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This is the moment a 19-year-old Indonesian was rescued after drifting at sea for 49 days on a small fishing platform

CNN doesn’t mention how a bible saved his life... he was contemplating suicide.. But that’s CNN for ya
Amazing he stayed afloat on that thing 49 days... people should have helped him...who passes someone in the ocean on that platform and not know they should help
Omg..those seamen are from my country Philippines......they said " tubig" which means water....thank Heavens!
Incredible resilience! Glad he is safe now.
Pinoys on board.
Get rich or die fishing Joel Bijlmer
That's some good news
Lucky guy..
It's great news
Respect seafarers
His new name: Lucky 49 👍
Lucky he had all that wood in backpack to make that raft
The judge an his wife was on fox news so that alone should let you no he a crook because that the real fake new
Good survival skills kid.
That's a tough mofo right there.
Seems like cast away i wonder did he also lost wilson in the ocean !
How did this guy even manage to eat the raw fish on the sea for over 49 days, he needs a movie.
a man in a island? how shameful is your hands without any screw to screw withe nor, what-ever is your deeds is, there is none as a paper view.. for it is a sea for you to drink, again and again.. [@>>---for a coffee cinderella to be,] hey thats 10 gould each dumbledoora,
Old stories from CNN . Yawn !
Hit Like if you think CNN is Fake News !
What would be News ? CNN not running the same stories over and over . Giving Trump credit for something .
To bad liberals don't care about 19 year old girls being murdered by illegals
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Ted Cruz was forced to leave an Italian restaurant in Washington Monday after left-wing activists swarmed the senator, heckling him with chants and demanding to know his position on embattled Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

These idiots should have been arrested or at least cited for harassment. This is ridiculous the way “adults” are acting these days.
I'm frankly glad to see that liberals are finally adopting right wing tactics. Give them a taste of their own rude nasty medicine. Tea partiers threatened liberals in public places.
I do not like the guy at all but why not let his family have the meal in peace? They did not sign up for this.
This is why I can't vote for a democrat. To vote for someone of my own democratic party encourages these crazies. They should be ashamed of themselves but are to ignorant. I don't like Cruz but this behavior is unacceptable. We are all Americans.
Democrats=3rd world country
This is sad. Why can’t people have different political views without being mean?
If they can’t take the heat stay out of the kitchen. The heat is coming and continuing.
Organized, Leftist chaos, encouraged by the Democrat party leaders. Sad.
We'll fight in the streets....we'll fight in politicians office hallways...we'll fight in eateries and restaurants.....we'll never give up!!😈😈😈😈😈
I believe in everyone having their own opinion. I personally do NOT like Cruz nor his agenda on anything. However, this man and his wife were just out to have dinner and should not be subjected to this. No one in the public should be on their off hours.
They are left wing activists? Who all happened to be eating in the same restaurant as Ted Cruz? I think they are citizens who have had enough.
'Left Wing activists' they wore badges....did they flash their 'left wing activist ID Card' before confronting him? Does upholding moral and ethical standards for one of the highest appointments in the country only the juristiction of the 'left wing'? I thought conservatives would care about something like that as well.
Leftist just have no shame. The real haters and intolerant are being revealed for the american public to see. Maybe some democrats will wake up and see what they have been taught about traditional America was all a lie and part of an agenda. I’ve never seen such hate in so many peoples hearts.
I can't stand Ted Cruz, but this is not acceptable.
Awesome! These thugs deserve no peace....ever.
At any other time in history this would be completely wrong - but with the hateful and divisive MR trump in the White House his supporters need to know how wrong it is to allow his hate to fester and damage our great nation
Did the spineless Teddy slither out of the restaurant??
I saw them chanting. Didn't hear of anyone getting purposely mowed down by a car and dying.
I’m sure the other diners were appreciative of this. I don’t believe they should be doing this inside the restaurant. Keep it on the street.
Another theme my uncel ? alcoholic who live house near me haunt me. I dont live with parents Im hurt.
Well, the days of dining out anywhere are long gone, lol. No matter the party affiliation its time to Uber the food lmao.
Regardless of what one's position is regarding Kavanaugh, it is ridiculous that one behaves that way with people whom we disagree and invades a person's privacy when away from work. There are other ways to protest and let one's voice be heard and that applies to the Left and the Right.
I love how he tried to save himself then as an afterthought said "Let my wife through." lol
Biggest takeaway as a former Washingtonian "Hey I've been to that restaurant! Did they change the menu?!"
We are his boss. When he refuses to return our calls or meet with us. Then we have every right to confront him in public and get answers. It’s time to fire him and hire someone who listens to us
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Brett Kavanaugh looked less like a Supreme Court justice than an ordinary political candidate whose campaign is on the skids, mired in scandal as he battles to keep his hopes of high office alive, Stephen Collinson writes.

