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"I lost part of my soul. My son Beau, was the finest man I've ever known in my life." Joe Biden doesn't regret not running for President because the timing wasn't right with the death of his son, but he does regret not being the...

Jaron Hicks Definitely tough losing a son. I bet had Beau not died he would've ran for president but I think the grief of Beau's death caused him to rethink his life. Look Joe Biden could be president but let's not forget he could've been president 30 years ago. Biden is past his prime now it's time to look at other options.
Marco Senatore the fact that Donald Trump could become President is the greatest proof of how regressive is relativism (or any form of "weak thought"). If democracy is considered as the form of government where everybody can do and say what he wants, then whoever manipulates and lies can have greater chances of succeeding.
Kim Taylor Dopko Well, you do have to run.... I do think he might have won had he ran but Hillary was promised/ or they made a deal with the devil to put her in inspite of her unpopularity.... Too little too late.
Amy Rademaker Given Joe is a good man but he would have been a terrible President.. that is why he never got over 5% (and that is pushing it) when he did run
Russ Waldron Joe, it may be too late for you to hold the office but it's not too late for you to help the DNC get its self together for the next elections.
Joyce Frowner Robinson I'm sure Drumpf would have poked fun at Biden's deceased son because he has no soul. Biden was in grief mode and would not have been able to stomach the insults. Just sayin
Tung Tranle no Joe .... it is the people fed up with trade agenda and the Democrats platform. They had to choose Trump to get away from your party. If they like the way this country go the last 8 years Hillary could have won.
Bianca Toma Joe would of taken the rightful Low Road and taken this Orange pirate to the Cleaners,unlike Hillary,Joe would not put up with that trash without a real Mud Wrestling fight, which is what might of stopped that vulgar Snake Oil Salesman. Sorry for you loss Joe,I don't blame you,I lost a kid and running for a better job was the furthest thing on my mind.
Polo Martinez Dont worry Joe, its just a matter of months that we all find out how the russians helped this government and we'll have to call for elections again.
Mary D Lynch God I wish this arrogant old sexist fool would go away. He lost big every time he ran. He isn't half as smart as Hillary and is as bad as Sanders. UGH!
Arsen Jan Babayan Let's not be discouraged by every lil thing! He had no chances of winning anyway.
Анастасия Храмова My grandmother died as well from cancer. I can compare. I am so sorry for your loss. My deepest condlences. To you and your family.
Toby MacDonald Heartbreaking. This man is a wonderful man! Please help America now!
Kathryn Baker I regret him not being president, too. Last year woulda been his year, coz he'd-a been running against a guy who makes his occasional gaffes seem quaint.
Nef Hendricks He did the right at the time. Blessings to him. I still hope he decides to run 🇺🇸
Matthew Johnson He would have lost worse than Hillary. No one wanted more Obama.
Carl Nielsen Ever the bridesmaid. Ol' Joe looking for validation methinks
Cindy Opperman Not me, Obama would have been pulling your strings like a puppet.
Maoulida Hamidou I know for sure joe would defeat Trump, he would have won over Trump
Mar Bell Loosing a love one is the most terrible thing when you loose them forever.
Simone Coccia Colaiuta My best friend in the world with Donald J. Trump
Shirley Keele Touchy, feely, Biden you are not President material,no one could beat President Trump.
Thomas Cavagnaro Always liked Joe because he told it like it was. No bulls**t, just the truth.
Tim Rogers Biden is a delusional fruitcake who needs to worry about not groping children.
Kelly Frech Experience, Well liked, and when a man stands up to another man, we respect him. When a woman stands up to a man, we call her a B*. and dig up dirt.
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We’re at the White House watching press secretary Sean Spicer’s press briefing, which began with Attorney General Jeff Sessions making a surprise announcement about sanctuary cities.

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Another month, another controversial North Carolina billboard.

