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"He sang his parts flawlessly along with my vocals while I was sitting next to him on the floor." - Jillian Jacqueline

Love Keith Urban
CMT14 hours ago

Nope, but going anyway.

Me trying to pick out a type and brand of beer at the store.
Why on a scrabble board?
Like always.. But need to soo hahaha
Brittany Teal this is me
Laura Dalton 😘😘
Courtney Lynn Groll
Leanna McLellan
Nicole Meirick
Nicole Meirick
Becky Renae Brickert
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The Judds came together for the opening of their exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.

I saw their concert in Houston, Vince Gill was their opening act. I fell in love with him (this was prior to Amy Grant) , and the concert was one of their last together. It was one of the best concerts I ever attended.
Love Wynonna don't care for her mom.
Loved them together, i remember first ti e i heard them on radio, i said who are they??? So good
They sang well together and had good songs.
Such wonderful harmony and music they made together
They had some great songs!
I am so glad you are looking good girls
I miss them singing together
Love these two very very much.
Are they still relevant?
Rob Swicegood
Kyla Rairigh
Pam Weathers Wilks
CMT20 hours ago

Training camp candidates have been chosen! Catch up on who's moving onto next week's Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team...

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders 🌹 #CMT Dave 🙂
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3 HOURS with Jason Aldean looks a little like this...

Come with us to Jason Aldean's Kitchen + Rooftop Bar for the entire show THIS MORNING at 9a/8c.

Love seeing jason aldean and his bar😍❤
Hello Jason and Cody. Love you Jason Aldean
I see it on tv right now I see u 2
I love his songs
Molly Killane Debi Harris Pistole Kristen McReynolds 🙌🏻😍🎶
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United States of Britney, we salute you! Watch last night's Bachelorette Weekend on CMT On Demand, on the CMT App or here:

Great example for your kids!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you have to plug your nose to drink it, it's probably a bad idea 🤦‍♀️
No Thanks 👎
Well there was a time when MTV meant music television videos , CMT what's your excuse?
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"Even though Willa Gray comes from a whole different part of the world, she’s ours and it feels like she never wasn’t." - Thomas Rhett

Torie Tanner he really looks like Austin
If all children (& really any human being)could be so fortunate to hear words like this💕
What A Heart Of Gold You Have Thomas Rhett What A Great Father And What A Fantastic Husband 💛❤
“I hope we can raise good, kinds kids”. That says it all! 💕
How about a shout out to the grandparents? They obviously raised 2 great people who are now great parents as well.
Lauren and you are wonderful parents she's so lucky and so are you❤
You’re a good man!
They are adorable!
What a stand up guy ❤️
Two beautiful daughters!!!
I just ❤️ this family!!!!
A beautiful family
I just adore these two people ❤️
It’s starts at home 🏡 good start ♥️
That's so cool! congrats
CMT2 days ago

There’s nothing like losing your I.D. to help a country singer/songwriter find inspiration! Travis Denning tells the story behind "David Ashley Parker from Powder Springs."

When will last nights episode of DCC be available online? I had it set to record but it CMT showed you again instead 🙄😡 its usually on demand the next day wtf is going on. Every time I click on watch latest episode it shows error 404
WBBV - River 101.3
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Make sure to get those birthdays in each weekday for your chance to win a $10 Subway gift card! Go by and try this delicious sub today!

WBBV - River 101.3
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Birthday Winner 8/16/18 Tommy Jeffers! Enjoy your $10 Subway Gift Card!

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Don't miss the kick off the season with St. Al Flashes tonight on River 101! Game time 7 pm!

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Birthday Winner 8/15 Tracy Kirkley

WBBV - River 101.3
WBBV - River 101.33 days ago

When I was a youngster, I applied for a job at Auto zone knowing NOTHING about cars, just hoping to find the part on the shelf and move along for the customer. What job did you try to get that you had no business doing...

WBBV - River 101.3
WBBV - River 101.33 days ago

Hey folks! Just a reminder that for birthdays and contests, please call 601 638 0101 as that's the River 101 studio number, and for advertising, its 601 636 2340 which is our main office. Thank you!

WBBV - River 101.3
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Birthday Winner 8/15 John Stauts

Cortni Stauts
WBBV - River 101.3
WBBV - River 101.3 shared Downtown Vicksburg Main Street Program's live video.4 days ago
WBBV - River 101.3
Downtown Vicksburg Main Street Program
And Catfish Row is officially back in business! Ribbon cutting ceremony happening now!
Great job! ❤️ I'm so glad it's back open and we would have loved to be there tonight but my son is in 3rd grade. He has to be in the bed at 8. We have to get up at 5:45 am to catch the bus between 6:30 am & 6:45 am each day. So we missed it 😞.
Looks kind of weak compared to the old one
Yayyyyyyyyyy. Right when school starts. Way to save that water bill money Vicksburg!!!!
Great job getting it finished after school started! Great job having the opening at 8pm on a school night!🙄
So happy for the kids!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Jameka Hill wanna take the kids here instead of doing the cooking and just lil snacks
That kid ran right into that baby
Looks like everyone was gave a great time. Good job city!
So glad they were there!
See my grandson running around having a good time
Well you don't say
Great Job City of...
I heard it was already broke
Looks fabulous! 🎉🎉
Hello from Scotland x
Wow!! Awesome improvement