompson Triangle now that there are three on them. ROTFLOL I love their music and even got pictures with them a couple of times a few years ago! Very nice couple!
So true.
Not too bad
Very good
It's about time
Does he got makeup on??? They look like twins..
CMT with Wendy's.3 days ago

🎶Check out @Cassadee Pope's incredible performance of "Take You Home" during the #CMTBlockParty last week! 🎶 #ad

CMT3 days ago

Here are some of our favorite moments of their friendship evolution (starting with their iconic CMT Crossroads performance)!

Two gorgeous ladies
Katy Perry? lol.... real country, alrighty then?
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Cody Alan and Lauryn Snapp bring you the biggest moments and trendiest topics from this week! #MIDWEEKMASHUP is how celebrate the weekly hump… Watch now!

CMT Radio with Cody Alan
States that Know FUN, Cody’s Gift Bag Reveal and the Pics of Maren Morris Everyone’s Talkin’ About
lauryn i love u
Hello from grants nm
Hi from Easton PA
Hello from Newfoundland Canada
Hello from Cleveland Ohio
Hi from Pinson Alabama
Hello from Ohio
Hello from TULSA
You guys are SO good together.That laugh!!
Lauryn, your friends from the ville need to come next year for CMA fest
Hey hahaha still those couches should be mine. Make it happen LS and CA
When are you coming to Toledo Ohio
Hi Lauryn from Peggie! Awesome to see this FB show!
Hello from Missouri
Love y'all in Burlington,N.C.
P.O. barricade stand mirror not where i am
Raleigh North Carolina
Smooth bro ..Peace out
Photos are so small
Hi Lauryn
Hi Lauryn!
Babe ruthy in drink
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Happy Father's Day!

WBBV - River 101.3
It's a Southern Thing
Happy Father's Day to all the masters of the "Dad Joke."
The cemetary where my dad rests had to build a huge wall around the entire thing. Apparently, everyone was dying to get in! 🤣 That joke can only be fully appreciated once it reaches full "groan!" My dad would be so proud of those!
Oops, my dad always answered "I'm thirsty" with: "Really? I'm Friday! Let's go saturday & have a sundae!" 😅😅
I am the king of Dad jokes! Here’s a few I’ve sent to my daughter.
When does a dad joke become obvious? —-when it become “apparent”! Love the dad jokes! My husband is the king of them!
Happy Father’s Day Anthony DeLise!!
Dad jokes are awesome. I love dad joke humor. 😂
Max..."Hi Thirsty! I'm dad!" Lol classic you! Happy father's day! Love you!
I would do anything to hear my dad tell one more lame joke, rest in heaven daddy 💋🥰. He was full of great stories.
I had a flat tire the other day. I needed asparagus.
Lots of great material! Some of the best comedians I've seen.
Wait...what do you mean “if” dad jokes were funny? Are you trying to imply something? I’ve had it with dad stereotypes. Heck, if I wasn’t too busy grilling right now, I’d come down and give you a stern talking to!
First off, speaking as a father, dad jokes are always funny.
Best dad joke out there: My father established our relationship when I was seven years old. He looked at me and said, "You know, I brought you in this world, and I can take you out. And it don't make no difference to me, I'll make another one look just like you." - Bill Cosby, 1980
I hear they're waiting on that lady to stop talking about brenda so they can finish the first mom comedy tour
I actually got a date recently with dad jokes and memes. lol
My dad’s jokes and puns were so bad, my brother and I started calling them Tiny Tims years ago. Bc they need a crutch. 😂😂😂😂
This may actually be a role reversal in our house. I say all the punny things and my husband does the long drawn out and how people are related extra details...
What do you mean "if" dad jokes were funny? They are funny!
But mom didn’t go into a side story on who Brenda is and where I met her.
Thelma Roethlein dad telling me about the day you went garage sailing in the rain, and he found the potted plant flooded with rain water. “Looks like you need to water your plants!” 😂😂
My father was without a doubt the worst at telling jokes, but that didn't stop him from trying
Some of my best jokes are dad jokes 😆
I'm a dad joke fan and not ashamed to admit it!
I'm on the Mom Comedy Tour every day.
All Dad's have the same old jokes, and if yours was like mine. You hear them over and over.
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Dads, Step dads, thank you for we appreciate you! Happy Father's Day!

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Our next Half Off Hookup is Wednesday June 19th and you can get half off at Mississippi BBQ Company! The deal starts Wednesday at 8 AM at our studio on 900 Belmont Street!

Wish I was off on Wednesday to get some of these good deals! 😢
Their brisket French dip sandwich is AH-MAZING!!!
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Today is Flag Day! Flag Day commemorates the adoption of the flag of the United States on June 14, 1777 by resolution of the Second Continental Congress.

More importantly...Happy 244th Birthday to the United States Army!!!!
Love the U S State Flag.
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Elaine Smith
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Per Rebecca Tarver: We are canceling today’s market. A few of our vendors were not able to make as they had planned so we would not have enough to have a full market today. We appreciate all of the support we receive from our vendors...

Thank you!