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If anyone owned 2018, it was Luke Combs...

Amy Nussbaum.
❤️ Luke Combs
You go Luke Combs🎤🎸
Frank Leonard
I'm surprised he stopped listening to country at 8 years old, but your tastes change as you get older... now I listen to all types of music!
You are AWESOME you!!!
He has the songs, country songs
Hell yeahhhhhhh. Best album of the year.
You spelled Wheeler Walker Jr wrong
#Bootleggers know. We 💙 our #LukeCombs 💙
Jeremy Flynn ya boy owned 2018
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Luke Bryan's "What Makes You Country" is a family affair! Watch as his boys live it up in his brand new video...

Skinny jeans wearing ass clown. YOU'RE NOT COUNTRY!!! Go away
One of these things is not like the other.
I like it all...the old and the new and I realize this is an ongoing debate even in my own home but country in 1960 and country in 2018 aren't going to be the same no more than rock is the same as it music has evolved...there are different facets of it...he is not pop...adam lavigne or britney spears or justin bieber wouldn't sing about the crickets and the critters and the squirrels ya know
Love it!
absolutely nothing ,, rocker !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How would he know, has he talked to the legends of country music to get his info or is he flying by the seat of his pants.
So good!
I love the song and video
Great song and video
CMT Love this video and Luke Bryan!! 💕
Living in salem county nj automatically makes someone country
CMT what a great song and video with the kids and dog in it💞
He not even country
Oh people. The whole debate over what country and what's not is never going to stop. Country music evolves just like all other genres of music. There is no set definition of what country is. 90's country sounds nothing like classic country of Cash and Jennings, but it's still country none the less. Luke's music is not my cup of tea often times, but hard to argue that the Georgia born peanut farmer is not country. I'm mean have you heard him talk?
He's a likeable guy but don't he doesn't have the talent to be where he is. That's the way today's music industry rolls.
My man
You are NOT country. You're ruining REAL country. George jones is probably turning in his grave, God rest his soul.
Great singer and song!!! 😍
I like, the video, his music and him., and simple solution don't like don't listen to him.
Great lyrics..
I. Love. This. ❤
Must be those skinny jeans!
Loved it! 💕
Don't drive a Chevy
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Happy Anniversary to Alan Jackson and Denise Jackson! We hope you always remember when 💕

Brad Ang Gowan OMG check this out 👀 Brad,shares his BIRTHDAY with his look alike aka Alan Jackson & his wife Wedding Anniversary SO,COOL! 🎁🎂💞
Beautiful couple, Happy Anniversary!!
Happy Anniversary and many more.
Happy Anniversary to you both💕💕
Happy Anniversary! Here’s to many, many more!❤️
Happy Anniversary and many more to come! God leads the way!
Happy anniversary alan and denise i hope you have many more
Happy Anniversary and many more
Happy Anniversary with ❤️
Happy Anniversary to you both
Happy Anniversary, and many more. Will be our 59th Christmas Eve
Happy anniversary happy anniversary
Happy Anniversary Alan & Denise Jackson !!!!
Happy Anniversary you two
Happy Anniversary to the both of you
Happy anniversary beautiful
Happy Anniversary Guy's🍹🍹
Happy Anniversary both of you 💞🎂💞
Happy Anniversary to a beautiful couple.
Happy anniversary and merry Christmas
Happy anniversary to you both
Happy Anniversary to you both!!
Happy anniversary to both of you
Happy Anniversary! Enjoy many more years together.
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Join us for CMT Hot 20 Countdown's Video of the Year countdown + Holiday Salute to our troops from Alaska this morning at 9a/8c! 🇺🇸❄🎄

Merry Christmas and May God Bless each and every one of you.
Merry. Christmas. Too. You. All. And. Happy. New year
Merry Christmas too you all
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Congrats, Eric Paslay and Natalie! ❤ See her pic + name...

Natalie Duvall
Congrats to u both
I loved your song that said something like “ She don’t love you”. I thought it should of went to # 1 !
Congrats to him and his family <3
Congratulations to them
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Mitchell Tenpenny's new album Telling All My Secrets is out today! Get your copy >, and watch as he spills all his secrets...

Lobe this song
Jeremy Bennett
CMT1 day ago

Florida Georgia Line's bringing it to New Orleans for NYE! Details on their free show + how you can watch...

