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"Wow. That's all he wanted."

Mallory Miles I feel bad for Spicer. He's been doing Trump's dirty work ALL this time. The least they could have done for him is let him meet the Pope. Geez...
Ria Sherman Poor Sean. He's every battered woman that realizes too late that he can't go on with the relationship. It's okay Sean, there are safe places you can go. We won't judge you (much). Free yourself. Everyone deserves a second chance.
Carolyn Sheppard These clowns don't care about the American people its all about making their pockets full and to destroy formal President Obama legacy which has already etched in stone. They made a provision to make sure they have pre-existing heath issues. They made sure the American people suffer at their hands . All American people need to vote all these clowns out 11/06/2018. Trump need to be impeached for all the laws he broke. We need an independent investigation into the Russian connections ties collusion and corruption.
Samantha Hartwell Trump said during the campaign that if you voted for Clinton, that you'd be voting for someone under constant Federal Investigation from day one. Turns out Donnie was right, I voted for Clinton and I'm stuck with a TREASONOUS president under Federal Investigation from day one 🙄
Jody Hoskins At first I had serious doubts about Donald J. Trump. I thought he would turn the White House into a mad house. Then in late 2015 something happened. I finally stopped watching CNN and other fake news media, and did my own research. Discovered that a Trump win would be a win for our forgotten veterans, the Second Amendment, the unborn (defund Planned Parenthood!!!), families that are paying crazy money thanks to Obamacare, bakers and florists that are being criticized by the Left for standing up for their beliefs, etc etc. The rest as they say is history. He's turning out to be the best President in modern history. Doing more in 5 months than what his predecessor did in 8 years. #Trump2020 🇺🇸
Greg Pourpasand I feel bad for Spicer. In previous administrations, those requests were regularly accommodated (how often do you have a chance to meet the pope in person?). It's unfortunate that in the presence of such a holy man, Trump's pettiness shines through.
Chad Romaniuk Kelly anne con job conway will now go on cnn to state this picture was taken by the popes microwave and if you zoom in to the left youll find spicy outback hiding in the bushes lol
Rebecca Moreno Well its what happens when u deal with the devil. I had a boss that it ended badly but he went to Rome n brought me back a Catholic Rosary from his trip. That was cool.
Kathy Martin Rutledge I feel bad for Spicey, being Catholic that would have been a great honor for him. Childish Trump was probably trying to punish his for something.
Darijo Blazevic I'm just amazed that Trump shook hands with the pope and didn't spontaneously combust into flames. I sure do hope the pope washed his hands with holy water & disinfectant after touching his little p***y grabbing hands. 🙄
Bobbie Liegus Trump expects people to be loyal to him, but he's loyal to no one but himself...I can't understand why anyone would want to work for him...
Victoria Draper that's sad. Spicer has served him faithfully (geez) and he wasn't included when he was Catholic and 45 isn't. Just flat shameful.
Arjun Reddy CNN breaking news for world peace wow. Great news. That's is truly great journalism. People of US just waiting for this important breaking news wow.
Tony Mucci CNN is nothing more than propaganda for the loser left-wing lunatics. maybe put out one Good story of what President Donald Trump is doing and you won't seem so obvious but then again the liberal sheep believe everything you put out. CNN is pure trash
Travis Richardson They way you reach to fabricate a "news" story is pathetic, CNN
Matthew McDaniel Sounds like a dictator to me, not a president. Personal loyalty over country. Sounds more like Qaddafi than Regan. JS
William Petto Maybe motorized podiums aren't allowed inside the Vatican?
Bill Bradley I feel bad for Spicer! He has gone through hell and the the president didn't reward him!
Gregory Dale Holland Trump and his entire administration are total traitors. #RUSSIAGATE
Kimberly Perry Poor Spicey, worst job in America to try and spin Trump's garbage into intellectual thought
Quentin Wallace He should have replaced Melania with Spicer. It doesn't seem she care to be in trump's presence.
