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The approximately 110-mile-wide strait, which separates the People's Republic of China and Taiwan, is seen as a potential geopolitical flashpoint should Beijing ever seek to take the island of Taiwan by force.

Here's a tip... If you come on here trashing CNN and saying FAKE NEWS... Just remember that by being on here you are actually helping CNN! So... Thanks for playing
Uh oh...U.S. sticking their noses in other peoples business again...some things never change. 🇨🇦
Thank you Obama the great, American people love and appreciate the great 8 years. We real miss you 😍😍😍😍
Breaking News: several sources (anonymous sources )have reported that CNN is running out of news shortly after Mueller investigation confirmed that trump had no collusion with Russia. Lol Is this true ??
No collusion, right wing anti immigration party won in Denmark.Best day ever
CNN, NBC ABC CBS and any I might have missed dirt diggers as I call them will find other issues to sell to those that want for advertisement
Breaking news trumps supporters don't understand what not exonerated means .
Breaking: Kathy Griffin reportedly deranged and threatening people in a San Bernadino shopping mall. More to come
Let the Ch---s try it. We all know cnn wants war
Thank you USA for your support! That’s how Taiwan can afford universal health care here, while you can’t .
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Don Lemon is currently punching the air.
Reminds me of that chow yun fat movie where he went to Taiwan to gamble for a billion dollars on one hand of cards . Actually it doesnt remind me.of that movie but that's all I know about Taiwan
This is pure aggression.
What happened to Mueller time?? I thought thought there was an impeachment coming, like the right said multiple times while Obama was president???
As long as nothing major happens it's ok to the American people, otherwise its f--- Taiwan.
Now US government officials travel in ships for trade talk Asia and not in boeing. The scare is real.
No cnn and these news outlets that make these false claims and false reports with end up having a civil war on there door steps....
What's the topic again? Is it China or Mueller.
Sure don't look like the Taiwan strait to me. After quite a few trips through here, I have never seen the water this smooth.
Russia got the best of Muller 😂
Cgi at its finest
Who will throw first missile
China will😑😂
China will😑😂
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The Xi-Lambda chapter of the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity at UGA is currently suspended and "there is an investigation underway regarding the students involved in the video," UGA's Student Government Association said in a statement

Dear God...CNN is there anything you "report" thats positive and uniting ?
So, this is what you CNN frauds will Be reporting now that the Mueller report turned out to be total BS?
Future supreme court justices, senators and CEOs 😏
Maybe they can grow up someday and be the Democratic Governor of Virginia ? Sounds like they have the perfect qualifications based on the current occupant of the position
Make an example out of these students. This mindset has no place in a civilized society.
Over reacting yet again.
January 2019- Court allows The Real Investigations to Begin now.
Let me guess... Trump Snowflake Supporters?? 🤔🗣☃️
They were probably just really excited that Mueller's report didn't indict Trump. Just take away their MAGA hats and they'll settle down.
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Another frat bites the dust.
Who cares
What are y'all raising?
That’s great And how will this help defeat Trump in 2020?
It's always around the spring time that crap like this emerges.
Was Margaret Mitchell in that fraternity? 0
I'm sure they do it a lot in private. Glad they got caught.
Xi Lambda: The fraternity for morbidly obese boys.
Of course it's TKE lmao
Political correctness running amok again!
It was republicans that freed slaves never forget
Good grief..non of this sheisse happens when they dress in native and mock trail of tears...i guess looting..burning down cities in mobs get white people to censor other white people from black racism...every other race can suck it when they get mocked baffles me why african americans could vote for the true racist party
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Pilots from the three American carriers that fly Boeing 737 MAX planes have tested software changes to a key stabilization system that is believed to have played a role in two recent plane crashes.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I am not flying a plane that has such a flawed design that it needed the MCAS system in the first place. Nuh-uh, no way. This model needs to be scrapped completely. No cutting corners next time.
Yeah, cool, lemme know how that goes. I'll avoid the MAX planes for the next 5 years or so, but if anyone else wants to be a test subject, be my guest.
Fixing a hardware deficiency with a software update. Bad idea.
So...what is back-up plan? Have they trained pilots to fly a plane manually just in case?
Why is CNN ignoring Bernie Sanders rallys CA, that are drawing yuge crowds?
Yeah not flying on one of those don’t care if they add an “update” to fix this software bug
I wont ever fly on 1 of those planes. Boeing lost my trust.
JetBlue just gained tons of customers from Southwest & United. If u know what I mean lol. #AirbusA320 vs #737Max
Make sure the software engineers and the Boeing CEO are present aboard the test flight.
So, they admit that was a problem with the plane....
Soooo the difference is, a good portion of our pilots are previous veterans. And know how to fly without assistance. Other countries that is not the case. We are flying safe with our veterans. Thank you.
is that the software change that was an "extra" before?
"Testing software changes?" Seriously? Why are they not testing new back-up systems when this one fails?
What about more adequate training for all the pilots worldwide?
I think Mr. Mueller developed a warring culture in President Donald Trump's government. 😁
I’m hosting a 737 max, Malaysian Airline and Space Shuttle Challenger themed party but I’m not inviting anyone. Only crashers.
I don't think is good idea to treat an airplane same as an phone Phones can be updated with software but airplanes needs to be fully replaced because they carry multiple lives
I fly on planes all the time. This company is a joke with safety
But I thought that there were no issues at all. So why upgrade the software? The issue was, according to Boeing, the safery feature was an add on with extra cost which the airlines did not want. Someone is not being honest here.
Though i dont have money to fly a plane but i will never fly max 737 planes for free
Ya until this happens again...🤬🤬🤬
Air Canada has grounded them until July 1st. Maybe longer.
A one week quick software test.
About 300 people are now dead and it looks more and more at the fault Boeing.... More airlines need to cancel of the 727 MAX
Good idea! We need safety. First test should include Boeing personnel and Rerun Rally dude 🤡
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Van Jones on the reaction to the Mueller findings: “There’s an honest level of sadness and disappointment and disorientation among progressives and Democrats, and I think it goes deeper than just what’s in the report.”