So true. Once entitled, always entitled. He thinks he’s owed the position. If he’s so innocent, why is he not demanding an FBI investigation to clear his name? After all, he knows lying to the FBI is a felony — it would force the women to tell the truth. It’s so interesting there was no scandal when Gorsuch was confirmed. Maybe Judge Gorsuch deserves to be on the Supreme Court.
If I were him, and I was actually innocent ... I would be begging for an FBI investigation to clear my name, not running away from them looking into my past.
Innocent till proven guilty. All Women have rights and All Men have rights too. Why are you so surprised that he defended himself? There is NO Proof he did anything. The witnesses said they didn't remember he was there....If these women are lying the should be punished for there cruelty.
I didn’t need to know how long he remained a virgin. Doesn’t mean he didn’t commit both of the accusations. 🙁
Women lying for political gain isn't exactly a scandal. It's more like a slap in the face to women that were actually sexually assaulted.
A victim doesn’t forget because a victim CAN’T forget. I have friends who have been assaulted. Male and female. Democrat and Republican. Friends who have been raped. Friends who have been beaten, one even killed by the man who loved her. Not ONE has no memory of WHO perpetrated the attack.
The sexual assault allegations are serious and should be investigated, but I'm just as concerned about his apparent willingness to commit perjury during previous confirmation hearings. #NoKavanaugh
So, this Republican judge is just that- a Republican first, and a judge second. Goes on TV to sell himself, just like any other dime-a-dozen pol with a bad history and a LOT of corporate money riding on the deal.
Kavanaugh’s going down hard screaming 🗣 I’ve Fallen And Can’t Get Up......... #BelieveVictims..... #BelieveSurvivors.... #MeToo..... Kavanaugh, Your #TimesUp........
He’s degrading himself by interviewing on FOX. Just let the FBI investigate. I think we’d get closer to what happened or didn’t happen.
I knew it was bad when I saw campaign ads of him... I had no idea supreme Court Justice nominees did this
Kavanaugh came out with the virgin statement to convince the Evangelicals he is a saint. They are so gullible that they believe what they’d like to see. God says to discern between good and evil. I wish I was wrong but my gut says Kavanaugh is not being honest.
So this woman's assault was so traumatic that it took how many years to come forward? And I am supposed to believe that it is a coincidence that she felt the need to report in the last week? What a crock what a fraud
I say step down! No woman comes forward unless she has been seriously traumatized by an assault no matter how many years have passed She has a moral obligation to our country and to the highest court!
He will not be brought down through the dems smear campaign . He is nothing but a great guy and and even better judge. His record on the bench speaks for itself and he is the total opposite of the crap that the dems have been portraying !! They should all be shamed of themselves this is the crap you losers have to pull to try and derail and smear a great American !! He will be on the Supreme Court anyhow so go play in traffic dems you loser s!
It's high time Americans wake up and understand the way with which the Democrats politick. If this kind of mess does not stop, it will always continue to tarnish the image of hardworking American men and women, and those who would come up with genuine evidence of sexual assault would not be taking seriously. Very dangerous?!
Because you CNN and social media has been the judge, the jury and the executioner. Six years ago, a girl accused an African American teenager of rape, only to come out now and say it never happened and that she lied about it. The teenager spent 6 years in prison and ruined his life because of baseless and false accusations. Will the accuser be held responsible to the extent of what the teenager was? I doubt that.. will she pay the price like he did? I doubt that... CNN and social media, you prosecute people to whom you dont like. PERIOD. Why have laws when you dont want to abide by them in the first place
To FOX 'news' yet. Nice show of non-partisanship. This giant RED FLAG should kill any doubt of how he'll 'judge' Supreme Court cases. He would have had more credibility had he held a press conference.
In light of the missing documents from the Bush era, this is just adding more fuel to the failed campaign to make Kavanaugh a justice. There will be more women, more old friends to reinforce this information. Withdraw now! Then...impeach Clarence Thomas and seek justice for Anita Hill!
What an embarrassing show this was, I would have thought that something like the FOX News appearance would be unfitting for a man that is up for a life time appointment for one of the highest offices in the land. Looks like he wants it real, real bad to go so low,
So what we can just accuse anybody of anything now and they're guilty, no matter if they are or not, as long as someone says you did it your guilty, no proof, no witnesses, no location. I'm sorry did I wake up in some foreign country? Pretty sure this is still AMERICA time people start acting like it. Where is the outrage of the treatment towards Bill Clinton’s credible accusers? Their beloved HRC threatened and silenced them.
Can CNN describe this in any more pitiful and condemnatory manner??? The writers and promoters of CNN should be banished from American journalism/news reporting.
You are a scuzzy frat boy sexual predator Kavanaugh, and it'd be best if youd just go "focus on spending time with family and loved ones".
And now he was a Virgin HOW LONG before he EVER had sex of any kind with any woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, lets see how long you can sell THAT story. HA.
If you don't need proof anymore...maybe some of these politicians did stuff to me to....ummmmmmm...!
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Bill Cosby will have a final opportunity to make his case to the court before a Pennsylvania judge sentences him on three counts of aggravated indecent assault.

