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Watch Lady Antebellum’s super fun performance of “You Look Good” on “Dancing with the Stars.”

Lady Antebellum Performance - Dancing with the Stars
Lady Antebellum performs "You Look Good" on Dancing with the Stars' Season 24 Finale! Subscribe:
Becky L Murray Love Lady A
Becca Hicks I love you
CMT2 hours ago

They’re already colorful characters, but Kelsea Ballerini and Billy Ray Cyrus are making the leap from country to cartoons!

A Foreign Affair Looks great, love Billy Ray!
Adrian Esparza Anna R Esparza
Allison Morris Wendy Clements Kizziah
CMT3 hours ago

When are we not crushing on #DollyParton? #WCW

Kevin Morgan Come on. Show old Dolly now
Jim Bradley You look great
Marc Ivan Bien Have a good day
Kelly Ellertson Forever the "Backwoods Barbie"
A Foreign Affair Who doesn't love them some Dolly?! 😘
Dave Eisenschenk Go Dolly your a honey
Kevin Steinhofer Justin Berg
CMT4 hours ago

CMT Music Awards know how to do collabs! Check out these 3 JUST ANNOUNCED performances you'll be watching on June 7.

Travis Ennis The only one that would be good is Lady A and Earth, wind, and fire.
Kelsey Greene Katherine Dean dreams really do come true! Florida Georgia Line and The Chainsmokers singing together 😵😱🙌🏽
A Foreign Affair This is going to be a great show!
CMT5 hours ago

Thomas Rhett and wife Lauren detail the emotional road to bringing daughter Willa home. “When I left Uganda, it was a terrifying moment,” Thomas Rhett says. “I knew I had to go play shows, but Lauren and her mom Lisa were literally there indefinitely.”

Kerriann Becker Krista Becker Lauren Becker I love them. They're just two really amazing people
Travis Ennis Yeah we get it. This is an old story now. When is he going to pop?
Janice Catlett I love them.
Alyssa Warhol Angela Victoria okay, now I might really have tears.
Carolyn Zook Emilie Renninger read this and try not to tear up
Caroline White Hannah Jones read this it'll make you cry 😭
Carrie Mitchell Wilburn What an awesome story
Chasity L Lominick Beautiful story! Buddy Lominick
Katlin San Filippo Ashley Ott omg 😍😍😍😍
Lydia Pittman Kerri Brooke McGehee ❤️❤️❤️
Kassi Walters Emily Errington
Janexis Cruz Jailene Cruz 💖
Charity Smith Jennifer Smith
Sara Dingman Megan McCarty
CMT5 hours ago

Indulge in a sultry shoulder shake. You’ve earned it.

Darla Sprouse Petree Well it's definitely not country and she didn't need to reiterate "I want a man" so much, everyone knows that. This will be the next one bombing on the charts.
Samantha Natske Erin Ryzak this is a new one and one of the good ones.
Robert Carter Robert Gregory Carter and Miranda Leigh Lambert
Deborah Fleet Great song Miranda
Daleann Bass Love Miranda
A Foreign Affair Love Miranda
CMT8 hours ago

It’s the music, dancing and classic love story that you can’t resist. #DirtyDancing premieres TONIGHT at 8/7c on ABC.