the new country = CRAP just being nice
No thanks. I am a member of the NRA.
Yeah who cares. They suck. #brocountrysucks #popcountrysucks
This is who FGL remind me of. The 2 chickens in the Foster Farms commercials...trying to pass for real chickens......FGL trying to pass for REAL COUNTRY artists/music.
NO THANX. I rather watch SpongeBob
FREE? LOL Nobody wants to see them. Nobody likes the crap that comes out of their mouths. No thanks wouldn't go even if they paid me.
Well I happen to love FGL and I don't care what anyone thinks just sayin
One of the many reasons there is no o in country music anymore.
FGL doesn’t believe in the Second Amendment.
I've always said I wouldn't go see FGL even if they put on a free show......well finally I have my opportunity to say no.
Still charging to much
Trying to make up for their gun grabbing crap already lol to late junk pushers
At least they haven't been in prison!!!
No thanks I am thinking of becoming a member of the NRA even though I live in Canada. I would remiss if I didn't comment on their wardrobe definitely an improvement but little less mob mafia looking and more classy and dignified might work. Having said that still don't think they are country and it doesn't matter what they wear,.
Once they got married and changed their image, their careers and music took a nose dive ;-) lmao
Of course,the first year we DONT go to NOLA for NYE
FGL is Backstreet crossed with culture club, and a hint of in Sync
Is it just me or does it appear that CMT is trying to shove FGL down our throats lately?
If it ain,t country,don,t like it!!!
Watched them live on cmt and they were horrible couldn’t carry a tune!!!
Nah not a fan of these two goons!!!
Who cares...they aren’t country....
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LOCASH's new video "Feels Like a Party" is just that... a party!

WBBV - River 101.3
WBBV - River 101.32 days ago

Christina Barnette, birthday winner 12/13

WBBV - River 101.3
WBBV - River 101.32 days ago

The 21st Annual Jammin' For The Kids is tonight at 6 PM at The Anthony! Admission is $5 or a new toy. This is a benefit and toy drive for the needy children in Vicksburg and Warren County. Enjoy live musical from local artists like...

WBBV - River 101.3
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WBBV - River 101.3
CBS News
A very special secret Santa paid for someone's layaway items at Walmart and his true identity is shocking – an 11-year-old boy, wise beyond his years 🎅❤️️
There is an example of what good parenting produces. Bless you Brady.
His parents have done a great job. What a sweet boy ❤
15 minutes of fame. Bought and paid and dad are working that camera phone.
I wonder if this is true. Or a ploy to get people to put more into layaway hoping to get theirs paid. I am not being snide. I would really like to know.
Angels walk among us...demons hate them. Jus' sayin'
You are my hero!!! A lot of celebrities are doing the same thing but they can afford to do this. Your compassion and understanding of today’s workd goes beyond your years of age. You are destined to do wonderful things in the future. Merry Christmas
God bless him what a beautiful Christmas present for someone. .that is giving of self..
What an awesome young boy!
In my opinion, if someone desires to make someone’s happy, he she will never shows off. Do the goodwill and maintain silent.
God Bless him & his great heart for his young age. Like he said, I hope that it’ll “kick off a trend”. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays 🙂🙏🏾 👍🏾✌🏾
Good job, Brady! Thank you! You are awesome!
Look at me look at me, then kid pulls out credit card gimmme a fuckin break, well im sure the kid had good intentions but lets be honest the parents are exploiting their son. Ya didnt have to go to wal mart, ya coukda just went to a soup kitchen
This is nice... But other kids don't carry mom and dad's credit card...
What a special boy you are!
Whoa,what a generous gift. Dad and Mom must be proud and broke .lol
His parents should be praised for raising an awesome son. Hopefully he will start a new trend and others will follow his example!
So wise, beyond your years, thank you!!!
It's all about materialism, right? This child will end up depressed.
I don't know what is wrong????????
I don't know what is wromg with my comp. I wanted say God
I'd be more impressed, if he had done it anonymously.
Most kids wouldn't think about someone else. He is the first one I've heard of doing this. Good for him. Hope Santa brings him something good for his good deed. Thank you young man. Your parents raised you in a special way.
His parents have raised an amazing kid....❤️
Truly inspiring.
God bless this child.
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WBBV - River 101.33 days ago

Birthday Winner 12/12 Lauren Boler

WBBV - River 101.3
WBBV - River 101.34 days ago

Half off Hookup with Goldie's Express kicks off at 8 am here at 900 Belmont!!

WBBV - River 101.3
WBBV - River 101.34 days ago

Friday 11AM until 1 PM there will be a free lunch at Napa on South Frontage Road in honor of Natalie McMillan a local 15 yeard old who was diagnosed with a brain tumor. There will be catfish, French fries, hush puppies, baked beans, banana...

An account is set up at Trustmark Bank under Johnathan and Amanda McMillian if you are unable to attend the lunch.
Thanks Edna Coody Hearn . We will do that. Make sure you tag me next time. Just happen to see this . Thanks
Many prayers for this young lady and her family as they go through this trying time
Where is Napa?
Everyone please come by and donate. The family is going to need our support through this. Everyone let's show the love for this family.
I think you can there at napa. They also have a GoFundMe. I can post a link if youd like.
Where can donations be sent? PayPal?
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The applications for the Chili for Children Cookoff are at!

WBBV - River 101.3
WBBV - River 101.34 days ago

Birthday Winner 12/11 Lanton Bush

Tiffany Ashley