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CMT with Real is a Diamond.10 hours ago

We got to sit down with Jessie James Decker and hear about how she keeps her relationship strong with some special gifts and moments. Real is a Diamond. #RealisRare πŸ’Ž: Hearts On Fire - See the full video here:

Sarah Gorvitz, Walter Coyle, Brooke Goodwin-Fullerton, Alyce Panico, Kristen Farren
CMT16 hours ago

Thomas Rhett geography shamed his wife, Keith Urban went above and beyond for one special fan and much more. See what happened this weekend.

Keith, I love you even more than I could imagine.We need so many more people like you in this world. β™₯️ β™₯️ β™₯️ β™₯️
thank you Keith, may God bless you. if only so many were like you. you have so much love in your heart.
Umm. headline says Thomas Rhett geography Shames his Wife& Keith Urban goes above and beyond
Keith Urban a celebrity we can look up to! Thank u for being a wonderful person!
Keith Urban - amazing musician and class act!!! Love him. ❀😍
What a big heart he must have😘
I love Keith Urban and his heart!!!!
You have a big heart Keith! God Bless you!❀❀❀
So awesome .
Keith, you have a heart of goldπŸ’•
so sweet
CMT19 hours ago

Sara Evans performs "All the Love You Left Me" for #CMTNextWomen Live. Watch the acoustic version NOW.

It makes my heart so happy to see Avery on the Acoustic Guitar! Love this song!!
Am sending you to Bhutan friend!! You are simply great!!β˜Ίβ€πŸ˜˜πŸ™
Looks like you have another hit song!! Sara, I loved it!!
Huge fan of her. I have all of her CDs and been to several concerts.
Sara, you and that voice are still so beautiful!
Great song,Sara,I loved it !!!!❀
Awesome! Now she's country! Love her and song!
love it
Soo soothing.
Love her and her music. Great singer.
Beautifully done Sara!
Wow great job.
Great voice and song!
Great song
great song good luck
Love this song ❀️
Great Song
CMT22 hours ago

Where’s my passport?

I love my country too much to move.
Australia all the way.... They've got it together
Caroline! For one second I thought that was you in the pic 😬
Oh Darling, Darling you don't need to worry bout a thing, you have !50.00$?? I've got to fix that broken Ford
I just said that 20 minutes ago
Courtney Sedgwick I feel like we've said this 1000001 times. #instagramgirls
Monika Sigur-Johnson this is me everyday of my life ! Come with me and we can stop at Croatia along the way !
Not sure about different country, but yes, different state and different job Erin Carlisle
Done it 2x once to GB and back again 😎
KIM! You’ve officially meme’d Kim.
I would move out of pa far way
Stay a new life here
Yes and no
My vote is Mexico
James lets go πŸ˜‚
Move to mexico its closer
Darla Garcia Joe Armendariz Mexico is just right there πŸ’πŸ»β€β™€οΈ
Tammy Kaleta. This is me. Lol
Jimmy Stankiewicz Ireland or bust?
Briana so me
Semaj Sylvester me lol
Susan Visser Eline Oosterhagen Denise de Graaf
CMT2 days ago

We were not prepared for a vet to go home! πŸ’” Watch Tara's heartbreaking cut from Thursday's Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team.

She should not have been cut there were others that should be cut before her
They don't get paid that much.
Hard but not mean. Tough competition this year.
Need new fresh judges
This is mean!
Judges suck
Autumn Hubble
Michelle Eckhoff
They don’t get payed much sham on the NFL
CMT2 days ago

Get those songs submitted for your chance at some amazing prizes to help jumpstart your songwriting career. ENTER NOW before time's up >

Prices or prizes there is a differece
Here you go cory jackson
Joe Wade Smith
Caroline Kelley (Care )
CMT2 days ago

Happy 25th Kane Brown! Y'all wish him a happy birthday, and crank up his latest "Lose It" >

