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"Damn you. I wanted that song!" - Tim McGraw

Ronda Halls Horrible dress on faith
Eric Martinez Loving it
Charlie Bear I love All Y'all!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Erika Michelle Can anyone write their own music anymore?
Ronald Comer I Wish them all The Very Best
Brandon Mauck Still would have sucked.
Melissa Heimark Love them all
Tracy Cosola Bell Julie Stephens
CMT4 hours ago

Comfort is key.

Kaylin Word :-) ~ KMR <3
Kayla Marie Emma Newman if this isn't me 😂
Caitlin Alyssa That's right! Megan 😝
Linda Dennis No there isn't.
Steve Decker That's all I wear!
Kay Smith Absolutely!
Erika Michelle Yes there is. It's not 1994.
Joshua Brause Susie Rathjen Brause thats right!
Katie Long Kelsey Bird Kelsey Murphy #k2forlife
Cindy Chambers Andy and Michael
Erin Lung Sounds like a Winchester thing. 🤣 JJackie ShuttRRebekah Grace AbramsLLindsay FunkDDesi Nicole
Cecilie Hagen Engelsen Bente Hagen hehe 😄🤠
Kathy Stone Kim Woodford Kathy Melcher-Fike lol
Kimberly Johns Lisa D Mizell
Jody Davidson Maddy Schille
Chloe Carrier Ashton Godin
Jill Catoggio Rachel Keira
Jessica Roth Chris Dettinburn
Kari Reger Ryan Reger Ashley Ann Blenker
Mary Beth McCollum Griffen Steve Griffen
Devin Heitz Brianna Hanfeld
Sheva Gr Boruch Allison
Mandie Cropper Rose Kole Smith
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Flip through pics of night 2 at Stagecoach Festival...

Darlene Harris Foster Shania still looks good after all this time! I am an old lady soon to be 70 & I still love u Shania!!!Ur Still The One too as ur hit says !!!!! God Bless many more years for u !!!! I wish sometime in my life I could have seen u in concert!!! But at this point I am still watching ur DVD's ! ❤️🙏
Tammy Stemple Brenner Lauren Zeoli Breanne Silvi this might interest you 😃
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Today in country music: 1994 – Faith Hill topped the charts with “Piece Of My Heart.”

Faith Hill - "Piece Of My Heart" (Official Video)
The new single "American Heart" available NOW at iTunes: Watch the lyric video for "American Heart":
Reny Young NO ONE does it like the orginal, not even Janice---Erma Franklin, Aretha's sister--------
Joan Bechtol No one does it like Janis.
Sandy Barron Good song
Sandra Hazen Love this! Faith did a great job with this song!!
Heather Geimer I loved that song.
Tim A Votaw Jr. Such a Gorgeous Woman! 😊👍❤️
Katie Stemmle Flahiff Love this music video❤️
Diane Weider-Matson Yes!
Doug Bonar Good song
Stetson Stevens Diane Weider-Matson
CMT9 hours ago

Too true.

Cheron Novascone Sylvia Stepan one of my very favorite bands!! I love that country music focuses on God 🙏
Chloe Holt My favourite song of the year so far
Shirley Triebel Great song by little big town ❤️
Lorri Habitz We have one!
CMT11 hours ago

Who hasn’t passed through a few of these?

Billy Currington - Drinkin' Town With A Football Problem (Lyric Video)
Summer Forever available now: Purchase Billy Curringtons latest music: Stream the latest from...
Gunta Prancane I see,beer bottle was wasted,well now gonna drink coffee all day.
Sharon Kirk True god bless
Doug Bonar Track
CMT14 hours ago

Happy Birthday, Willie Nelson! You're still smokin'!