Benjamin Birdsey Trump rejected spicey BECAUSE he wanted something. It is a tool of bad managers, ergo it is trump's "go to" play.
Brett Kirkwood Nice that someone actually focuses on and believes in family,
Grace Roderick Mcconnell Don't feel bad for a person who takes crap for the money it's the root of all evil ,,he made his choices
Georges Tambakopoulos A family of morticians competing with the incompatible...the Adams family! 😂
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Neither the White House nor Vatican will likely ever reveal exactly what President Donald J. Trump and the Pope told each other during their private, 30-minute meeting

Louie Pepe Comments are from paid Trolls bashing CNN or ignorant Republicans believing what they are told. Either way, this is why we have a ignoramus as president.
Donna Charlton Pope Francis has a brilliant mind...but I am not sure if 45 will "get" the meaning behind the gifts he was given.........they were...Pope Francis exchanges gifts with President Donald Trump during a private audience at the Vatican. Trump gave the Pope a first-edition set of books by the Rev. Martin Luther King, recalling the Pope's speech to Congress in 2015 in which he quoted the revered civil rights leader. Francis, in return, gave the President a medal of an olive tree, which the pontiff said symbolizes peace. "We can use peace," Trump said. Francis also gave the President some homework, or summer reading, if you will: Copies of his three major writings as Pope. The first, an apostolic exhortation called "The Joy of the Gospel," may take Trump by surprise. The 50,000-word work, in addition to exhorting the Catholic Church to wake from a spiritual slumber, launches a fierce attack on modern capitalism, blasting the "idolatry of money" and calling trickle-down economics "crude and naive." "The culture of prosperity deadens us," Francis writes in a signature passage. "We are thrilled if the market offers us something new to purchase; and in the meantime all those lives stunted for lack of opportunity seem a mere spectacle; they fail to move us." So, not exactly "The Art of the Deal." The Pope's second written gift to Trump is no easy read, either. In "Laudato Si," Francis calls for a revolution to halt climate change (which the President has called a Chinese hoax) before the Earth devolves into an "immense pile of filth." "What kind of world do we want to leave to those who come after us, to children who are now growing up?" Francis asks. The question is particularly poignant as the United States considers reneging on the Paris Climate Agreement, which 147 countries have already ratified. US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told reporters that his Catholic counterpart, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, raised the subject of climate change on Wednesday, but that Trump hasn't made a final decision about the agreement. In any case, the Pope's encyclical on the environment calls for more than climate accords. He urges people to put down their smart phones, turn off their televisions and cultivate real relationships. "When media and the digital world become omnipresent, their influence can stop people from learning how to live wisely, to think deeply and to love generously," Francis wrote, sounding very much like a foil to the Tweeter in Chief. Finally, Francis gave Trump a copy of "Amoris Laetitia," his book about the challenges facing modern families, and how the church should minister to them. Much of "Amoris" will probably be too inside-Catholic-baseball for Trump, a self-professed Presbyterian. But there are some lyrical passages on family life that read almost like a novel. ("Let us cross the threshold of this tranquil home, with its family sitting around the festive table ...") .......... .....For what it's worth, Trump seemed appreciative of the Pope's literary gifts on Wednesday. ......But oops 45 told a lie in the Vatican........... "Well, I'll be reading them," he told the Francis with a smile. The President says he likes to read, but often gets interrupted by emergency phone calls. Then again, he has a long flight home from Europe on Saturday. Who knows, maybe he'll settle down on Air Force One and crack open his signed copy of "Laudato Si." After all, Trump did tell Francis, as he bade the Pope farewell, "Thank you. I won't forget what you said."
Fabian Tepezano I'm surprised trump didn't burst into flames when he entered the Vatican. It would've been delightful though.
Syed Saad As a Muslim ,I really respect pope francis, he is a tremendous human who love every single human being, either he is Muslim, Christian or Jews , respect him from my side.
Krishna Kulkarni I majority of trump supporters are those ppl who live in their trailers and eat barbecue and believe all the crap on social media without verifying and checking the truth.