Stephanie Volkov I'd say I'm a pretty big feminist. I'm also a huge advocate for domestic abuse survivors. i dont find this offensive. its very obviously just a silly tongue in cheek ploy.
Louise Feldman I don't think there is any doubt they mean diamonds/gems and Kenneth can throw those at me any time ;-) Why is CNN even trying to make this an issue? It's a play on words with pictures, in case you don't understand words. Sigh.
Teresa Gullatt Where's the controversy? My husband can throw these kind of rocks at me any time! And if he can hurl a diamond big enough to cause me bodily harm, I'm here for it!
Renée Lynn Why does everyone get so offended by EVERYTHING nowadays?!?!?!? I see nothing wrong with this. It's funny, it's a joke, it's a play on words! Don Golde if you want to throw those kinds of rocks at me I'm totally fine with that 😁
Craig Oneil its a joke not a dick dont take it so hard, jesus christ. its a funny billboard, clearly nobody is advocating throwing actual rocks at women...
Richard Castelamare -_- for those who don't believe the media is trying to get the population offended by everything here is exhibit "Z"... and no, I'm not a supporter of the orange buffoon but this is freaking ridiculous.
Sharron Fromius run for your lives we are being over taken by marshmallows! Everything said, or done by someone does not dent your emotions. It is just a way to get attention. Get over your self and act like a mature adult.
Hillary Baker-Hogan Not offensive at all. Just the use of a metaphor. The graphics explain exactly what was being said. Nothing to be outraged about (Coming from female advocate on steroids)
Kristin Rouze Oh my gosh, really? Clearly it means, it's only "ok" to throw rocks at girls when it's of the precious rock variety. Otherwise it's implying that it's not know...if it was just a regular rock. You can throw precious gemstones at me all day long! #notoffensive
Roger Ch I can see this would be offensive in a country where stoning is a form of punishment, but I consider this as somewhat funny since it is in the US. If you don't like the ad, don't go to Spicer Greene then. Some people are just trying to find ways to be outraged.
Jeff Mclain Really! My wife would let me throw these rocks at her all day long. So who is the snowflake that got butt hurt over this. Must have been someone that got a participation trophy when they were younger!
Gregg Riffel In a world where actual rocks are thrown at actual women for them being "promiscuous" or wanting rights we take for granted etc, we here in the land of first world problems are offended by a joke on a billboard...
Shannon Landreth Mahle People really need to get a grip on being offended by everything. This is yet another example of a growing generation of whining babies who feel free to say anything they want until they take offense to something someone else says.
Bill Piazzetta I can see how this can be offensive, even though it's a joke it makes light of a serious problem in some places. That being said, if they changed the wording a bit it might not have been such a problem, like: "The only time it's ok to throw rocks at girls..." . I dunno.
Teri Donahoe How utterly ridiculous that people would be offended at this... Anyone with even half a brain would know what this is about... I am a survivor of domestic violence... Thank goodness I didn't lose my ability to laugh
Sharon A. Knieper Actually, the idea of jewelry being "thrown" at girls is not all that indicative of mutual respect or admiration either. I am not going to protest but it is a sentiment that leaves me unimpressed.
Faith Rodriguez Awww i think its cute. Why does everyone leap to feminism and butt hurt over something so innocent. Stop finding problems where there isnt any.
Jason L Wing This is a joke right? I mean, the people who are offended by this AND CNN for running with this?! This is one of those "fake news" things right??? This can't be a real article with real concerns about a jewelry advertisement?!?!??!?! The free advertisement right now is BONUS!!
Irene Carrillo I will never find offensive if my husband trows these rocks at me.... at any given day. He only trows these rocks at me in special occasions like anniversaries, special birthdays, my kids birthdays, etc... LOL
Jose Sanchez Wow just wow! We have those here where I live and I don't think they are offensive at all. I'm sure a lady would like to have beautiful stones given to them as a present. Oh well, some people are just too much
Jamey C Perkins Wtf? Are we really to a point that someone wants to find offense at this? If so, people need to grow the hell up. Start being adults, instead of whining little babies.
Rebecca S Davidge Well in a world where women are stoned to death it can be pretty offensive. Vaccines are wonderful but let's see how many family members of addicts would be offended if a billboard said "it's ok to stick needles in your arms sometimes" Don't worry I'm not easily offended, but I can see how this billboard may be offensive to some people. No marshmallows, just people more understanding of human inequality
Matthew Johnson As long as it's not a conflict zone diamond, and throwing it at her in no way symbolizes patriarchy, it should be okay. Probably better off buying a vintage diamond ring, encased in a reclaimed wood box, given with a note that says you respect her as a strong woman, just to be safe.
Jeremy Swanson Actually, CNN, the billboard reads *Sometimes* it's ok to throw rocks at girls. You'd think for a network that has been caught in outright lies on multiple occasions, CNN would be extra careful to be accurate in their headlines. I guess not.
William Alan Vantwistern This planet has about 8 billion humans on it. Each equipped with their own thoughts and opinions...making it absolutely impossible not to offend one of them. And to try and legislate that, makes no sense whatsoever.
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JUST IN: Mother of London attacker says she is "deeply shocked, saddened and numbed" by her son's actions

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Muslim women linked arms along Westminster Bridge in remembrance of the victims of last week's London terror attack: