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If their sleeves are rolled, they're doing it right.

Selena Lee So true!
Renee Flynn Chewing loudly or smacking lips and moaning. 😝🤦🏼‍♀️
Jeanne Shearer So true
Ron Crowe yep, thats the test for sure ;-)
Doug Bonar Cmt
Janina Siegmann Alexander Wärtz
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The truth came out during this interview under the influence! 🍷😳

Penny Jane no ones business
Renee Flynn Don't tell them anymore secrets, just write songs. 🙊😂
Brittany Carmichael my kind of people
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This season on Still The King, here's what to expect when Debbie (Joey Lauren Adams) is expecting...

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Binge on Younger before Wednesday's season premiere! 🔥 Watch On Demand, on the TV Land App or here:

Troy Mercer "Hate banged"? Where do I find girls like that?
Sara Zielke Kevin Hays 🙌🏼
Jacquelyn Abrams Lisa Marie Corujo
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Faith and Tim are the experts.

Carol Suzette Wood I love Tim and Faith this song gave me chills
Lillian Weissenberger Nice love his music and voice he is great very nice wife
Robin Nadeau Love this💕
Sheila Sias I believe
Rita Craig You two are awesome
Crystal Taylor 👎
Ashley Vaughn Weddle Farms
Samuel Mauldin Emilie Rose
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We can already tell Juliette's new song "Water Rising" is going to be a hit! 🎶
But what will Maddie say if she ever finds out it was meant for her?

Bonnie Voges Popick Maybe Maddie could sing it with Juliet. I bet that would be a great collaboration! Does Juliette always have to be the bad guy!!! Maddie needs someone to trust. It should have been Her.
Jennifer Marie Vlk I'm hoping juilette comes to her senses you can tell she's guilty and jealous she's not getting attention like a new comer she has to be understanding jeez she's maddies manager I don't see it going well at all I love juilette and deep down she has good in her but hope she wakes up soon
Sara Lynn I don't see Maxie singing this it's made to be a country pop hit. I'm sure Maddie will be mad but if she is a smart artist she will realize it wasn't for her. But I'm sure it will blow out and be a huge fight. Because the only female figure she is close to now is Juliette and they need to have a fight because that's how tv drama work
Barbara Siegel It does not sound like a Maddie song, but she is gonna get really pissed off at Juliette for being extremely dishonest........then they will end up sining it
Kathleen Kennedy Just watched this. There is more music in this episode than all the others in the last 2 seasons combined. I've been binge watching the series from Season 1 forward. It's hard not to notice the lack of music in todays's episodes compared to those. I hope they'll continue to focus more on the music.
Margie Day Juliet should have gave this song to maddie and let her decide if she wanted to sing it ........juliet is supposed to be a friend to the family ....shes going back to her old ways .
Joan Bechtol This song might have been written for Maddie but she doesn't have the pipes that Juliette does. It's perfect for Juliette.
Trini Froede Maddie not popular with her fans right now anyway. Should have been given to Juliette in the first place.
Lauren Collins Resnick NOT cool that Juliette is not giving the song to Maddie, especially since it was written for her. 😱
Tina Adams Oh she will and I think the guy who wrote it for her will end up saying something in passing
Susan A. Reed Are there new episodes currently airing and how many new ones? Thanks.
Veronica Sellevold this is more Juliet than Maddie anyway!
Sheila Powers Juliette's voice is better suited for this song.
Steve Eckhouse If? You mean "when".
Linda Sesedon Already downloaded!
Linda Curry Love this show!
Ashley Rahi Why isnt this song available on itunes??
Kelly Morrison Rae Lind-zee Danielle
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If you missed To Joey, With Love, we've got you covered. Watch it TODAY at 12/11c or 10:30/9:30c. ❤️

