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Carly Pearce has a brand new video for "Every Little Thing." Watch it NOW...

Shawn Wiles No
Brittney Shoemaker Sheri Smith Ross
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Check out Keith Urban “trading licks AND rides” with “bad ass” Frankie Ballard.

Instagram post by Keith Urban • Jul 24, 2017 at 6:21pm UTC
15.6k Likes, 183 Comments - Keith Urban (@keithurban) on Instagram: “Trading licks AND rides with @frankieballard - dude's a bad ass!!! - KU”
Jessica Graves ❤frankie
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Chat with Brett Eldredge! 😍

Elaina Lesley Yea!! Talk it back old school...we would love it. We are both cancer survivors...marrying late in life. What a blessing it would be!
Mary Elizabeth Wilson Wood Can you say Happy 18thBirthday to my twin girls from ooltewah, Hannah and Haley wood, be the best birthday ever, please Brett
Justin Preher Best way for a drummer to get started down in Nashville? And a side note.... feel free to let me come up on stage and play a song or two with ya next time you're in Louisville. 😉😂
Christina Raschi Pre ordered your album can't wait August 4 countdown and in honor of Christmas in July I've been jamming to your glow cd 😍😍😍
Chris Klipstein Hello, Brett. Can't wait to see you at Luke's show at KeyBank Pavilion September 9th. What's it been like touring with him?
Mandy Knox Hey Brett. When will you be back in Tampa, Florida or even St. Petersburg, Florida? Love your music and can't wait for the new cd. You are my favorite Country singer. 💚
Agnes Ann Leon-Esparza Good to see you. Congratulations on your new album out. What would have been the best prank you did or someone pulled on you?
Dana Elliott Hi from Raymond California.. You're from my home atate of Illinois=) and my Aunt Cindy goes to a dentist that is good friends with your family.. My cousin Amy wants me to make you a guitar strap and a dog collar.. My gift to you=)
Laura Cole Hey Bret come prepared for the heat at Country Crossings this weekend! See you there!!
Nate Conner Thanks for singing something I'm good at while we all danced in the rain in CT that was a special moment!
EM Arnold What's one of the craziest things you've experienced on the road?
EM Arnold Hey Brett please come back to Springfield IL! What musical icon is your role model or mentor?
Linda Gage When are you coming back to South Lake Tahoe, California? Saw you last year with Keith Urban.
Bernadette Cynthia McGrath Hello from Raleigh, NC. Love your personality as much as I love you and your songs.
John Hands Are you coming to the UK soon and if so , who would you have as your support 🤠
Stephanie Mitchell What is the craziest/funniest city have u performed in?
Michele Mupo Would you be open to singing on the Keep The Peace Project proceeds go to the Vetrans
Caiti Rose Johnson You excited to play in mountain home, Idaho this weekend???
Heather Fiorentino So excited for some new music and some new concerts, where is your favorite place to play?
Amber Marie Ann Love from Youngstown, OH seen you when you came with Keith Urban! 😍
Andi Roe Kansas City last Friday night...what's the best memory from that night?
Andi Roe What's your favorite thing to do when you're not touring/busy?
Alice Clark Would you please say hello to my daughter, Marie? We saw you a few months ago in. WV and she's a big fan!
Shannon Smith when are you announcing VIP upgrades for the Indy show??'
Sarah Ann Edwards What is the funniest thing to do during summer time 💗 when your not singing
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Jamey Johnson is sticking to his guns.