Happy 25th Birthday to ya KANE BROWN I LOVE All of your music yalls wedding was beautiful glad we could see it and share that special moment in yalls life thank you enjoy your big day wish you many more to come ik all of your music now and in the future will be πŸ”₯
Happy Birthday. Quit grabbing your crotch when you perform.
Happy birthday Kane Brown enjoy your day love your music
Happy birthday love your music ty for sharing your talent with us
Happy Birthday Kane!! Congratulations on your marriage.❀️
Happy bday Kane hope it's awesome for ya
Happy Birthday kane Brown been a fan since day of you posting videos on fb and youtube. πŸŽπŸ’™πŸŽ€πŸ˜
Happy Birthday Kane! Love ya keep up the amazing work your doing.
Happy birthday and may it be a great day
Happy Birthday Kane love ur music n ur wedding video
Happy Birthday love your songs and videos
KANE Brown happy birthday love your video on YouTube have a beautiful day
His latest is Short Skirt Weather.
Jodeci rail rain alex topashen Erickson 4 ever 4 life
Happy Birthday Kane and many more.
" Happy Happy Birthday Kane "
Happy birthday!!!
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday, Kane Brown πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸŽ‚πŸŽŠ
Happy Birthday Kane have a great day.
Happy Birthday Kane πŸŽπŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸ˜€
Happy Birthday Kane.β™₯️ your music.πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆ
Happy Birthday!!!πŸŽ‰
Happy Birthday, hope it amazing time
CMT2 days ago

Kelsea Ballerini + Alison Krauss = πŸ’―

Enjoy their CMT Artists of the Year performance of "Ghost in this House."

Alison krause could of skipped this. I'm not a fan of her AT ALL. Only stuff I can stand to listen to by her are duets. One is with alan jackson on his honky tonk Christmas CD on the song and the angels cried and whiskey lullaby brad paisley. I honestly don't even like her on those but I've just heard those so many times all the way through during my life that i just listen to them anyway. Other than that I can't stand NOTHING from her. She butchered late great keith Whitley when you say nothing at all. I like keith Whitley even though he's before my time. He died before I was born. Reba and linda davis (hillary scott from lady antebellum is Linda's daughter) does he love you was released a few months before I was born. I was born in November 1993
This was a Beautiful performance! One of my favorite of the night!
Beautiful. Allison is one of the best and my favorites. I sing 3 of her songs.
Well sung. Two beautiful voices blended together. Great harmony..
hey. when are you going to play the STACY video by Gretchen Wilson
This was a beautifully haunting performance.
oh smack, where did come from,,,,i love it,,,
Omg it’s awful 😬
Absolutely beautiful performance!!!πŸ‘
Love this! Allison Is the best!
Like a
Absolutely Beautiful!!!!
Serious goosebumps.
Beautiful as always.
Wow beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amy Schmader this one.
Amazing. So pretty. Melissa Dennie Kevin Dennie Ricky Mitchell
Maddison Smith this is fab
Anne Heffernan
Kaley Moriah Jackson
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WBBV - River 101.3
WBBV - River 101.3 shared Try Not To Cry's post.22 hours ago

Good people are still out there.

