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Evelyn Johnson

The Wake Up Show, 6-10am


I quit having those when I turned 30. Next…

Favorite Foods:

Chocolate covered and/or chocolate dipped everything. Well….not EVERYTHING. That might get a little gross. But most things. Drizzle some of that cocoa bean magic on whatever your feeding me and watch the fun begin! My hair’s on fire? Okay. The Mom Wagon II is rolling down the drive way with no one in it? Alright…I’ll get to it in a sec. The kids brought home the worst report card ever? Don’t worry…there will be other report cards.

See? Chocolate makes my world go ’round.

Now I do like other foods besides chocolate. Home cooking is my favorite! Butter beans, fried chicken, homemade cornbread, homemade chicken pot pie, dumplins, black eyed peas and rice, gumbo and casseroles….so when’s lunch?

Things I Like:

A full tank of gas. Paid bills. Watching someone being kind to another person. Going to church, then discussing what we learned over Sunday lunch. New socks. Comfy, soft clothes. My Snuggie. Cupcakes. Lots of blankets on my bed and clean sheets. Coffee with caramel macchioto creamer in my fav mug.

Things I Love:

My family! My husband, Jimmy, who is also my high school sweetheart. Our well blended, mixed and shaken up housefull of kiddos: (in order by age) Gina, 20, Mom to Colt, our grandbaby…the absolute light of my life!
Darbie, 15, soon to be licensed and very tall…didn’t get that from MY gene pool
Benjamin,12, preteen gentleman extraordinnaire and amazing pasta cooker
Mary, 9, fashion diva, tiny little ballerina with a great big voice and personality
Samantha, 9, super sweet snuggler, big heart and gives the best hugs ever
Jeremiah, 5, blonde curls, killer blue eyes and loooong eyelashes…need I say more? A total ladies man
My Mother…skilled at holding her composure at the toughest of times. She did raise me, after all.
My Step-Mom…chemistry professor and Cub Scout leader to the max!
My two (gorgeous) sisters, our little brother and my super-major-awesome brother in law. And my grandmother.

WHEW! That’s a lot of love!

Things I Don’t Like:

What do you call a person who takes advantage of other people’s kindness and generosity? If they’re doing it knowingly: a self-centered scoundrel! Not my favorite at all. I also very much dislike disrespect to our men and women in uniform, active or retired…they all deserve the utmost respect. And I really, really don’t like it when someone disses on the state of Mississippi. If you take a look around the world, you’ll see that it could be so much worse. We live like kings compared to many.

Favorite Out of the Office Activities:

Not having a lot of spare time on my hands leans to not having extra activities for me, until now! For the first time in a LONG time, I am taking a small group class at Crossway Church called ‘Women of Pinterest’ and I loooooove it!!! I also like (in a slightly obsessive way) researching my ancestors. I’ve been doing that for about 1 1/2 years and have learned so much information about my family that we never knew before!

Favorite Country Group: Lady Antebellum. They just work together so well and enjoy listening to them anytime.

Male Artist: George Strait. Who doesn’t love the King of Country???
Now I would be remiss if I didn’t include my OTHER favorite male singer, Blake Shelton. He’s just yummy :)

Female Artist: Carrie Underwood. Wholesome image and great pipes!

Favorite concert: Brad Paisley. Dude can PLAY a guitar. And, he’s got a great sense of humor and a great sense of family values.

Quirky Things You Don’t Know About Me:

I was born in Lexington, Mississippi. I am a Mississippi Delta girl through and through.

I secretly want to buy an old abandoned church and turn it into a home.

I love anything old. Vintage, antique, aged, rustic, refurbished and repurposed. That’s me!

I want a Bassett Hound and I want to name him Lunchbox.

Favorite Saying:

When forced to choose, one always goes with the option which most please one’s wife.

Favorite Websites:


Paul Stone


Paul Stone was born in New York but made his way to the south in 1979. Paul moved to the Dallas, Texas area when he was 8 and developed a hankering for listening to radio into the wee hours of the night. Due to the countless hours listening to his gray 1981 “Jam Box,” he knew how to play air guitar to songs by everyone from Kenny Rogers to Van Halen.

Paul gradutatued from high school in and was off to college where he took his first radio job at KSAU at the campus of Stephen F. Austin State University. The radio bug hit him in 1992 and he has been addicted ever since.

Paul has worked at several Texas radio stations in Lufkin, Nacogdoches and Houston. Most of his radio career has been right here in The Magnolia State, where he has worked in Tupelo, Jackson and now Vicksburg for the last 16 years.