Trump just got re-elected today 😂
To all you Trump supporters, just remember this he still is a crook and liar.... you may have won this round... but we will win in 2020... There are more of us than there are of you.... Republicans are still disgusting and we will remember all the harm your party has done at the voting box.
I can't wait to vote for President Trump again! 🇺🇸
LOL! Van Jones who was caught on tape months ago saying this whole thing was a “nothing burger”.
Trump has a new fixer who gave us a whitewashed summary. If his corrupt administration and cult following truly believe it exonerated him then they should have no issue with #ReleaseTheFullReport
I don’t believe the attorney general at all.
"It’s a very, very bad day for CNN. I have to tell you, they should be hanging their head in shame when you think about how many people went out on a limb and predicted there would be indictments for obstruction. There would be indictments for collusion. There would be indictments for this and for that. They made it seem like it was an open-and-shut case. And they misinformed the American public," said Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz.
Since he's totally not guilty let's see the report. Trump is so dirty. We all know it. Some of us care and others don't.
It's funny that they are so many idiots gloating over a statement by an attorney general that was specifically hired by Trump to say there is no collusion when nobody has even seen the report LOL he did say that the president is not exonerated and that there actually is evidence supporting collusion except of course this attorney general hired by Trump said it is insufficient LOL. Now he just has about 30 criminal investigations going through the courts to get by😆😅
Haven't you talked about this long enough for the last 3 hours get on with the regular programming
We the voters are the final jury and focused on delivering justice next year. I was actually sadder the day he was elected.
Saw this posted earlier. "According to a new report from the New York Times Mueller has farmed out federal indictments to 1) the SDNY, in Manhattan, 2) the EDNY, in Brooklyn, 3) the EDVA in Virginia, 4) the U.S. Attorney’s office in Los Angeles, 5) the U.S. Attorney’s office in Washington DC, 6) the DOJ National Security Division, and 7) the DOJ Criminal Division. So is the take away from all this? Those who are familiar with Mueller’s investigation understand that “no more indictments from Mueller” doesn’t mean “no more indictments.” It means every single one of Mueller’s existing indictments resides in a “presidential pardon proof” prosecutorial district. Recall how Mueller handed off the Cohen case to the U.S. Attorneys’ office for the SDNY, who sent Cohen to prison. As his own investigation ends, it becomes clear Mueller plans to handle all indictments/prosecutions resulting from his investigation through these seven federal prosecutorial entities. In other words, the people on Team Trump who are celebrating right now are merely suffering from a lack of understanding about the rule of law and how federal and state prosecutions work."
Progressives? We've been telling you to lay off this non-stop coverage for the past two years. And we were attacked as "Russian trolls" for it. Meanwhile, CNN and MSNBC have completely ignored that we've actually been amping UP tensions with Russia. Both CNN and MSNBC have been complicit in this obsessive coverage, and its degraded both our national discourse and trust in the news. There's only one Democratic Presidential candidate that warned about the short-sightedness and recklessness of this coverage--Tulsi Gabbard.
Still waiting to read the actual report. Please explain how Barr read two years worth of investigations in less than 48 hrs. Osmosis? His statement was planned before he ever got it. there is no way he could have read that much material with anything like objectivity that quickly. If the report isn't made public in its entirety the conclusions will always be suspect. Its not like 45 is actually honest and he hires so many "good people" who lie for him every day.
Omg what a mess our great USA is in... when he was voted in 🤮 the worst ever .... lies lies cheats deceiving liar ...
CNN you do nothing but lie to the American people come 20/20 the Republican party will stand up and vote you evil coming it's losers out of office CNN sucks Fox rules Republicans rule
There not excepting it at all. That's horseshit, and he knows it ! And the two ladies, well we all know where he learned that from. "I did not have sexual relations with that woman." yeah ok
Don lemon must be dating cooper!!
Nothing burger van? Hahaha we all know this from the get go... we voted for the guy.....
These asshats actually wanted the POTUS to be a Russian agent. Let that sink in for a moment.
This is so funny.. i love this episode of America
Gotta love wasting all that money just to find nothing. Again. Maybe we should just waste even more money and then maybe they will find something.
Making Liberals cry again!
Well if Trump did collude with Russia, it just proves that Trump got elected twice without the vote of the American people....and this country is the biggest laughing stock in the history of the world.
Will this nightmare with that Lunatic EVER be over?
CNN posted an episode of CNN Replay.2 hours ago

