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"I’m of the belief that when God allows you to have a platform like I have, you’re supposed to use it for good." - Justin Moore

Just another reason why I like him.
I miss the old Taylor Swift who made music like this instead of soulless pop and didn't dress like a hooker who forgot her pants.
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Because it's Monday...

Awesome pic and singer
What a pretty puppy..
Love a man that loves his dog!
Cute picture
Beautiful picture
Haley Mason you will love these😍
Billye Braswell ❤️
Jennifer Freiermuth
Mariah Veneziano Cassidy McLean 😉
Kyla Rawlins 😍
Pam Wistrom
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Hannah Ellis' "Home and a Hometown" gets the acoustic treatment. Watch her exclusive #CMTNextWomen live performance.

Catchy tune!! I love it!!! <3
Love it!
So good!
Love the acoustic version!!!
Love it!
Love this Hannah Grey Ellis
Brooke Cox Humphress Ann Cox
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Carrie Underwood & Jimmy Fallon duet, Kelsea Ballerini shared a stage with Morgan Evans and more. Catch up on what went down this weekend.

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Dayton's cut was hard on everyone. Watch the emotional scene from Thursday's Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team.

I love Dayton. She's just not ready. Plus if she comes back next year maybe tell her mom not to be there during audition. I want her to make it on her own merits
Look I would never be a cheerleader I am a writer with a Psychology Degree I am working on under my belt plus I would never change my name I would never do anything like this don't lie I have bigger and better things anyways in my life
$125 per game.. you're saving money ... Lol
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$5,000 cash, performance at The Bluebird Cafe, mentoring session with hit-maker Craig Wiseman and more! Enter your song to the NSAI Song Contest NOW >

Jonathan Kvarfordt
Olivia Bandy
Melissa MB
Parker Ricketson
Sydney Thor
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Nothing says comfort food like a chicken and biscuit pot pie on #potpieday 🥧

This looks delicious!!!!!!!
JosephKlaudia did you get potpie last night in observance of Potpie Day today?🤔
Dennis this should be on the menu this week.
Valori Sharp you should make this!
Hmmm! I think I need to make this!!!!
Looks good
Looks like YUM!!!
Andrew Ashy
Jeanette Reinzo- Yanush
Alley Handsaeme
Vincent Mondile Lorraine Rigler Steven Rigler
Nicole Koe Brittany Koenig
Trevor Giroux
Lori Cook Luxton
Heather Henry
Sheila Odom
Shayna Bruker
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Dustin Lynch: From sneaking in to being a member. He tells his backstage stories of the Grand Ole Opry.

Look no chest hair Celie MG lmao
Look my sexy guy love u very much Dustin Lynch💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋
Such a great night. So glad I got to be there in person!
Desi Mtz💓
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Proud to see Vicksburg again on national TV last night on House Hunters!

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Win a subway giftcard for your birthday and try these awesome choices! 601 638 0101! Birthdays are 8:50 each weekday!

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Birthday Winner, Patrick Jenkins 9/24

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It's a Southern Thing
If you're trying to eat healthy in the new year, we feel your pain. 😭
Bless his heart!!!
Nobody in the south orders unsweetened tea... they would just order water And every season has a type of dessert that goes with it..
Ha,ha, first it starts with Halloween candy, then Thanksgiving and Christmas, then New Year's and Valentine's, then girl scout cookies. It never ends!
“We have both kinds; fried, and chicken fried!” 🤗
It's a Southern Thing Hey, y’all! Don’t forget about our live Q&A with Adam and Talia this Thursday night! The fun starts at 7pm CST. Go ahead and get those questions ready!
It’s so hard because all of our food is fried and delicious!!!
Mississippi Writer Laurie Parker And we don't just have pies...we have FRIED pies.
These folks are so funny and spot on !
I like when he senses that cookie from across the office! LOL
As a Southerner I gotta say WHAT ABOUT FRIED CHICKEN MASHED TATERS MAC AND CHEESE ETC?! I can turn down a cookie out of a package any day; it’s our delicious cooking I can’t resist!
Mark Lowery once said that Southerners didn't know anything about cholesterol when he was growing up; if they did, they would have fried it. Southern diet: fried chicken, French-fried potatoes, fried okra, fried green tomatoes, fried squash, mashed potatoes smothered in gravy, biscuits and/or cornbread slathered in butter, topped off with fried apple pies.
Can't say a word...just had salmon cakes, potato cakes, green peas and rolls for good! Not a bit healthy....:(
I almost cried laughing at this! It is a welcome diversion from all the TV “doctors,” NPR gurus and self-styled experts who would have tormented my almost 79 years of enjoying great food! Now here is some science—eat what you love in limited amounts. Get off the couch and out the door. No smoking, never! Little alcohol or no alcohol. No so-called recreational drugs or related bad practices. No sexually transmitted diseases. You get the idea.
Everybody I know just orders water with lemon, not this blasphemous unsweet tea. Everything else was right except the ice cream truck. Maybe in the cities but I’ve NEVER seen an ice cream truck
Any iced tea (sweet or unsweet), must be made fresh each morning, served over the appropriate amount of ice, and served in a glass made from glass. Start with room temp water+sugar stirred into a solution in the pitcher. Then you add the steeped concentrated tea from the pot, while constantly stirring. Folks just do it wrong and it turns out bitter. When I was a little girl, there was actually a recipe in my local newspaper, The Anniston Star, that explained in great detail how iced tea is made. This Alabama girl has never made a bitter glass of iced tea since. It is so good, we even drink it unsweetened! BTW-Love your posts!
I gotta be honest, it's frustrating when the only restaurants are fried chicken, pizza, or Mexican. I love a treat but we're clean eating southerners. It's even harder in LA (Louisiana) right now due to king cake season.
Not to mention that it's now Girl Scout cookie time!! A good cause and cookies?! Juliet Gordon Lowe was a Southern girl after all.
who bring fried oreos to a potluck, your supposed to bring a casserole or meat of some kind. fried oreos are for the fair.
I noticed in the south everything breakfast is drenched in gravy. Also bacon and sausage are necessary for breakfast. Really? Eating cholesterol high fat meat sealed in a plastic casing, is gross.
My husband and I where at a restaurant in Kentucky and this guy next to use ordered unsweetened tea I'm telling u you would of thought he hit us we where so shocked we both said that's how u know he's no from the south
I grew up on the west coast never really having to fight my weight. Now I'm in TEXAS. *hysterical sob* BBQ and Tex-Mex!!! Arg!
First time I couldn't get sweet tea was like 15 years ago when I went to PA to visit my future wife's side of the family it was all unsweetened or flavored tea..What the heck..I'm glad I'm from the South.
Looks like me except I look at ingredients for lactose intolerance rather than my waistline. So true especially when trying to order in a restaurant especially BJ'S.
If I didn’t cave at the sweet potato pie, I would have at the fried Oreos. But that’s why I don’t ever make a resolution to eat healthy. 😂
These are all normal. I'm pretty sure it's because in the south there are Mexican and BBQ joints and fried EVERYTHING! And southern people are kinda lazy. ✋🏼
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St Aloysius at Park Place tonight at 7 PM on River 101.3 and the I Heart Radio App!

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