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Some of your favorite artists got to spend time at Live In The Vineyard! Here's what they had to say 🍷

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Start your weekend with this Thomas Rhett jam from the 2016 #CMTawards! Tune into the 2019 show to see him perform LIVE on Wednesday, June 5. You don't want to miss it!

Saw him on April 24th at the Bell Centre in Montreal QC. was an amazing show
Wish I had the money two yrs ago to seen thomas
He's gotten too poppy for me, used to be a fan of his music
Don't worry. No chance I'll miss it. 😉
Kayla Myles
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When life gives you wine, you get a star-packed show from Napa as Live In The Vineyard Goes Country🍷🍷 Tune in to see your favorites Little Big Town, Brad Paisley & MORE this Sat & Sun @ 9a/8c!

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Want red carpet treatment and EXCLUSIVE access at this year's #CMTawards? 🤩 Here's your chance to get the Ultimate Insiders Experience. Tickets are LIMITED!


How to watch if you don’t have the channel?
How to watch if you don’t have the channel?
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CMT and Twisted Tea know that summertime in Nashville is like nowhere else in the world… friends, fun, and the #CMTawards! Tune in Wednesday, June 5 at 8/7c!

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What was your favorite collab?

Im waiting for Scotty McCreery to perform on show with a collab then you will have my vote ❣️
They need to duet again
Something Bad❣
Something bad
Miranda and Carrie
Miranda and Carrie. Something Bad.
Keith and Carrie!
Those two right there.
#SemperFi <3 #USO <3 #GirlPOWER #WonderWoman #YeahYeah #WOW <3 #KelliePickler #MemorialDay Kellie Pickler is an American Country National Treasure!! :) #CMA #CMT #AMAs #Grammys If I have Daughters, Listen to this Song <3 it's a Greater Good Positive Strong Femme Anthem <3 #DontYouKnowURBeautiful it should have 2 Billion Views! let's RECHART this back ON #Billboard #Billboard100 <3 #USA #Canada #Mexico #EU #UK #Europe #LatinAmerica #Asia #SouthAfrica #France #Germany #Australia #Ukraine #Russia #WORLDWIDE
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We cannot wait to see this exhibit! 🤩

How is this tacky thing considered county? Bless her heart. 🤦🏽‍♀️
If that is all it takes to be come famous I have a ton of them from when I was in school and got detention. I have some of my suspension letters saved too
She confesses she took drugs (I think LSD) to help her write her last album So I hope she gives her drug dealer the credit due him/her in the HOF exhibit, too.
She's showing off alot more than that. May she should wear some clothes.
So i'm guessing she was a troublemaker in school
When you can't sing..........
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The annual CMT Music Awards are taking on a delicious twist with the launch of the inaugural #CMTSongbird Supper Club on June 2, a one-of-a-kind culinary experience to kick off the festivities in style. You don’t want to miss surprise musical performances from...

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Congratulations, Class of 2019!!

WBBV - River 101.3
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You mean Halls Ferry to Washington?
I didn’t mean to do that!!! Sorry!!
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What is wrong with this area?
Thank you.
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James Ainsworth, River Trivia Winner, 5/23

James Ainsworth
Christy Ainsworth
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Misty Busby, River Trivia winner 5/22

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Home from work or school, waiting for that sweet,cool water in your pool then BAM! You see this, an alligator just gatorin' around.

That’s so awesome 😂😂
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Thank u
Misty Austin Greene