Don Lemon: "Make no mistake. This is a good thing that Mueller found no collusion with Russia by Trump or his campaign. ... But the fact remains, Russians did interfere in our election." #DonsTake

Why are we drawing conclusions from a 4 page biased report written by a guy who signed an oath of loyalty with Trump. Are we dumb enough that we don't see through Trump's/Barr's spin tactics?
"It’s a very, very bad day for CNN. I have to tell you, they should be hanging their head in shame when you think about how many people went out on a limb and predicted there would be indictments for obstruction. There would be indictments for collusion. There would be indictments for this and for that. They made it seem like it was an open-and-shut case. And they misinformed the American public," said Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz.
Don lemon blinded by all that democratic dick he has in his face 😆
Give it up CNN you're really reaching at this point
CNN did more to damage our election than Russia could have ever dreamed. They played all of you.
He never said he found no collusion. He didn’t find enough evidence to prosecute. Not the same thing.
I hate Trump and I think he’s a horrible person to be president. That being said I think it’s time to let this one go and CNN needs to focus more on news and the future elections. Move on. Get over the Russia thing and work to get a real president elected please!! The world is watching and hoping. 🙏
The mob is always working to hide their tracks. Trump committed so much crime even he was surprised of the report, he just knew he was going to a holding cell. Trump is guilty. The report just means he covered his tracks well as the mob usually does. He was not exonerated because Mueller was pressured to wrap it up but wanted to leave the door open to Congress and SDNY to get him. A Republican is not going to do his fellow in but will leave the door open for someone else! Thank you Mueller you left the door open just enough to do what you couldn't do! Turd tRump will answer one day for his lies. Also them not finding enough evidence does not excuse him from all the filth and nastiness and divisiveness he has caused. AMERICA will never be the same after this. 45 has set AMERICA back 60 years. All those who voted for this vile creature should be ashamed and should deal with their own embred hatred towards others! He's still unqualified!
CNN, you can’t be serious... all the anonymous sources and wild accusations you reported... you owe the American people and the president an apology...
If there was no collusion WHY did Russia want Trump to be our President? And Why is Trump doing absolutely everything that Putin wants? Trump is already trying to destroy our economy and the auto industry.
Don Lemon having a hard time thinking of content for his next shows. Will invent another "race" issue. Covington, Jussie, now this. It's been a bad Q1 for CNN.
Time will tell, might be cheering now, tears will come and not whom the bell tolls!!!!
I tried reading the comments, but my brain just can't handle this much stupidity. 🙄
Trump has always been slime and remains slime, and if you don't realize that, maybe you should enroll in Trump University. Oh, wait a minute, it closed down because it was one of his scams.
Trump is guilty cause if he wasn’t he should have taken a lie detector test or talked to Mueller without his lawyers sending a piece of paper with answers to questions......
funny stuff don. We also interfere in other countries elections. What the Russians did didn’t change the outcome. Clinton was the spawn of Satan.
If collusion occurred and Mueller couldn’t connect the dots, that’s not good news. Maybe The House can dig a little further into the financial connections. #FollowTheMoney
Let the 3 am tweeting commence. It doesn’t say no collusion, it just says not enough evidence (meaning some evidence) to prosecute and leaving the door open for prosecution. There is a lot more in that report and the investigation continues
I wish I could post a gif of the kid throwing a temper tantrum but it won’t let me.
Don, talk to me now about Barack Obama’ s support for Emmanuel Macron in France, and his despise for Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel...
"The fact remains"....when no facts/evidence has been found. Where do you Americans get these people?
Trump is the 'disgrace of the world'. An Abominable Creature.; A HARD MEN wolf in sheep's clothing. Proverbs 29: when an evil man is ruler, grief comes on the people.
Don the Lemon putting on a brave face while eating crow. The Clinton News Network surely has on site counselors available to their ‘journalists’ this week and coloring books and kool-aid in their safe spaces🤣🤣🤣
Even with no collusion, little donnie is and will always be a vile, despicable, disgustingly ignorant individual. Nothing has changed that.