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"All joking aside, Stephen Colbert could be a formidable candidate," writes Dean Obeidallah for CNN Opinion.

Marc Degnan The man is a genius, and not just in a comedic sense. He has brains, understanding of the issues, personality, a following and (something that the current wanna-be dictator has none of).... integrity. I'd vote for him in a second
Preston Mote No. Unless liberals want to lose again. Find someone who is willing to talk about class issues and then maybe the dems have a chance.
Richard Keyes Is this fake or real news 📰 cnn has lost all credibility here in Eire.. ✌
Keith Gourley Please run so the democrats and liberals can lose again.
Justin Tippie No. I like him, but I don't want him holding that office. It's a bad idea and a worse joke.
Geo Lopez Anything is possible . I mean, look at who is our president now 😒 all you need is money to run for president
Brandon Gamu President Stephen's better than the RUBBISH America put in office
Erin Everest If this is the quality democrats are going for, they're done for.
Tom Traviston The current one is a Joke, Colbert would at least be funny!
Manuel A Paris-Botega Colbert, like many celebrities, would be superior to Trump. Trump is an idiot. A Joke. A mockery of the US. Arnold Schwarzenneger, Ronald Regan, Al Franken, were celebrities too. Yet, they were better politicians who took it seriously enough to at least learn basic fundamental stuff like how the Constitution and checks and balances works. Trump is unfit, and unqualified. You can get qualified, but you can't fix emotional pettiness, mental illness, and unprecedented narcissism that makes an idiot believe he's more capable of doing things than he is and isn't smart enough to delegate to people who are better than him bc he's incapable of that concept entirely and lives in a delusion where he's the kind and ppl who don't agree are mean.
Lee Walker
Dave Githu His speeches would really be monologues and that would be cool, lol.
Wyatt McGuiness Trump 2020 all the way 🇺🇸
Okpa Sunday President of CNN right?????
Pete Shea He makes too much sense bad candidate
Chinonso Ugoagha Ban CNN. Crooked channel
Kenneth Mcdaniel No CNN, just no.
Janelle Dixon better then what we have now
Frank Gallagher No !
Wyatt McGuiness
Ahmed Adam I'm not counting anyone out if Trump won anyone can
Cedric Jones Jr. I'd vote for him, regardless of which party he is
Han Sheng Chueh Colbert Report was a better news program than Fox News.
Gary Aceti Lmao here...yeah like his sister was..
Nina Samoel Oshana He is nobody . :)
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At least 66 Philippines soldiers have died and hundreds have been wounded since the conflict began -- the highest military death toll in recent Philippines history.

Günter Wahl There might be migration of fighters too since the war in Bosnia when Saudi Arabs joined, then Chechnya when they lost against Russia once only for the self government of their own province they became Legionaires but also who are the influential islamics oligarchs beneath Malaysia, Indonesia who will hire the hands for a non productive republic, Duterte wanted so see the winner in Russia but not correspondent to american international law,
Stephen Patrick "After leaving Corregidor, MacArthur and his family traveled by boat 560 miles to the Philippine island of Mindanao, braving mines, rough seas, and the Japanese Navy. At the end of the hair-raising 35-hour journey, MacArthur told the boat commander, John D. Bulkeley, “You’ve taken me out of the jaws of death, and I won’t forget it.” On March 17, the general and his family boarded a B-17 Flying Fortress for Northern Australia. He then took another aircraft and a long train ride down to Melbourne. During this journey, he was informed that there were far fewer Allied troops in Australia than he had hoped. Relief of his forces trapped in the Philippines would not be forthcoming. Deeply disappointed, he issued a statement to the press in which he promised his men and the people of the Philippines, “I shall return.” The promise would become his mantra during the next two and a half years, and he would repeat it often in public appearances". Along with the great men of our past I would like to say. We owe the Philippine people the same compassion that was once shown for this land and its people! We should not and can not forget the past ! If it were not for the Philippines America might not be the land it is today. We owe a debt to the Philippine people! I want to say I am sorry and I hope and pray for you with a heavy heavy heart ! ✊🏻
Ayse Ordu What a joke. Suddenly isis is all over the place. We only started to hear from them3 - 4 years ago. Under the cover isis muslims get surpressed, killed throughout the globe.