WBBV - River 101.3
Try Not To Cry
She’ll never forget the mysterious kind stranger who made her day! 🌹 😍
...And this is where the cycle continues. She’ll give a rose to someone that is feeling down and depressed and that little gesture will make them just a little better. God bless this man.
Jeril.. you have a lot to learn! He payed it forward and now she has a chance to pay it forward by handing them out and experience the joy. He gets to remain anonymous and not take all the credit. That's what truly paying it forward means!
That was kind of him. I actually bought some rose from her awhile back. There made from wood, she makes them herself.
Beautiful now she can enjoy the moment of giving out free roses to others and make their day too. Need more people like this man.
This man just made me want to search NY for him! Men like this are hard to find and rare to come across....handsome kind man whoever u are, that was amazing and i think i love u lol
Wish there were more people like this guy
He should have taken the roses. To make her feel like she was accepting charity was impolite. He could have given the flowers away himself.
Shoot he was already a 9 in that suit and with that jawline but when he did that and then he sounded like a wise guy....he shot up to like a 20 😍🌹🌹🌹 why cant GMA find him and interview him instead of #apartmentpatty yuck! We want to hear about him not her! 🌹
God bless this man...what an AMAZING act of kindness!! I cant lie...I did tear up a bit!! 😊😒
From time to time we watch some human angels who make and give true moments of happiness to normal people who struggle to live and struggle to feel the real taste of happiness. I wish i meet one of those human angels. πŸ˜’πŸ˜€
Amen! The presence of God takes so many forms,she was touch by the lord that day and her reaction says it all AMEN!
You can do three things with money 1. Spend it 2. Save it 3. Give it away! By far the most gratifying is when you give it away! ESPECIALLY when someone is truly grateful!
It's really sad when something good happens to someone and have y'all have to be negative. Just be happy for this Lady and be proud of the Guy that made her day. There are some really good people in this world.
Timmy Dhakaia I’m just looking through the comments to see who the hot guy is πŸ˜‚ why don’t we ever see guys like that on the train
Jeril_She would have been on that subway 10 hrs selling've obviously never been to NY. In one fell swoop, this man touched a hundred hearts and triumphed over cynicism...if only for a moment
So many people will be smiling on the subway train. Spread the love around. Say it with roses. 🌹 🌹 🌹 πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
When people do nice things for other people, why is negativity always standing by with his comments he didn't have to give her anything, if nobody thank this person I want to say thank you!
He was trying to help, and he tried the best way he could. so let's stop nonsse discussion about whether it was a charity or not. You too you can be the change you wish to see.
That man spread a lot of love and happiness. Beautiful in so many ways. Imagine even if you didn't get one; the colors around the city that day from love. πŸ’“
Beautiful!, this man has a loving caring heart❀, for his fellow man, God bless him and the lady he bought them from, he just wanted her to spread God's love to everyone..Praise be to God!πŸ˜Šβ€πŸ™πŸŒΉ
That was awesome! She could just give them out and make people happy, in one swoop, there it is. He was a very nice man- God Bless him!!
He did what he was instructed by God to do. He had been blessed. Instead of buying 15 roses for $14.00, he blessed her with 10% higher rate. That is the percentage of tithes. He also made others happy. Love this man and his big heart, obeying God. He is an Angel on earth.
It's not impolite or charity, but I bet there where the greedy getting closer to get the freebies. He should have brought them for her and given a tip!!
Angelica Hernandez that's something I would do. Just seeing him do this make me feel so good!! Could you imagine how many people she made smile that day. God is good all day everydayπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
We needed more of this in the world instead of all this greed !
WBBV - River 101.3
WBBV - River 101.323 hours ago

What are your kids going as for Halloween?

WBBV - River 101.3 All awesome! Keep'em coming and thanks for letting us know! :)
My youngest as Woody and my oldest will be a zombie prisoner
Princess, pikachu, and a soldier
Grandson gonna be a doctor
Gumball machine
WBBV - River 101.3
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Miley does Man of Constant Sorrow?! I love it!

Miley and Clooney, yeah thats country.....
WBBV - River 101.3
WBBV - River 101.34 days ago

Birthday Winner 10/19 Mona Goff

WBBV - River 101.3
WBBV - River 101.34 days ago

Tonight is Senior Night as the St Aloysius Flashes (5-4) host the Riverfield Raiders (4-4), kickoff is at 7 PM on River 101 and the I Heart Radio App!

WBBV - River 101.3
WBBV - River 101.35 days ago

Billy Comans Birthday Winner 10/18/18

WBBV - River 101.3
WBBV - River 101.36 days ago

Anna Clare Buchanan Birthday Winner 10/17