Ann Root-Gillis Happy birthday Willie. I love your music and you. Have a smoke for me. 🎉🎂🎈🍻
Lisa Blair Willie's bday was yesterday. His page even wished him a happy bday yesterday.
David Nowell Keep on token Willie. That's what's kept you alive so long. You rock.
Samantha Byrd Happy Brithday Willie and many more to come we love you here in ohio.
Beth Wright Willie Nelson's birthday was yesterday not today. Cmt needs to get their facts right before posting. His birthday is april 29th not april 30th.
Hunter Warner We love you Willie wishing you a wonderful Birthday smoke all you want baby... Enjoy!!
Sandra Hazen Happy birthday Willie!
Debborah Williams Token Willie .... Love ya...Happy Birthday and many many more
Pat Gordon Happy Birthday 🎉🎈🎁
Janie Klir Happy Birthday Willie!!
Sarah Middleman Happiest birthday wishes Willie Nelson! 😘
Lori Kozicki Happy Birthday Willie
Ben Speth Happy birthday
Darlene Clements Happy birthday 🎈🎊🎂🎁🎉 love you 😘
Paul Wayco Happy Birthday
Debbie Barousse Happy birthday
Doreen Kuhn Happy Birthday
Charlotte Briseno Happy birthday willie
Marsha Ralph Happy Birthday to you Willie, LOVE you
Estella Martin Happy birthday willie don't forget to puff puff pass
Robin Hall Happy Birthday Willie
Betty Rollins Happy birthday Willie 🎈
Barbara Watson Happy birthday still going strong
Amber Kappel Happy birthday
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Jim Johnson Need to get rid of the Pop-Country 💩💩 and get back to real Country!!
Lisa Smith Green Well then you need to make a new commercial promoting the CMT awards because it sounds like a rap show award... NOTHING Country out there anymore except a handful of old timers that actually know what country music is...George Strait nailed it with "Murder on Music Row" 🎶🎶🎶🎶
Adorabella Rose Chadwick My daughters should have been born in America worked at Disney and every weekend gone to a country music festival that is their heaven xxxx
Deborah Walker Aldridge This crap they are calling country is NOT COUNTRY it's all country rock and 95% of it sucks not one of them know how to sing REAL country.
Cathy Nearing Some true it is the old country is the best my mom used to listen to it when I was a young girl my mom is gone now my mom past away last July 3 2016 I love county music
Teresa Graves Amen to that i love my country 🎶 music id be lost with out it
Kabby Baker Country music is taking a turn ....In the wrong direction .Miranda Tim and Faith Alan Dwight George the judds kacy musgraves willie garth that's country .Now this new crap .. .Sam hunt ...because he lived in the south does that qualify him for country music .I grew up on country music .Country pop isn't my thing
Sandra Hazen I agree! I love all country music, both the old and the new.
Joe Hooper Until bro country came along... Then it was all about girls, beer, 4wheel drives and sexy tractors. The end.
Yoshio Carrizales Old country music does, the modern is just like any POP song...
Michelle Davidson When it's great that's exactly what country music does.
Charlie Bear My favorite music! ❤ it makes me cry a so sensitive to all y'alls songs...beautiful hearts! ❤
Christina Huang Absolutely #lovecountry #dexterroberts #unplugged #outlikethat #Refrigeratorpictures amazing #songwriter #newartist #country #americanidol #newmusic
Kaylin couldn't said it any better! ~ KMR <3 #life #mystory #CMT
Kay Lynn Pop and Rock seem to be more about creating a fantasy. It's great to have both; one for consolation and one for escapism.
Vanessa Leonard I love that Faith. I have watch a few songs on your tour, just beautiful...xo
Clint Everette Cromer Well, when are we gonna get back to country? ... We are now labeling any white pop music as "country"
Edna Hammeren Music is the soundtrack of our lives.
Sabrina Clark Exactly.
Teresa Graves
Teresa Graves
Travis Ennis She nailed it,she needs to be on the radio more.
Zoraida Chavez-Garcia Best music around!!
Dale Raney Before Hip Hop Rock came Along !!! 😫
Tim A Votaw Jr. 😊👍❤️🎤🎶🎼
WBBV - River 101.3
WBBV - River 101.313 hours ago

Let us know by posting here any dangerous flash flooded areas, debris, power lines down, roads impassable, etc. Thank you and be safe!

Louisa Whitehead Waterville estate tree down in the road. Flooding at mission and Sky Farm
Nikki Wigley Perrier Jennifer Anderson Smith said a tree was down on Sherman ave!
Louisa Whitehead Tree down on porters chapel road
Jennifer Anderson Smith Tree completely blocking Sherman Ave at 811 Sherman ave.
Natalee Chandler Tree down in 600 block of Mt. Alban. Road is impassable.
WBBV - River 101.3
WBBV - River 101.313 hours ago

Tornado warning updated until 8:30am. Trees and debris down in some areas. Reported touchdown around clay and first north areas. Watch for flash flooding. Be safe!

Louisa Whitehead We're good right now no damage lots of flooding and trees down
Julie Herrod Ashley Brian Gray
WBBV - River 101.3
WBBV - River 101.314 hours ago

Tornado warning now until 8:15am

WBBV - River 101.3
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Birthday Winner: Eric Proctor
Anniversary Winner: Austin and Heather Griffin

Fox's Pizza Den: Samantha Malpica

Amber Marie Marshall Jennifer Sanford Proctor Heather Pritchard Griffin
Mallory Lowe Samantha Malpica
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