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Those baby blue eyes! Jason Aldean shares a sweet moment with his mini me son Memphis.

Susan Moeller Adorable
Dawn A Foster So adorable
Bernadette Tremblay Does he ever look like his Daddy👼🙂 Handsome little man.
Mercy Molina He's adorable, looks like his handsome daddy.💖💖💖💖
MaryannMikey Brinkley
Linda Ouimet So precious daddy's boy💝💝💝
Cressida Sader Cuteness overload, beautiful baby and handsome daddy♥️♥️♥️
Carole Blanchard love the picture. what a cutie your little guy is. enjoy
Shaney Stevens Cute..
Roseanne Bistrick He's so adorable..
Kim Bents
Angie Kropuenske The baby is adorable!
Remy Penrod Beautiful baby boy
Cathy Hale BEAUTIFUL BABY👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻
Teresa Edwards HE IS SO SO HANDSOME !!!💙💙💙💙
Angela Rose The sweetest thing ❤
Rosie Henderson Looks just like his dad
Tonya Batey those are pretty eyes
Boo Vickery SO CUTE!! <3
Inez Hand Pretty
Sandy Taylor So cute
Sheila Bounds How sweet❤️
Kjersti Weikle Bastian Omg 😍😍😍
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Question everything you know about Waco.

WACO, a 6 part TV event, premieres Wednesday on CMT.

Lisa Zimmerman Sensationalized docu-drama from the "cult's" point of view. Stockpiles of weapons, etc. They should have let them go a little longer and it might have been another Jim Jones scenerio. Here, drink this koolaid.
Liam Wén Stanaway Ben Billy Oregon 😂😂
Diana Moreno I Remember the day when this happen 25 years ago on April 19 1993 is the day my son was born it was happening at the same time on April 19 1993 at 4:25 pm. diana
Amy Wilson I can't watch this, it will ruin Tim Riggins for me forever.
Love Quotes and Sayings I once cried because I had no shoes...then I met a man who had no feet.
Quentin Peele Yeah... Look how the ATF handled that one... 🙄
Shelly Hooten I have it on record. I have one still recorded that was on a month ago. Different than this one but a news documentary.
Phyllis Isiminger One of the most horrific tragedies in my lifetime. And the outcome was completely unnecessary. Sad so many died.
Jerry Jerman The government lied 🤥 the hell you say. You’d do better by telling me one time they actually told the truth.
Amber Garcia When doesn't the government lie?
Kathy Westberry When has the give EVER told the truth?!
Kara McCasland Record this for me, Shelly Hooten
Sarah Jeanne Annie Alana we will have to watch this!
Lisa Wright Jones Kip Jones here’s another documentary
Jade Rushford Colton Robertson looks almost as good as Scientology
Jennifer Ketterhagen-Spindler Krista Karen
Christi Mims Kinsey Chapman Caitlyn Alexander
Sammie Copple Hibler Brooke Henderson
Angela N Peca Sepulvado Shelia English Simpson
Misty Gallup Mark Gallup Sr
Sarah Morrow David
Samantha Wright Sam Wright
Jorey Marzahl Samantha
Corey Doss George Lafond
April Hixon Stacia Stratton Wehunt
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Chris Janson isn’t too embarrassed to share this throwback photo and we are grateful.

Nikki Sliepcevic The only thing I see in this picture is Keith Urban
Cherie Mcquady George and his wife
Diane Jekel Atherton Is that Keith Urban?
Red Fulton Apparently, he's too big of a Tony Brown fan to care about a stinkin' wardrobe malfunction!!! LOL 😁😁😊😊
Craig Webb I thought that was Harry Styles at first glance lol
Molly Leigh Ronnie Brooks and LeAnn Womak
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Dierks Bentley, Brothers Osborne, and LANCO are hittin' the road this summer! Watch the hilarious video they released to announce the #MountainHigh Tour.

The Law of Attraction - Happy mind happy life A good life is when you assume nothing, do more, need less, smile often, dream big, laugh a lot ad realize how blessed you are.
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Wondering what you missed last weekend? We have a recap of all the best posts. See what your favorite stars have been up to!

Jen Starling Where did the music go on CMT ? 😓
CMT13 hours ago

#CMTListenUp artist Cale Dodds has a brand new video and we REALLY wanna be where he is! Watch #TakeYouBack: #18For2018

Pam Johnson Terry Anna Terry have u heard of him ?
JD Alexander Who put up my picture?
Natalie Cutcher ❤️❤️❤️
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Ouch! Carrie Underwood shares her wrist x-ray two months after her fall and it’s not for the faint of heart.