Lowell Salvallon Ang yabang kasi ng pangulo yan tuloy may pakain kain pa ng liver ngayon cge kainin mo yung liver ng ilang namatay na ISIS sa marawi tingnan natin kung di ka maloka😂😂 panghahamon kaya yan kala mo ISIS madali lang kalaban?mag isa kang lumaban wag mo kaming isama lahat na FiLipinos kasi ikaw lang may gusto nyan,che! #pagAsangNakamamatay #ChangeScamming
Aaron Wilkinson Dear Snow flakes, 1. You said nothing when Obama used drone strikes to execute people abroad. 2. You said nothing about Russia for 50 years until Trump was inaugurated. 3. You said nothing about Hillary’s campaign manager’s brother being paid $175,000 to lift U.S. sanctions on Russia. 4. You said nothing when Obama engaged in military interventionism in Libya without Congressional approval. 5. You said nothing Obama greatly expanded presidential power through the use of Executive Orders. 6. You said nothing when Obama filled his White House with lobbyists after he said he wouldn’t. 7. You said nothing when Obama gave 47 of his fundraisers Administration jobs. 8. You said nothing about the murders and rapes at the hands of illegal immigrants. 9. You said nothing when Hillary’s net worth rose over $100 million as Secretary of State, in part, because her husband took money from foreign governments. 10. You said nothing after Obama’s net worth rose over $10 million as President. 11. You said nothing when Obama’s Justice Dept. wiretapped/surveilled reporters such as James Rosen and the AP. 12. You said nothing when Obama restricted immigration 6 times with Executive Orders. 13. You said nothing when Obama set a record for deportations. 14. You said nothing when Bill Clinton met Loretta Lynch on the airport tarmac during the Clinton investigation. 15. You said nothing when Hillary was fed debate questions. 16. You said nothing when Obama and Hillary lied about a video and Benghazi. 17. You said nothing when Obama’s IRS abused the rights of taxpayers. 18. You said nothing when Obama’s White House held meetings with lobbyists in coffee shops near White House to avoid disclosure requirements. 19. You said nothing when Eric Holder sold the guns you hate to criminals and some were used to kill Americans. 20. You said nothing when the Clinton’s took White House property. 21. You said nothing when Hillary laughed off defending a child-rapist. 22. You said nothing when Hillary lied about her private use of a private email server as Secretary of State. 23. You said nothing when Janet Reno, under Bill Clinton, used a tank to kill the Branch Dividians. 24. You said nothing when, on May 13, 1985, a bomb was dropped on a row house in Philadelphia to uproot the black liberation group known as Move, resulting in a fire that eventually burned down 61 houses, killed 11 people (including five children) and injured dozens. 25. You said nothing was Elian Gonzales was forcibly deported using guns. 26. You said nothing when George Soros paid protesters to burn parts of Ferguson. 27. You said nothing about states’ rights until Trump's Executive orders on immigration. 28. You said nothing about Obama’s smoking. 29. You said nothing about the record numbers of people on government assistance. 30. You said nothing about the number of part time and low paying jobs under the Obama recovery. 31. You said nothing when Obama had SWAT teams raid a Gibson guitar factory and seize property, on the purported basis that Gibson had broken India’s environmental laws—but no charges were filed. 32. You said nothing when Obama claimed that the Fort Hood shooting was “workplace violence” rather than terrorism. 33. You said nothing about when Obama ended some terror asylum restrictions, by allowing asylum for people who provided only “insignificant” or “limited” material support of terrorists. 34. You said nothing when the national debt doubled under Obama. 35. You said nothing when 9 times the Supreme Court unanimously overturned Obama’s expansive use of Executive Power. 36. You said nothing when Obama dismissed charges filed by Bush Administration against New Black Panther Party members who were videotaped intimidating voters at a Philadelphia polling station during the 2008 election. 37. You said nothing when Obama released Guantanamo detainees were released and went back to kill Americans. 38. You said nothing when Obama unilaterally changed Congressional law by Executive Order. 39. You said nothing when Obama fired an inspector general after investigating an $850,000 AmeriCorps grant received by a nonprofit run by former NBA star and Obama supporter Kevin Johnson. 40. You said nothing about the 36 Obama’s executive office staffers that owed $833,970 in back taxes 41. You said nothing when Obama Killed four Americans overseas in counter-terrorism operations without a judicial process. So if you are voicing your objections about three months of Trump, I’m sorry... we can't hear you because you said NOTHING before!!!