Robin Sampson NOBODY and I mean NOBODY can ever replace Patrick Swayze!!! When you want to watch Dirty Dancing, you watch the ORIGINAL movie!!!! Stop with all these cheap knock off wanna be's!
Brenda Whigham There will never be another Johnny Castle or Baby..... So don't even try......
Tommy Lee Why waste money and time on a movie that is already out there. Patrick Swayze did amazing job on this movie it can not and will not be replaced in my family. We just keep watching what we got.
Brittany Bostater I just feel like this is mawking a very amazing movie. You can't replace Patrick Swayze either. Also if your going to try at least get a guy to play the part that's as attractive as Patrick. This guy doesn't even come close in comparison. Definitely not a show I'll be watching and I'm expecting it to be a huge flop.
Danette Hendrickson C'mon Hollyweird!! You can't come up with an original idea? Must you keep ruining the classics with these crappy knock-offs!!!
Tina Conrad I can't bear to watch it. You can't replace Patrick Swayze.
Anita Brymer Why is Hollywood remaking all the great movies from the 70s and 80s? Because of the lack of creative talent in the millennial aged liberal writers and producers????
June Patton Davies Patrick Swayze was the bomb and no one can take that away from him. I don't know if I can even watch it without him. He made that movie.
Mandy Daniel Robinson The last time I watched one of these made for tv remakes it couldn't make it 20 minutes into the show. Totally different and not for the good. You can never replace Barbara Hershey and Bette Middler in Beaches
Andrew Fobes wow sour grapes in here! Who cares about your feelings for Patrick Swayze. If you enjoy the background of the story and good dancing there is no need for comparison.
Debbie Heiber This looks good. It's too bad I won't watch it due to Messing being in it. Won't give her the time of. Another big mouth who thinks she knows politics.
Star Roberts No one NO ONE can EVER EVER EVER make Dirty Dancing worth watching without Patrick Swayze. Dont try. It just makes it sad. This is sad.. stop trying to mess with perfection.
Jack Lambert Doesn't anyone in Hollywood have an original idea anymore? All they do is rehash movies and tv shows same with music. No original idea hell no one even plays an instrument anymore.
Star Roberts Not interested in the cast. The fellow playing Patrick's role just looks angry. Think they picked many wrong actors. Guess it wont matter. You cant duplicate perfection. It will be a sad wanna be.
Cheryl McClain You know they've come out with THE MUMMY.. with Tom Cruise.. of all people! LOL Brandon Fraser was the original lead along with his co star Rachel Weisz in 1999 with this movie! They need to stop. They are grasping at straws to make something.. have nothing new.. so they're doing remakes! YES.... they need to leave them alone!
Leslie Halliday Coore This will never measure up to the original.....
Beth Morin There is only one Dirty Dancing, one Patrick Swayze & one Jennifer Gray. Stop trying to fix something that was never broken.
Lyn Bruner- McKinney IDK....I am on the fence about this one. It's iconic, the original. I just don't think Hollyweird can have an original idea. This would have to fall short. No way can this compete with the original.
Marilyn Garrison I'm sure these two will try. But when a role is so iconic, why do they need to remake it? Everyone loves Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey in the Original movie.......Just from the previews, don't think these two will be believable.......
Rose Marie Nolan Sztybel Just another case of no talent writers and producers not having an original thought and trying to get rich riding the coattails of a classic movie. It's an insult to the original and ONLY Dirty Dancing. I for one won't be watching this joke of a remake.
Brandy Campbell Nobody will never measure up to Patrick swayze no way no how in any movie he did just my opinion the older and original movies will always be the best some just can be replaced not in my house
Tracy Vogt No Thank you Not interested Let me watch the original instead Any day!
Julie Davis This is a cheap knock off no one can do the show like Patrick and it looks like a wast and no good and the people makes it look funny what a east you should have never made a aouther one
Kelly Dover Gragg Why does it say an ABC original movie that movie was done about 30 years ago thank you very much. It will never be as good as the original with Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray.
Summer Lawson Hale Why do people keep doing this? Come up with some original ideas or get into another line of work. Leave the classics alone.
CMT17 hours ago

Brent Cobb and The Cadillac Three will continue with shows aboard in refusal to let terrorism win...

Reno Demous It's Joe and Jane public is who is getting targeted, not the stars themselves. Your fans are in danger, not you!
Angela Kuhn Maivelett Be safe
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5/23 Birthday Winner
Morgan Kinder

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Eric Proctor Carl Richardson
Kim Ann Wright Austin Bond
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Join us Thursday from 7-9PM at Delta Diamond Casino in Delta, Louisiana! It's always a fun time!

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Would you like to honor a family member or friend who serves, or has served, our country? Text us 601 638 0101 with your name and who you are saluting. We will mention them starting tomorrow.

Louisa Whitehead Juan Marcus Hernandez US Marines nephew
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