Dianna Corn Maybe instead of being so negative towards her , have some sympathy. She went through an very horrific, fall that has left her scared and disfigured on her face as well as her arm. This accident did not just scar physically, but mentally as well. CARRIE is very brave for sharing this . I hope it helps her heal mentally . I hope all you cyber bullies out there realizes how hurtful you all are .
Penny Futch Really tired of hearing about her!! Time to move on about this wrist!! You would think she was the only one in the world that has gone through it!! Please stop and move on!!!
Jaime Dawn Gd lord need get over it Attention seeking drama queen
Tracy D Andrews I broke my arm in 4th grade. I don’t see people magazine doing a piece on me about it.
Tracy Griffin I have one in my right wrist too. What is so special about it? It is gonna hurt her for the rest of her life now!!
Joyce Yowler No big deal, looks just like my wrist.
Candy Pugh Sorry she fell, but it happens to people every day. Lots of people, including myself, have internal fixation. It obviously was a bad fall, but can people quit talking about it now. I realize she has some healing for her face, as well. I wish her speed in healing. Now think of these injuries in comparison to a military injury. I worry a little more for enlisted and veterans.
Lulu Tammy Haley So she post a pic of zest and a thank you to her Dr land she's milking what exactly it's her Instagram she has a right to publish events in her life as anyone. Geesh 😏🙄 #folksjustgottabitchandmoanboutsomethingallthetime
Patti Stockton Tinch I love Carrie and feel for her through this tragic occurance. Thankful she was not killed. Praying for complete healing physically and mentally.
Michael Marchitto So tired of hearing about this. I think it’s becoming better to unfollow this site. They lost their focus. Sad.
Marilyn Brown Lawson Speaking as someone who has rods in both of my legs that were broken I wish Carrie a speedy recovery. God bless you sweet girl.
Tracie Slover If you people are so tired of hearing about it, unfollow CMT, or don't click on it at all. Does not matter when it happened, it's the fact that it did happen and she's speaking out now and to those who have been in her shoes might be able to find comfort in her strength.
Sandra Hazen I love Carrie Underwood. I hope she is on the mend soon and I hope she knows that her fans still love her.
Lisa Zimmerman Who cares. I am so tired of hearing she fell. I sympathized but now the stories are old. Lots of people fall/get hurt/etc. She keeps milking it. Get over yourself and worry about getting yourself better.
Anita Rivas What ever goes around comes around people maybe you won't be punished and have an accident too.... Maybe you bullies all should move on..... quit Crying
Heather Geimer Meh. I’ve been In health care forever. Spent 15 years and an X-ray tech. This is barely noteworthy.
Chris Scott Goodburn Prayers to you Carrie on the long healing process. I wish for you pain free days. Those who have been injured before know the recovery is longer than others think.
Sherry Underhill Sauls Faint of heart.. its not a gaping wound..SMH!
Lisa Bell Faint of heart ? You should see my neck and back !! Enough with this already
Rita Piper- Phillips About the same time..I fell, landed on my right knercap, broke it into 3 pieces, and tore my patella. The knee cap was wired backed together and has three screws in it. Is healed but the patella is causing some problems, so I know where you are coming from. Glad you are doing well...
Karen June Raufeisen When you get injuries they can cause pain the rest of your life. I was in a very serious wreck 40 years ago, & just last month my knee that was stapled back down from that is now hurting so bad that I can hardly walk! That is from an injury that occurred 40 years ago, so don't think that injuries do not cause pain the rest of your life. My doctor told me they would cause me problems when I got older, but of course then I didn't believe that, but I do now!
Patty Mundy I broke my Wrist, and Forearm bones at the same time, while having a Drop-Attack Seizure! Had to have Surgery, and I have a plate and 6 screws put in it! I hit the floor so hard, the bones up to my neck, were so compacted, they had to put me in this medieval looking device to pull them back where they belonged, and only 6 weeks after Gall Bladder removal Surgery!! Then 2 mos. of Therapy! I was 59 yrs old then. Sorry, but I don't a pic of the X-ray, that sure would've made this story a lil bit more Dramatic! 🤣 I need some Sympathy! lol 😁JK It wasn't no big deal actually! 😛
Cyndi Wren I fell down a flight of steps back in June 2017, ended up with a broken wrist ( left wrist) and have a picture of my wrist following my surgery and my Doctor put the Exact Same Plate & 6 Pins in my wrist.It has been a Very Painful Recovery but Doing Great Now!!
Angela Raczynski I had the same surgery on my left wrist a few years ago. Yes it hurt and sucked. But why does this keep being talked about? Like Penny Futch said she isn't the only person to ever have this surgery.
Helen White Hummmm why does anyone care?? People get hurt all the time and a lot worse than this. Feel sorry for the people hat can't afford good medical attention.
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Everyone who went to Luke Bryan's #CrashMyPlaya is waking up in a big Mexicoma! Get the recap...

Renae Brook How is this country?
Melanie Philip Dumb song, but each to their own.
Patty Sweppy They were all drunk and stupid
Ellen Proctor Awesome
Tricia Glass Awesome pictures very amazing. Love it
Lisa Stegall Had a great time ! 🍹🎶🌴
Linda Ouimet Looks amazing
Lisa Stegall Bernadette Stager
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Just received: Please notify your listeners that the Tensas Water Boil advisory is lifted. Customers no longer have to boil their water before use.


Tensas Water

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Birthday Winner 1/22 Mallory Beard

Amber Jones Brieanna Jeffers
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listener report: Wreck on 27 right at Paxton rd.

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Been 'hanginon' for those Chris Young tickets at the BRAND NEW Brandon Amphitheater on April 18th? As a River 101 listener, we are proud to offer you this exclusive presale deal to see Chris Young, Kane Brown, Deejay Silver, and Morgan Evans on April 18th!...

WBBV - River 101.3 This goes on till 10PM, and if you haven't figured it out yet the code is HANGINON,
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Melissa Leeann Reeves Birthday Winner 1/18

Lynett Dunn Welch Yay... HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Mary Gordon Wow, the Reeves are the big winners this week!!
Tommie Dunn Well, happy birthday young lady!
SaraBeth Sumrall Melissa Reeves
WBBV - River 101.3
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Congratulations Sheila Gullett, our latest Chris Young ticket winner!

Raymond Lee Jones Sheila Ashley Gullett