Joy Jones In Nigeria more than 15000 soldiers have died in the battle with Boko Haram. They are in alliance with the ISIS. This terrorists don't think they are killing people's loved ones.
Cris Bengtsson YES there's a war going on in Mindanao (Marawi City) but life continues everywhere else in Philippines. We are sad and in deep sympathy for our brothers and sisters pressed in between the conflict but we will never be shaken. This war has been there for years. It's a headline now because of Islamic States' influence.
Sammy Reyes CNN how much did you received for putting such a headline..BLOODIED and BROKEN??? our soldiers are fighting gallantry and is now in clearing operation.
Jamique Williams You're worried about I.S.I.S? You need to worry about that psycho Duterte. He just has people murdering people who may or may not be drug addicts.
Lemuel Lozano CNN i hate how you make headlines. You always make it very gloomy and make our country looks bad.
Christopher Tabako CNN is fake news, CNN's viewers are sheep, and CNN is the enemy of the free people.
Phurpa Thongso It is a negative news CNN. Giving news for someone's benefit!?
ಕುಮಾರ್ ಪ್ರಶಾಂತ್ The breeding ground of all terrorism is Pakistan.We need to werken the root instead of leaves.
Joel Villegas Toling Jr. Are you incapable of reporting the deaths of 200+ ISIS/Maute dumbasses in Marawi?
Tom Estreito Hell i got a couple of people ill donate. Pay some bills and get a new car.
James Paolo Garcia Bloodied but not broken. You underestimate the resilience of the Filipino people.
Carl Isaac Chua If this continues A third nuclear Bomb will be dropped in one of these days, goodluck living in a parking lot extremists
Kayondo Aloysius Collins Much support for Duterte not only against ISIS bt also drug traffickers. Ask the Colombian govt abt Pablo Escobar.
Samuel Johnson This terrorist group are serving as a threat to the world.proper measures should be taken or may lead to the world war IV
Zack Baron they should ask for help to quickly demolish the group there
Agbo Sunday Durtete causes it
Lou Sdunek Broken HELL! Get them and kill them!
Lei R. Barcarse Bloodied, yes, but never broken.
Rod Tayong negative headline to favor the enemy of the state.
Charles Donaldson Wrap them in pig skins.
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Rescue efforts have been called off after authorities warned of the risk of more land collapsing.

Adegoke Adedeji Some people are dead, scores are missing while thousands are rendered homeless and here is someone complaining about a dog festival? Sad. Which is more important, dogs or human lives?
Rudolph Goliath Facebook is celebrating Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone's 20th anniversary. Apparently the words Harry Potter, Slytherin, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff change colors AND if you touch the house names and Harry Potter, magic happens.
Jae D Elkins Watch down stream housing of water burst use motion ion satcom to locate targets.
Jae D Elkins Drop drill and blast the entire thing two provisions full tank two lifts I shh addhd
Jae D Elkins Blast the rock till safe then search till shh abbazabba the more it will the more it done. No more mountain new wall mounts jk.