Judy Fitch Thank you cmt for continuing to show this to the world. We need more Joeys in the world
Lisa Ford loved it, what a testimony, such bravery, such love
Therese Lee Loftis Everyone should watch..................
Judith Merkel Loved it! Highly recommend it.
Virginia Delco It certainly makes you evaluate your life and what's important and what is not. Give love every chance you have. Don't sweat the small stuff. Live everyday with all your might, just like she did. Watched it twice, touched to my soul! ♡
Gina Kilton Sayles This was such a great documentary. I first heard of these two on 'Can you Duet' and fell in love & followed their journey ever since. I balled like a little baby, knowing the outcome from a year ago😪😪😪
Jennifer Cross Watched it and DVR it to watch again and again! Loved it and of course I was crying but still had to watch it!❤❤❤❤ Sending Prayers and love to the family Especially sweet baby Indiana ❤
Kristen French I recorded it. Its a beautiful tribute. Thank you Rory for sharing this beautiful but sad story. I hope he continues to share their beautiful family with us. It shows so much love and hope.
Teresa Tate I watched it and it is really good. I laughed I cried. I laughed at parts with little Indiana was making faces and where she was on the porch. I cried just knowing Joey was sick and knew it was coming back. I noticed after she had her beautiful baby she didnt look good but I was hoping she was just tired. Rory, I would like to thank you, Joey and Indy for sharing such a personal time of yalls life. I would also like to thank you for continuing to share your life and Indy's life. As a mother and grandmother I am so enjoying watching Indy grow. Rory, I have to say I find you to be one amazing man, husband and father. I would love to meet a man like you. I wish you nothing but the best.
Kathy Brubaker I cried through the entire Movie, Happy and very Sad tears. This amazing woman, wife & mother was so inspiring of what we should all be. I can't imagine how difficult it was to record and produce such a Beautiful documentary that her Baby Girl will always have. It reminds us of how precious life really is and to live each day to it's fullest. I have always had faith in God but I honestly found myself repeating to myself, "God, this should not of been in your plan, it was not time for this amazing woman, child of God to leave her Loving Husband and Baby".It's not often that I question God but this is definitely one of those times. God Bless this amazing family.
Michelle Hoffman Plummer I love it very much. I was in tears. Love them both very much. What a wonderful couple. I pray for Rory and his family as they continue on in life without Joey. Beautiful beautiful people.
Donna Jasewicz-Hayes I watched it was absolutely beautiful so touching ❤ We all can learn a lot from Joey Feek on what's important in life ❤ And to live life to the fullest ❤ Love You Joey, ❤ ❤ Appreciate what you have.......Very strong woman Joey was ❤ Thanks for sharing this Rory and Indy ❤❤
Alexis Grashel I couldn't help but cry! This woman was beautiful inside and out. I certainly admire her strength and really hope to be as beautiful as her one day... both inside and out. Rip Joey!
Linda Brown I also watched them on the talent show, that's when I fell in love with them, miss her so much, God bless Roy and all children. She was beautiful inside out
Gina Mitchell Loved it and have watched it twice. What a testimony of love, devotion and faith. Joey was such an inspiration and Rory so devoted to keeping her spirit alive. Looking forward to getting their Hymn cd. 💞
Sally Mays Roberts I'm watching it now and crying. Such a beautiful life and family. Joey was so brave. I only feel good knowing she isn't in pain anymore and she is watching over Rory and Indie everyday.
Tawni Parker I watched it, crying through a lot of it. It was a beautiful well made tribute to a brave special lady. God bless Rory and their family.
Lizzie Runion By far the greatest love story I've ever seen. I cried, and my sister - who NEVER cries - cried! The whole thing was beautiful and such an inspiration.
Leona Perry I cried all the way threw! What a beautiful love story and what a beautiful loving caring person she was right down to her last days!!!!!!!
Kim Palmer Aldridge Beautiful story, beautifully told. Their love for each other and their family is easily seen throughout this documentary. Loved it ❤️.
Elizabeth Sullivan Arrington Thank you so much for airing this again; I previously missed it! Will definitely have a box of tissues close while watching!!
Kristen Mckee Such a beautiful story. I'm so glad Rory shared it with the world. Joey was such a great beautiful mother and inspiration to many.
Cynthia D Minshew Watched it and loved it. Very inspirational story of the love between two people and the heartbreak of letting go when you have a small child. Joey's courage and faith is seen through this entire movie.
Ariel D Collins From the words of Rory Feek "She continued planting seeds that's she knew she would never see harvested and pouring love into a child that she wouldn't get to watch grow up, She still lived each day the same way that she had before.. Like it was her Last... The only difference is These really were" 👐🍅🌽🚜🎤👶🙏🙌👨‍👩‍👧
Robert Peabody Watched this and it helped me open my eyes of what is important in my life. Joey was such an inspiration and Rory was so supportive. Never losing her faith and love for her friends and family.
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Happy Anniversary, Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman! We can't get enough of these two...

Barbara Sue Waymon-Stiles Nicole you are so beautiful and I love your dress.. great picture of the both of you :)
Elaine Dowd Happy Anniversary to Keith & Nicole.. such a handsome & loving couple!!!😍
Linda Ouimet Happy Anniversary ! What a stunning couple Nicole beautiful dress Keith very handsome.
Dianne Annaloro Happy anniversary. That dress is gorgeous and so is Keith!
Ronald Comer AWSOME PICTURE. God Bless you Both.
Gayle Baker Ince Happy Anniversary to a very beautiful couple .
Shirley Piotter Happy Nniversary Keith and Nicole
Sage Neri 🌹🌹🌹🌹That's Amore!!!🌹🌹🌹🌹 🌹🌹🌹🌹Happy Anniversary 🌹🌹
Christine Kendust Stem I see her in the back!!! Angel or doppelganger?
Tina Lee Absolutely stunning!
Claudia Chirila
Valérie Nolet Vous êtes resplendissants ! Bon anniversaire !!!
Andrea Clay Peters Baker Happy anniversary! I love you both!
Laura Sheema Gooddaymiller
Shari Marx " Happy Anniversary to a loving couple "
Mary Goddyn Love the dress
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Congratulations, Miss Vicksburg, now Miss Mississippi!