Why has Trump got away with all his sexual pervert behaviour???
🙏🏾Bill Cosby be set free in Jesus name Amen. He that is without sin among you, let him first cast the first stone John 8:7
Drugged women so he could rape them, he should spend the rest of his life in prison. What a shtbag he is.
This man was a rock star in his prime, he could have any woman he wanted. But he had to drug them to fulfill a sick and twisted sexual fantasy. So now that he did that, he must pay for his crimes against all these women. 10 years in jail.
Hey! Maybe he can serve on the Supreme Court!? 😉
If judge Kavanaugh was presiding over this case...Heathcliff Huxtable wouldn’t see a day of jail time!!
Why is he the only one going to jail. If no one . is above the law.all the rést including Trump .need to be his cell mates.
Old age and ill health are not get out of jail free cards. Let him suffer like he made those women suffer.
Members of the pussygrabbing club don't go to prison!
No doubt he more than deserves prison time.
Cue all the people who say if he was white then he wouldn’t go to jail. But if he goes free the black woman he raped don’t get justice. And then don’t understand the hypocrisy
I think he will receive home arrest, ankle monitor...because of his age and health. Take his freedom without burdening the corrections centers and the taxpayers footing the bill.
At first i thought naaa , Not bill😎 But the man is Guilty👀
Hey Hey Hey it's judgement day.
I hope he lives out his days behind bars. No sympathy for this rapist.
I think he should go to prison for a couple of weeks then home arrest.
Breaking: cosby finds out no real consequences for rape,gets off easy. Will get a free all expenses paid vacation complete with free pudding.
I simply stated what I THINK will happen....and look at the vitriol of comments. I'm not debating anything, and I guess even stating a thought sets one up for persecution......interesting.
He deserves prison time, he's no different than anyone else convicted of a crime. No special treatment for Cosby.
Many people have been accused of sexual assaults including Trump, shouldn’t they all be going to prison? I forget this is America. They only like punishing black people.
He still doesn't think he did anything wrong...
Men and politicians who committed this kind of crimes, should be send to prison. But Crosby is wealthy, old, they may have petty on him, as always, money talks.
Should be publicly Drawn & Quartered ... like William Wallace in Braveheart.
the inmates will be really amezed nice jokes in perspective for the next years film makers you are welcome for bill cosby movie or a feuilletons behind bars
I am not believing these women’s allegations for some reason. Maybe because of his character and how I always watched him growing up on television. I don’t know what to say further. Americans Favorite Dad going to jail... 🤔. How can you have so much and loose everything you’ve every worked hard for. He’s lost his character, respect, awards and degrees, statues, I’m surprise his Hollywood Star is still there. That right there seems like his punishment (to me). He have already lost so much. Now, he’s blind and older, barely can see for goodness sakes, and today is the day of where he goes to jail. Just give him house arrest for the rest of his life and the title (if he did it), and leave him alone. His character and credibility is already ruined. / On other words (if he didn’t do it), the world will have a surprise at the end of this trial. / I wish the best in both parties to the end and beyond.
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He pleaded guilty to manufacturing and detonating a "highly toxic chlorine gas," which is banned under national and international laws.

So you get a 25 year sentence for minor Drug offends if you black ...But 11 years for this crazy dangerous crime 🤔
When I was in the Army I used to make small bombs out of MRE heater bags for fun, never thought about getting in trouble for it
11 years do 5. Not enough.
Another home grown would be terrorist/terrorist.
Not a terrorist of course unless he has a name like Abdul. Then get ready for war on what ever county his grandparents are from .
That's all the time he got?!!!
Sounds like a talented man using his gifts for wrong reasons.
Stay blessed today
I think they deserve prison sentence
A good nazi ?...
We need a peaceful world
Whatever you sow you reap,I prefer a peaceful world where there’s no reason to fight or build weapons,but I don’t think they deserve prison sentence
Dang, you have a fort named after you Darryl Polk
Well to be perfectly honest, in my humble opinion, of course without offending anyone who thinks differently from my point of view, but also by looking into this matter in a different perspective and without being condemning of one's view and by trying to make it objectified, and by considering each and every one's valid opinion, I honestly believe that I completely forgot what I was going to say.
It was a good thing that a white man was caught in redhand. Otherwise, the Louisiana justice would seek any blackman on street to offer him the full life time in jail plus 11 years for being black suspected in a white crime.
You can buy the plans for this bomb off of Amazon lol.
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Prob should have gotten more if you ask me. Chlorine is actually a weapon of mass destruction. So. theres that
Ah, but more importantly...have you burned your Nike's today? #whatreallymatters
If you or we continue to not understand white privilege. Here lets try this.
People who sold marijuana are doing longer prison sentences