Joseph Byrnside All Thoughts & Prayers Are Extended to the People's Republic of China & to the Victims' Families.
Lee Walker
Emeka Ezeh RIP, a very sad one.
Janette Warren Please please please please please please please please please please please DO A BIG STORY ON THE YULIN, CHINA DOGMEAT TORTURE FESTIVAL GOING ON RIGHT NOW AND ALL OF JULY IS BOKNAL SEOUL S KOREA DOGMEAT FESTIVAL. They Boil Alive, Torch Alive, Skin Alive, Cut the Paws off alive for a quick order of "Paw Soup" ... these festivals create a frenzy of 90% STOLEN DOGS AND CATS right from people's homes and even from their back yards ... THESE ARE BELOVED PETS ... that find themselves in HELL ... PLEASE HELP THEM BY THIS EXPOSURE!!!! An Oscar Shortlisted filmmaker will be at the BOKNAL Dogmeat Festival in S Korea filming for first segment of a 501c nonprofit documentary. WE NEED $ HELP!!! Lynn Rosa
James H Andrews R.I.P to all those people ,
Jae D Elkins The shh have paid of it could be worse to do out from me
Jae D Elkins Drill tap rough time to pipeline river.
Victor Ugochukwu Ekpo Oh...
Jae D Elkins Take ten copters
Jude Andrade youre invading other territory now land is claiming you
Kumud Shah So wong.
Samuel Johnson following up with u in prayer.may the died rip.
Molyf Goez On God be with them . Amen
Don Donald Ngono ooooh my God !its so side !
Nonoe Tahara ???
Jerry Liu Yuxing
NOTIONBUG Natural population control...
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The nationwide class action covers more than 1,400 Iraqis facing removal orders.

Baraka Lako That's just amazing! you've invaded Iraq over a lie! causing the destruction and deaths of over 3 million souls and the list still ranking till this day, you've ruin a country's infrastructures. all was sponsored by the poor American hard working citizens money! via "taxes" and now you want to deport these poor iraqis back just when they though they now safe in America! "wow" this is just amazing. #So shameful.
Quinn Martin With high probability there will be current/future terrorists among these folks, with much higher probability there will be many, hundreds even, people that the Iraqi government will hang. A no brainer, even for federal bureaucrats. Thank you ACLU!
Henry RA They had a stable government until POTUS decided to save them. Now, they are being robbed of all forms of dignity. Shame on Uncle Sam and its bigotry. this is what you get when you make America your friend. BETRAYAL.
Adam Muhd This is what happens when you vote a nutcase for president. As bloody racist as he is, it is also a big irony to how he likes potraying himself as a good american when he condones shootings,bombings onto middle east. Bloody hypocrites, be prepared to face God's wrath for slaying innocents and kids just for the hope of invading the whole middle east and its oil preservation. 😡
Sam Jacob For all you miss informed people these are Assyrian/Chaldean Christians. That don't have a country. There not Muslims. You can't send people to there death to a country like Iraq Islamic extremist country. Think. Before you talk get your facts right before you judge grow up. what happen when the USA did not let the Jews come over world war 2 they went to France and so on 2 million. We're killed don't let history repeat its self.
Jade Vomacka What about Pelosi being removed? Is there a point at which family members step in and let her know that she's not fit to serve? Everyone ends up having to have, "the talk" with their parent or grandparent. Pelosi children-The time has come, multiple times. She gets fewer questions right than a person being quizzed after a concussion. Trump is the president dear, stop getting so angry at Bush. Be a Grandma Nancy, that's fun and fulfilling as well.
Mark Rubello why do we have laws? if laws don't matter, does this mean I can slap an ACLU representative in the face, without consequence? this is ridiculous. illegals = breaking laws = they have to go.
Michael Ball Good, throw them out of the club, I don't want my country to be part of this ongoing Muslim cultural invasion.