Candy Liggett What a asshole rules apply to everyone. Even mediocre singers who are full of themselves.
Joshua R Lykins Jamey doesn't do what he does for the fans. He makes music. It's his talent. Fans appreciate that. Period. The man has rights. He has carried his weapon all his life. This venue choose to not allow it which is their right but it's their own issues and their fault. Period.
Andrew J. Plummer Never heard of him. A So he can't be to famous..
Joyce Hubbard No one ever said he tried to take a gun inside. He and the band were treated like criminals and chose to leave. I guess the production crew had to cancel when they didn't have anyone to perform and put the blame on Jamey instead of themselves.
Candi Smith Fully stand with Jamey's decision. I'm glad his venue Saturday night didn't have the same rules. He was awesome at The Shed in Maryville.
Sarah Peters In everything I have read about this, nowhere do I see anyone from LiveNation or the House of Blues claiming the issue was over guns. That seems to be an assumption made by the public and spread via the rumor mill. I'm not gonna pretend to understand the need for metal detectors by the artists' entrance, but it hardly equates to being 'treated like terrorists'. Sounds to me like there was something more going on and/or someone grossly overreacted.
Carol Davis House of Blues has a very bad habit of canceling show at last minute, no refunds and blames the artist.
Steve Journey For all you non music fans..Jamey has written songs for the greatest. George Strait.
Jimmy Jarrell He did the right thing,we need more to stand up and do the same
Tawnya M Brunelle we got your back Jamey!!! good for you stand your ground.... your on my bucket list I will be at a concert of yours
Tonya Yannayon Good for Jamey... He is an ex marine probably more knowledge than 'security' than the house of blues
Johnny Mitchell Life goes on with or without Jamey Johnson playing at the House Of Blues.Cannot say the same about Black Bike week at Mytrle Beach with all the shooting going on during that time.
Chris Uttaro Guess they never heard of Dimebag
Linda Parker I have read through the comments and still am confused as to what the issue was. Did House of Blues not know Jamie Johnson?
Jennifer Spicer People do realize he was a trained Marine, right? Lol I highly doubt he needs a weapon.
Ricky Kline Keep on Truckin' Jammey .... no one missed you. You are terrible in concert and you forget your own words.
Melissa Caroline Matthews Kevin N Barbara House I saw y'all posted about this didn't know if you found out what happend!
Lisa Hammock Good for him. Stand up and stop letting people take our rights away from us.
Jay Baker I don't frequent places that aren't CHL friendly either.
Betty Newlin We stand with Jamey and his band.
Alan Gable i stand with the band fk the house of blues
Susan Zomer Loved the Jamey Johnson Concert we saw in Syracuse
Chris Kinder Good for Jamey!
Paige Joey Rabon I agree with jamey
Debbie Scruggs Good for Jamey and his band !!!
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Dierks Bentley explains his alter ego.

Sherilyn Knoll
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This CMT Crossroads is gonna be larger than life! 😍 Who's ready for August 30? 🎤🎶

