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Rest in peace, Billy Graham. Read more on his life and how he inspired many country stars.

Terribly written article, “converting people to his conservative view of Christianity?” What? He preached the true vision straight from the Bible. And “in spite of his conservative background?” A true conservative background is always against racism! “In spite of!” You gotta be kidding!
Wasn't God supposed to take him back in the 80s because his followers didn't give him 15 million dollars?
Rot in hell
This man asked for & received God's blessings & spent his life teaching us how to do the same. Thank you Billy Graham.
Adios loser.
His message has always been the same: "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16
RIP, great and wonderful Christian man.
RIP good faithful servant of God.
It would be interesting to see how many people he led to Christ.
Amazing man of God. May he rest in peace.
I wish no one would post hate and all the devil's believers would not have a say at all
He is where we are trying to get to
Wonderful Amazing Man of God He left a legacy .!!! Thank you Billy Graham !!!!
He was an amazing man of God
Rest in Peace Billy Graham
Rest Peacefully Billy Graham... MAY GOD BLESS... Go Rest High on the Mountain...
Rest high on that mountain!
Wow what a blessing he was to me , he's in full glory at peace now , thanks for everything Mr. Graham !!!
R I P Billy graham
Rest In Peace my friend we will met aging in Heaven 🙏🙏🙏🙏
One more bigot out of the picture
God Bless, a great great human being!!!🙏🙏
Rest in peace, Mr Graham!
A GREAT man!
Great man.Prayers!
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Don't miss the mid-season finale of Nashville on CMT TOMORROW.

Mid Season finale? When will it be back?
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Caitlyn Smith is hittin' the road this April! See if her #Starfire Tour is stopping in your town:

The Law of Attraction - Happy mind happy life “Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude”. Zig Ziglar
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New parent? Jennifer Nettles has some advice for you.

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Cam had something to say about the list of all male nominees.

What sells is what wins. I'm not a fan of the female voice and obviously neither are millions of other women.
I always prefer male singers. There are only a couple of women in country music that can actually sing.
Where is Carrie Underwood. Martina McBride. Reba McIntyre.Miranda Lambert
Here’s a question for you CMT. Why don’t you play more female artists, requested or not?? I hear a lot of garbage music from new male artists over played on both the cmt channels.
Get a life and get over it. Sing better and maybe somebody might listen to you. Put you big girl panties on!!!
Now we can’t like songs if male sings them?
Amen, Cam! It's always the same, tired old list. Heck, two of them aren't even good looking and can't sing worth a damned. But, there they are, year after year taking up space real artists could be in. It's pathetic and, clearly a part of music politics. Women in Country don't stand a chance for any real recognition and, they are always pictured in these trashy cut-offs. I wonder how much backroom couch politics women have to go through just to get a record deal or spot on a tour. I think the women of Country need to leave and start their own labels and production companies. Cam, you keep fighting the good fight. A lot of us are on the side of real artists and support women in music all the way.
Too many great female singers to ignore
Not a fan of her music at all. Not a fan of a lot of the newer guy’s music either really. If there’s an opinion like mine, they aren’t going to win. Music is just getting too whiney/high school for me.
Don’t worry about awards it’s about the music ,enjoy finding the artist that are true to themselves from a fan in Australia
All new country music sucks! Doesn’t matter if it’s male or female singing. So tell this talentless hack to shut up and everyone else can quit worrying about crap that does not matter.
They’re missing some really talented singers on this, female and male! What about Luke Combs ?!?!
Very true perception but most of the latest crop of female country singers are little girl, whiney, baby doll sound. CM, one the other hand can't crank out a full vocal grown woman sound. Please, country music bring us more of the same.
Who? Obviously you need to just make better music.
Are we really gonna go here? 😡
That list is sad.
who is she
Gee get over it
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So…that’s a “no” to my cat GIF?

Lori Brooke....YOU!
Chelsea Desjarlais always like to ignore me 😢 haha
I wanted to like and comment to better the odds it pops up in a few people newsfeeds..... #atouchpetty
I know the feeling
Ya know I’ll reply! ❤️❤️❤️
Thomas Beard I know what time you see the messages and you take your sweet time to reply sometimes lol
It's over dude she's moved on to the next buck
All the time.seems very nice don't it
It says read not seen
Samantha Lincoln at least Blake gets me ❤️
Thank you #seen... Helps us out! ;)
Yep sounds about right
All the time.
Gary Ferguson this is so you! 😂
Really, what’s up!!
Love you son
drives me crazy...
Hmmmm sounds like someone I know huh Donald Jr. Gonzalez
That's right
Lakshya Agrawal paan khaye muniya ! 🖕🏻
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Aww! Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott shares a photo of Uncle Charles meeting her twins Emory and Betsy.

Aww love their names, adorable
Congrats,congrats twice just know you have been doubling Bless 🎉🎉🎉🍼🍭🍼🍭🌻🌸👣👣🎊🎊
God Bless these beautiful babies and their mommy, daddy, AND Uncle Charles!!✝️
What a blessing, Congrats!
❤️🍼 love the names
Dam you got your hands full enjoy and take care no matter what
Awww so sweet 😍
Beautiful babies and beautiful parents
All three adorable
Congratulations. Beautiful
There are precious!!!
Fun times ahead .
Congrats time two!
Oh how sweet
So adorable
Sweet 😍😍
Beautiful babies
How sweet.!!
Beautiful photo 💝
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From his fave college spots to his first apartment, Brett Eldredge gives us a personal tour of the city that built him.

Brett is not from Nashville, TN, he is from Paris, IL a town near Champaign, IL..
Love Brett
Brett put on a great show with Blake Shelton.
Awesome 😊
Justine Cleveland
WBBV - River 101.3
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Birthday Winner 2/21 Jay Bailey

Jay Bailey you won. Happy Birthday Baby. I love you so much!!! 🎂🎁🎈🎉💜
Chris Burks I will be there Thursday and pick it up thanks
WBBV - River 101.3
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Lynsey Moore
WBBV - River 101.3
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cody bridges birthday winner 2/16

allen and debbie cheney Anniversary Winner

Debbie Riddle Cheney
Lisa Renee
GeorgiaLynn Bridges
WBBV - River 101.3
WBBV - River 101.36 days ago

Diamond Hubbard/ Birthday Winner 2-15

WBBV - River 101.3
WBBV - River 101.31 week ago

Cutie Patootie Contest winner for 2/14: Hot mama and smexiness

WBBV - River 101.3
WBBV - River 101.31 week ago

Birthday Winner 2/14 Lubby Bailey

WBBV - River 101.3
WBBV - River 101.31 week ago

Happy Valentine's day! Are you in the dog house or are you gonna get to sleep inside tonight? :)

WBBV - River 101.3
WBBV - River 101.31 week ago

East Ave from Eisenhower to MacArthur is closed until Tuesday, Feb 13 due to Sewer repairs.