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Brett Young, Aubrie Sellers and Michael Ray co-host TOMORROW's CMT Hot 20 Countdown! Sneak...

DouVena DeLane Rich 😍
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We can't get enough of Jon Pardi! Watch his brand new video #DirtOnMyBoots 🤠

Michelle Jean Kim Gravos I think I like how you dress when you ride better!!
Sandra Hazen Love it!! Definitely a toe tapper, foot moving, get up and dance kind of a song.
Phyllis Cook Pipkin Love his music. We have his last CD. Dirt on my boots is one of my favorites. Love the video as well.
Denise Carole Robertson I love this song! I always forget who sings it though. Lol
Patricia Butler radio station been playing it for awhile now 99.5 wkdp Corbin its awesome song I enjoy all your music
Chelsea Kondratowicz 😍😍😍
Dan Klevemann Awesome song
Helen Norvell Good song
Rhonda Bryan Love this song
Christina Clinton Pitts Brittany Pendley😁
Kathy Gann Maddie Gann
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Can't wait!

Gary Sletto wish you had a concert in south dakota
Richard Hernandez Post Monroe around a Survivor fire:-) just the thought
Adnan Sheikh Mast Hain.... Pura Jhinku Photo... :) ----®Mr.X-βot™®----
Jarmo Nurminen <3 Guitar Girl in the middle <3
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Courtney Cole can't always be "Ladylike." Watch her perform in our studio... #CMTNextWomen

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Women's best friend.

Ana Carolina Falavinha Laura Falavinha, lembra dessa música? Só sua tia para te apresentar essa "pérola"! 😂
Ilai Faradian Bar Shahar It's been a while since thus song was released... Tov shenizkeru
Helen Norvell That was true until you babe!! But still love the dogs!!
Renea Moore Christy Taylor, this made me think of u haha
Michelle Eisenberg Yup! Gotta agree with this one! ❤🐶
Kim Anderson If I had a dog 😄
Elizabeth Arnold For me it's more boys I deal with the more I Love my cat ❤
Norm Pedersen Funny the more females I meet the More I want to find a Dog !
Sheila Sias Yup amen
Margaret Dore Sounds like my Tori !
Manuel Rivera Luu Vegaa que le haces si no te gustan 😪
Regina Canaday Williams AMEN
Julie Marone Tori Lyn hahaha
Ashley Elisha Reshelle Valley Haley Rose Kim Prystanski Sam Anderson
Jasmine Diering Carly Roberts
Denise Tidwell Casey Louise haha
Trina Kratzer Kelcie Kratzer
Shawn Brandon Spadone Lori Ann Diaz
Bernadette Mahon-Bracken Shannon Bridgit
Katrina Yeomans Dugger Madison Dugger
Stephanie Marie Wilson Alyssa Casamento
Alicia Anaya Laura Beltran
Jennifer Watcke Conover Jen McEwen
Norma Payne Cagle Athena Buck
Kelly Myers Kaitlyn Ferretti
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🎶 "At the end of the day, Lord I pray, I have a life that's good." 🎶

Watch the latest episode of Nashville on CMT On Demand, on the #CMTapp or online:

Oana Cristina Berari What other show has the main character die????! I'm in shock that last scene was one of the most intense things I've experienced through a TV show! I cried with the girls and Deacon as if it was my mother and soul mate. Insane acting...something tells me no one in that room had to pretend too hard.
Jan Jerrell That was some amazing acting. So sad she didn't want to stay....the writers are going to have to step up to keep us watching, but they could pull it off. Once more...kudos to the actors.
Vanessa Chaney I kind of figured this was coming since I read on multiple outlets that Connie Britton (Rayna) signed on for only 8 episodes or so.....WHY on Earth CMT do you think we'll keep watching without a Rayna and Deacon? Bad enough this 5th season told stories that were TOO slow and that centered around Rayna and Deacon. Now, she's gone. Hmmm. You should have let this show go out with a great bang after the 4th season. Now what?! Good grief!
Jamie Salyer Shank So now we get to watch Teddy and her wretched sister fight for the girls! How the hell did he get out prison? And the sister could have stayed gone too! Poor Daphne feels like she's in the middle, I know Teddy is her bio dad, but Deacon clearly cares more!
Lori Chapman Connie Britton is the only reason I watched Nashville. No longer a fan, and can not possibly watch anymore. Bummer, I loved this show!
Carolyn Anderson I know probably most of you don't watch Grey's Anatomy, but a similiar thing happened on it. I don't think anyone had any idea that Derek Shepherd was going to be killed off. I was in shock. At least with Rayna I had heard that she was thinking about leaving, but it still hurt just as much. And, I agree that the acting from everyone was excellent. I still don't think much of Connie Britton for leaving them like this though. After so many went to bat for the show and it found another home on CMT, and then she leaves.
Julie Vaccarello Luthmann The writing has been really's such a shame the train wreck they have turned this into. Season 1-3 were great and when the show moved to CMT I was hoping they would try to go back to what made the show great. The fans hated season 4 and yet the writers are continuing down that path rather than going back to what drew everybody in. Season 5 so far is like a worse version of season 4.
Janet Lewis That was so sad. The acting was so real. Sorry to see Rayna go but there are so many talented actors on this show. I'm sure they will have some great story lines coming.
Donna Rowell Middleton I was super excited when Nashville got picked up by CMT but now I wish the show would have stayed cancelled. The writing for this season has been awful. The show rarely focuses on the music which was the part I enjoyed the most. The main characters have stupid storylines. This latest episode will be the last one I will view. Two thumbs down CMT 😣
Candy Ann Liggett Stop blaming the show Connie wanted to leave and planned it months ago. She lied saying she was staying with the show for the long haul. She is the one who screwed the fans over not the show.
Donna Harvill This show was all about the music & then the storyline. Now it is just a soap opera!!! So sad because the music use to be wonderful!!! I bet there are not many songs downloaded from the new shows because they do not compare to the 1st four seasons!! So sad :(
Terri Stooksbury This happened with Greys Anatomy when Derrick got killed off and I thought the show would suffer, but actually the strength of the other characters came out and I still really like watching it. You may be surprised...
Karly Craig This show broke my heart :( can't imagine losing my mother...this show is going to be sooo depressing here on out for me :(
Leslie Meyer Don't know if I will keep watching, I think you not only killed Rayna, but but you also killed the show!!! She was one of the most important characters on Nashville!! She was the center!!! Big mistake!!!
Jayme Stephens Saddest episode ever. I feel like ya'll took the show just in time to kill the whole thing lol. She's either gonna have to miraculously come back in the next breath on next week's episode, or ya'll gonna have to admit the show is done.
Leah McKay Michaels Omg!!! I can't believe that did this Epic fail Nashville and CMT! We fought so hard to get you back only for you to crush us!!! I will not watch anymore!!
Ray Evans WTF!!!! I am so pissed. I'm done watching after this crap. Why kill Rayna u ass wipes??? We just got the show back and now this....... urg.....
Don Goodman Britton wanted more pay and CMT was not going to pay and they couldn't pay. This show takes millions each week just to put on. I was an extra a few times on the ABC time period and just one short scene took all day to record and a lot of extras paid to include food. The crew is from Hollywood and are all union and they are not cheap. There are hundreds of them and a place to stay. 2 big warehouses with construction crews building scenery is not cheap. then there is the food trucks to keep the crew happy. Lots of money and the sponsors have to pay. How long will this last on a cable show? The actors are not cheap either
Diane Lynn Baranik It will be interesting to see how all of this plays out now that we have Nashville but no Reyna!!! Upsetting cause I loved her character on the show but we shall see what happens next!!
Pat Morphies Why In the world did Rayna have to be one who died. This is pure crazy I never missed Nashville but I ain't watching no more Done
Terri Stooksbury These girls did a great job! Maisy is so good for her age!! Lennon too!
Holly Smith Willits I am not sure how they made it through the scene, but it was beautiful and very touching!
Barbara Greiner Could not watch this without crying....just wonder why she wanted to leave the show...
Kelli Derfiny Why'd they kill one of the main women? Seems stupid. I'd be pissed if I watched this show.
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Courtney Brown I couldn't even watch Sun Records after watching the Devastating episode of Nashville. I'll need a few days to recover from the shock.
Peggy Craft Zeigler If Rayna is not dreaming, this will be the last time I watch this show! Bringing the ex and sister back is bad move! Never liked either character!
Keith Mateyka Nashville 👍sun records sucks
Lisa Ann Klimasz Thursday Television 🌙 Night💙
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Go back to the birth of rock 'n' roll! 🙌🎶

Watch our Sun Records premiere On Demand, the #CMTapp or >

Stephen Amato Brenda Pawlowski Did you watch this? I forgot all about it. Gonna record and watch it this weekend.
Jenny Paul Waited 'till the second showing of this at 11pm. There was no way I could watch a new show seconds after the most heartbreaking episode of Nashville ever! Please don't think the Nashies weren't interested in Sun Records--just bad timing. #RenewNashvilleSeason6
Terry Lee Ridley Elvis didn't have black hair then, it was more brown.... also he didn't own a motorcycle. Simple details make for a factually incorrect TV show.
Jacquie Chilby When is this on foxtel Australia. I really want to watch this. # foxtel paygoodmoney!
Stephen Amato Mohammar Larracuente What'd you think? Haven't watched it yet.
Kelly Quinn Why isn't Sun Records on Hulu like Nashville?
Diane Jekel Atherton Didn't get into it at all.
Diane Jekel Atherton Bad call airing it after Nashville.
Keith Mateyka Total waste of time
Daniel Hart I did it sucked...More commercials than movie.Not worth my time...
Paulina Politicalson Trevor Donovan
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Happy Friday, folks! We're getting ready for the Mississippi Miracles Radiothon at Blair E Batson's hospital in Jackson next week! We're so excited! We're going to do birthdays and anniversaries on Monday, so text them in at 601-638-0101 and we'll also give away the Fox's...

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25,000 Tickets Canceled for Eric Church’s Holdin’ My Own Tour

Linda Ellis Sikes Ruthie Sikes Steve Sikes
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What It’s Like to Act With Tim McGraw

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Nashville: The Big Moments From Season 5 Episode 8

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Kelsea Ballerini Watches Songwriters Watch Bon Jovi

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Brandy Clark: CMT Next Women of Country Live Exclusive

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Cole Swindell’s Four-Year-Old Story Behind “Flatliner”

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Frankie Ballard Reflects on a Rock ‘n’ Roll Renaissance