Derek Hackett They should have been deported years ago by law and have only been delayed due to inaction on the part of immigration contracts. Fair is fair
Miroslav Patrick Henry I stand with them. We're all immigrants!!! This world belongs to us all ...
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Kris Severns Trump is destroying America along with the republican demons!
Paul Tucker LOL...remember when the men in the women's room was the top CNN story?... oh, the good ole days...
Aaron Ernst If they are muslim and are illegal than they should go back to Iraq. America isn't a free ride anymore. 😠😠😠
Jacob Daniel Anderson Mwah. 😘 I love it. You got that faith you talkin about? Keep that Constitution and knowledge.
Lee Walker
Keith Gourley Well if you didn't want to get deported you should of renewed your visas. You had plenty of time to become citizens.
Derek Ángel Meanwhile, Civilization III has at least 12 civilizations with leaders that were White, and one Black leader representing their people.
Adrian Arif Yeah destroy them . Destroy all muslim like brutal in middle east like your country doing created by isis
Miroslav Patrick Henry We're all immigrants.
Brett Berman
Wes Schmatz Incoming melting snowflakes
Jacob Daniel Anderson 🇺🇸 slap it on the package
Tony Tane 👂
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The family is seeking a little more than $2 million in damages, which includes $20,768 in funeral and burial costs.

Jared Stinson Why are all these "family members" just now in the picture.. this dude was homeless... how about you take care of him prior to death or mistaken death..yeah thanks...
Alan Montgomery The story headline when you open it says "family buries man wrongfully ID'd as son" but on the feed it says "buries man wrongfully ID'd as dead". So in the article, a family was mistakenly told a dead man was their son, but on my feed, a family accidentally buried a man alive, which was far more interesting. Utter stupidity and woeful incompetence or brilliant click bait?
Luis Hatchett That's ridiculous! I can see reimbursement for funeral costs, and other expenses associated with this, but two million is Greed! There's absolutely no reason for asking for that much....
Jeslin Well, you were all living in nice homes while your so called son and so called brother was homeless and was feeding of trash and now you want $2 million coz the cononer cared less for a "homeless man" who is a complete stranger to him than his dad/sister did ? The coroner was given a chance to do good to a dead body, he failed. You both were given a chance to do good to a living man and you failed too. Shame on you.
Annie Lynn The amount of money seems a big high but for everyone commenting about not helping him before this... how do you know they weren't or the reasons he ended up homeless? Don't judge with a lot of info not part of the story.
Beck Gene I am now learning how hard it is to care for someone who ia mentally ill. You do the best you can and it will never be enough. Your patience will be tested all the time. All in all love is just too powerful not to give up. You love them unconditionally but it the end, you can't make them do things to better themselves. It has to come from them. Let's not judge his family for letting him be homeless.
Stefan Puffer So let me get this straight. Their son is homeless and now they want to cash in? They even saw the body before it was buried. They don't even know what their own kid looks like, didn't bother to help him off the streets now suddenly want two million for their grief? This is a family as greed as CNN is fake.
Carol Krab Yeah 2 million if case like that. They rather killed your Son secretly. Maybe claim What is reasonable price for your grieft. Half million I think to start one broken life. And Thanks your Son is alive. Did you claim the life insurance of your Son? Then might concidered
Amy Leigh Adams If he was so loved by his family as the article/family claim, how did they; upon seeing the corpse not know it wasn't him? I would know if it were my family member or not because I actually know what they look like...
Colleen Culver-Jaffe I am so sorry for the angst caused by the misidentification. The family should be reimbursed for the funeral expenses. Any monetary award beyond that would be a burden to the public coffer, and would provide no relief to the family. The suit for millions is greed in its purist form.
Eric Small So...coroner couldn't ID a guy that the family members didn't even realize wasn't their kin. If you can't even tell your own son from a random stranger, you probably don't have a leg to stand on here.
PJ Bassey Family indeed ... wished they spent the $20k on their son/brother instead of leaving him homeless to eventually 'die'. We are such a pretentious specie. Why spend so much for funerals?