WBBV - River 101.3
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Nopin' right on out of this one.

Greyson Campbell So basically, the snake was just laying there minding his own business and they blew him away with a shotgun. Way to go. #&*$ rednecks.
Connie Hall I LOVE Animals! I hate for ANYTHING TO DIE BUT the fact that it was in a populated area where a kid, dog, or any living thing could have been hurt MATTERS!!! SET THE WOODS ON FIRE!!! There's bound to be more!!
Tara Martin Hopkins Good god ppl it's a venomous huge snake, it's ok to kill it. The only snakes I don't kill are anything nonpoisonous, especially king snakes, they are humans' best friends
Michael Blackwell The Timber in the pic is really not even a huge Timber. These are huge Timber Rattlesnakes. The one on the front being 74 inches and over 15 rattles. The photo in the story is called forced perception and its crazy that people believe anything about snakes these days. The world record confirmed rattlesnake is an Eastern Diamondback and was 8 feet and that record stands today.
Andy Armstrong I can't say this is true , or fake , because you can't see the head or tail , but it's Utica !! And I have absolutely heard panthers scream there !!! It's horrifying!!!!!
Kenny Jenkins Ok so the snake is only 4' 6"!! Really it's not a big snake I have bigger in my freezer! I do a lot with snakes! And this one one the picture is 4 and half feet!!
Bryan Wesley Forced perception photo to make image appear bigger. 33 rattles is a tall tale as well.
Kelvin Wesley Sr So if I'm laying out sunning and you steps on me than ya brother shoot me cause u stepped on me but you the one stepped on me,wtf
Tonya Wren Yes stupidity in the comments I GUESS SINCE THE VIDEO IS OUT NOW THEY WILL SHUT THEIR MOUTH!!
Dane Jackson Nora Moore 14 rattlers and a button last week. The tail gate should relate his true size...
Russell Lyon Really ? Not sure if I've ever seen one this big round here 🤔
David Joe Pope If I was a betting man, I'd bet someone had to change their draws.... Good grief....
Marjorie Ishee Austin Ishee be careful so far your snakes are babies compared to this one.😨
James Kelly Lewis J.N. Russell & Bobby Bailey killed one better than the 10 foot long I saw the skin it was close to utica Mississippi!
Mikel Katherine Griffith Be careful out there this was a blessing you didn't get bit.
Misty Russell Said he was looking for Shannon Duckworth they was supposed to meet up in TX but missed each other somehow
Starks Hathcock Trick photography, that's for sure. It might have been a big snake, but not that big!
Frances Bryant For you Bill Ishee....Makes your little chicken snake look pitiful!
Maria Faye Perkins Jacob Chatham be careful and watch your step out there.
Tracey Williams Brown Shannon Divinity I saw you post something about this. Is this true? Do you know the man in the pic?
Robert Williams Some zoo would've paid big bucks for that one!!! Mannn!
Angela Harrison-Lewis Now they should burn it up and send it back to hell I hate snakes
Richard Bat Meitzler Big snake but not that big. Hard to tell with him holding it on that long stick close to the camera. 😜
Kayla Corley Oh my. I would had a heart attack just seeing it. But with a good aim and good gun anything is possible. Good thinking and reaction brother.
Jo Ann Davis Susan Billingsley Hammett wouldn't you know I'd run across it!!!! Watching around my feet in my living room👀🔫😬👀
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Birthday Winner 6/23
Christy Prescott

Anniversary Winner:
Margaret Ann and Buddy Rowland

Fox's Pizza Den Pizza Winner:
Tracy May

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WBBV - River 101.34 days ago

Birthday Winner 6/22
RB Reece

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WBBV - River 101.34 days ago



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WBBV - River 101.34 days ago

We are under a Tornado Watch until 1 PM.

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Birthday Winner 6/21
Leigh Wilson Connerly

Ashley Thompson Corkern Leigh Wilson Conerly ‼️
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WBBV - River 101.35 days ago

The Half Off Hookup is going on now! Stop by our station 900 Belmont St and get Dinner for two at Bourbon's Restaurant inside Ameristar Casino for only $25 ($50 value) today only! cash or check only.