Kylie Pollert I grew up with the Backstreet Boys, so this ought to be a good one!
Courtney Cristen Brittany Watts Ellis can we have a viewing party? with wine?
Mark Nörman II Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, and Hank Williams are rolling over in their graves because of what people refer to as country music now a days. And the guys that do play true country music don't get any air time on country radio. It's all taken up by fags like these guys and Luke Bryan. Hank Jr said it best in his latest album,....."We've had enough of this weird pop country sound."
Linda Gulledge I will take Backstreet Boys & Florida Ga Line ANYDAY !!!!! ANYDAY !!! over the RAP CRAP being shoved down the throats of todays kids !!!!!!!!
Rebecca Edwards I can dig it.
Wesley Brackett to all the it ain't country idiots grow up and move on no one wants your crying in your beer depressing grandpa country.. its 2017 not 1967 get over its DEAD let it RIP
Jason Partin Why don't they just become one big group since they are basically the same. FGL has been pop since their first song hit the airwaves, might as well make it official and move on over. Taylor did, move on, we'll help you pack. CMT, don't brag about a crossroads until you put the likes of Jamey Johnson with Cody Jinks or John Fogerty with Jason Isbell. Do something right besides playing pop country and reality shows.
Faith Randall Kruse Dang it.... I won't be able to get to see this. Love that they're doing this Hope Tarczynski Steff Luva Kim Little Christina Mack I wish one of y'all could somehow put it on Facebook so I could see it 😂
Rachael Dye Here is a thought. If you dont like the change in country music,oh ,i dont know,ummm...geeze,dont listen too it. Plain and simple. Every genre has changed with the times.
Brad N Amanda Beavers Their both a pop group. Why are Fla Gay even on CMT anyway????????
Steve Craig They should play at the mtv awards not CMT. Backstreet boys are gayer than aids. So is fgl. Can we exchange them for sturgill please?
Marla Miller This should be the best crossroads since the one with Jason Aldean and Bob Segar
Rhiannon Amanda Well Florida Georgia Line are about as country as The Backstreet Boys so I guess that makes since.
Bryan Goetz Oh cool!! Neither of them are actually country music so this should be fun Country Music Award ceremony!!! It's like MTV showing Reality TV shows all day. Good job guys, keep up the hard work.
Stephanie Csornok HAHAHA who else would they do it with?!? I saw FGL earlier this year (AWESOME show); they did a couple BSB numbers for their encore and did them justice. Should be a great show!
Marshall Babcock They're both gay ass boy bands so I don't see why they are on the show. FGL is NOT country music
Shannon Sour Wahoooooooo!!!!!! :) Can't wait! This makes me happy!!! Been a BSB fan for 20 years, so they must be doing something right. 😀
Sarah Wickett I love the Backstreet Boys I grow up listening to there music ❤️❤️❤️
Diana Hanshaw Cornell Good match up. FGL is as bubble gum pop as the backstreat boys were 😌
Dave Furtaw is it "Crossroads" or "Cross Dressing" ?
David Brown
Aaron Becker Kourtney Knolhoff I may have to get CMT back just for this show lol
Danette Hendrickson I always thought Fl Ga Line seemed more like a boy band than country.....
Ashley Rorick Fgl nothing but a little boy band these days. Country?!! Smhh
Amanda Ogle Jones Reeda Pipkins this should be interesting!!!! Let's watch it so we can be critical and obnoxious... 👏🏻👍🏼😑🎉👹
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Vernon's got camel toe problems. 👖🐫😱 Two new episodes of Still The King TONIGHT!

Lynn Montgomery Camel toe ???
Luma Lima Get $400 extra money taking paid surveys ➠ #MakeCashSurvey
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Like nothing I've ever seen before.

Darla Sprouse Petree Sorry but I just don't get all the hoopla about this guy. Other than the fact that he seems to know a lot about boots, he doesn't have much going for him. His voice isn't spectacular and he sings in a monotone.
Lexi Lauren Such cute lyrics😍🙌
Dakota Chaney Bsrberann
Lee Martin Pretty smile
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River 101 will broadcast all St. Aloysius football games this season! Here is their schedule for the upcoming season!
8-18 Leake Academy
8-25 at Adams County Christian School (Natchez, MS)
9-1 Central Hinds
9-8 at Washington School (Greenville, MS)

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Hey folks! Biscuits and Burks will return on Wednesday! Have a great day!

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Live at Cannon Honda till 5! Come see us!

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Tomorrow (Caturday-HA!) K-Hits 104.5, River 101 and 92.7 The Touch will be live 11am until 2pm at Pet Sense on Pemberton Boulvard for Paws Rescue's Cat Adoption Day! Come out and see us! And the cats

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Birthday Winner: Andrew Dawson

WBBV - River 101.3
WBBV - River 101.3 shared Vicksburg Warren 911's post.6 days ago
Michael Woodrick Where can we get the little green signs?
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Birthday Winner 7/19
Sally Hambright

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If this doesn't move you, it may be time to see a heart doctor. I admit it, I cried. #aintnoshame

WBBV - River 101.3
CBS News
A coincidental meeting in a grocery store led to a life-long relationship between 4-year-old Norah and Mr. Dan.