Keirn Thomas This is America at its finest. 2 million dollars for what? You buried someone who wasn't the right person to begin with. What does that say about you, the family? How can you bury a brother/son who isn't your own? Greed is never a good thing. The most y'all rightfully deserve is what you spent on the funeral. Trying to act like y'all care now. Y'all didn't care enough to recognise the man you were burying wasn't your relative. Utter disgrace!
Joan Walker They should have given him a home in the first place. This story pisses me off because of the homeless man's family. What are they suing for? Money for their suffering? Crap!
Jay Vineyard So I keep seeing the term "wrongfully" but do you mean "erroneously"? Or maybe even "incorrectly"? As I read this article I can't help but to notice how out of place this sounds.
Nick Guerrero 😒 so they cared about him so much that they let him be homeless. Now that he's dead and there was a "human error" they want to cash in. Riiiiiight, hopefully the judge can see through their BS and toss the case.
John F. Wozniak They should get triple damages for sure. I hate the adversarial justice system because they practically have to seek seven digits to expect just that.
Jenny Lynn So they want to profit off the guy because he isn't really dead. Ridiculous. Accept fair reimbursement for the funeral costs, and embrace and love the man who is now proven alive as much as u pretend to love him at his misdiagnosed death.
Jen Seung $2 million is greed. His family is going to pocket it. Like everyone said, they should just be reimbursed the $ the spent & a little more for grieving. I also think they need to reimbursed those families & friends who spent $ for airline tickets! & gas $ for that person who drove.
Sarah Lynn So wait his body was idenfied by an old drivers licenses photo and fingerprints? Why wouldn't you get a DNA test to confirm he is your son?(The family said they saw the body days before his funeral, and he was tough to recognize, the station reported.) Also with this statement "A bag they received wasn't the black attache case her brother carried. And authorities could not locate his belongings, which included a cherished watch and pin, she said." Wouldn't you investigate deeper of this wasn't adding up? I mean his body wouldn't be going anywhere right? A simple DNA test could of saved the family the $20000+ .
Jecamia Abes Paano kumita sa Inviting. Actually Hindi tayo direct na nag-iinvite ina-advertise natin si PPM at pag may nag kainteres o nagkagusto sila mismo magtatanung. Kapag may sumali at nagpa-activate under Ng sponsorship Mo kikita ka Ng 5.00 YES 5.00 kaya ikaw na sasali pa lng for just 5 pesos na makukuha ko sayo magduda ka pa sa akin.? :-) Kapag naman may sumali ulit sayo na isa pa meaning pangalawa na sa sumali another 5.00 Po na dagdag kita plus pasok Po Ito sa pair bunos na 300 pesos YES 300 pesos Ang pair bunos . Kapag Ang dalawa na napasali Mo ay mkapasali Ng tag-iisa at nag activate another 5 pesos ulit kikitain Mo sila din ay may 5 pesos . Kapag naging pares na Ang sumali sa dalawa na sumali sayo another 5.00 at makakakuha sila Ng pair bunos na 300 din at kikita ka ulit Ng 300 pesos YES 300 pesos kapag nagka pares pareho left & right Mo
Sherri Buntenbach Ok I understand wanting to be reimbursed for costs if the funeral. That is completely understandable. But 2 million? Maybe get enough for him to have housing and living expenses for 6 months, some psychological help. But not 2 million! The coroner made a mistake, YES! But not 2 million worth.
Deb Christine This story really baffles me. How do you not know what your son looks like? And now you're asking for two million? What are you going to do with that? Get him off the streets? This family sounds like they could give a flying hoot less about that man. It's just sad.
Michael West The Coroner lied about how they identified the deceased. Who knows how many other homeless or mentally ill people that have been misidentified as well.
Jacob Douglas Van Horn The most fascinating part of this story is that the elder Frank is 81 yet looks to be two decades younger.