Celestine Chidozie I think the private session they had was deemed fit by both leaders. Not everything is matter for press/media parroting especially when CNN has thrown moral rectitude overboard. If CNN tentacles are itching for the news I pray they have the fortitude to bear the itching
Cindy Thomas If it was a GOOD thing, trump will tell everyone how much the Pope loves him and thinks he is doing "GREAT" things....otherwise, he will lie about the conversation and the Pope is too much of a gentleman to correct him as he believes he (trump) will get his in the end.
William Petto The Pope burned him with all those looks, but no way is Dumb Donald going to be able to read that paper on climate change. He couldn't have condensed it to picture book form?
Heath Stinson CNN is #FakeNews #Propaganda #EdwardBernays was an Austrian-American pioneer in the field of public relations and propaganda referred to in his obituary as "the father of public relations". He combined the ideas of Gustave Le Bon and Wilfred Trotter on crowd psychology with the psychoanalytical ideas of his uncle, #SigmundFreud. He felt this manipulation was necessary in society, which he regarded as irrational and dangerous as a result of the "#herdinstinct" that Trotter had described. Adam Curtis's award-winning 2002 documentary for the BBC, The Century of the Self, pinpoints Bernays as the originator of modern public relations, and Bernays was named one of the 100 most influential Americans of the 20th century by Life magazine. Let that sink in.....
Violet Clarke The TURD can't read or has any interest to learn anything. He needs the books on tape and even then he has the attention span of a gnat. Did the pope give him any coloring books or a fidget spinner?
Megan Patricia OBrien Wilton Don't worry Trump will tweet it. He can't keep a secret to save his life. Plus, it will be lies anyway.
Giavonni Smith My neighborhood barber just got arrested for selling drugs... I've been his customer for 6 years. I had no idea he was a barber.
Noah Nordengren They never talk about what they discussed. It's called a private meeting for a reason. I'm Catholic and Pope Francis is a well spoken man. We're glad to have him.
William Toro It'll be a matter of time before trump blabs about either in a tweet, or a conversation with the Russians or other dictator! But it's a matter of time and of course he'll make all about him!
Tony Mucci CNN is nothing more than propaganda for the loser left-wing lunatics. maybe put out one Good story of what President Donald Trump is doing and you won't seem so obvious but then again the liberal sheep believe everything you put out. CNN is pure trash
Christian Bailey First of all you said it was "private" so how would you know the advice? Second, you state it is something that will not be revealed, isn't that called private? You people are really catering to the lowest intellectual denominator.
Vin Sparrow Where's my check then ahole. 22 Children killed and you continue to smear a President who is trying to stop this? Just pray it's never your kids liberals
Renee Ekleberry I hope the Pope told him whatever he told Boehner who RESIGNED as Speaker of the House a few weeks after meeting the Pope and is now OUT of Congress.
Eugene Stark There is deep thought in each of the three documents the Pope gave Trump. That will be foreign to him but he would have so much to gain.
Cab Ciuzio CNN .....AS YOU IDIOTS REPORTED: "In a statement, the Vatican said only that the two men discussed 'the promotion of peace in the world through political negotiation and interreligious dialogue' and homed in on the need to protect Christians in the Middle East." THAT'S GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME.......WHY NOT YOU JACKASSES??? SMH :/
Suzanne Hopkins I'm surprised that Trump survived that meeting , without being reduced to ashes....
David Fendley Lol. No one will know. But, the Pope gave him an assignment? (Suggesting the Pope 'schooled' him). When will CNN return to being a news agency again?
Ron Harbeson Give it a little time.... The twitter 3 AM report hasn't clicked in yet...
Susan Davis CNN, let us know when you will have Hillary Clinton and former CIA Director John. Brennan on to give their comments about Gene Coyle, ex-CIA chief, who had nasty words about them?
Zergio Paredes Y xq se preocupa tanto usted señor "( CNN en Español )" este encuentro es lo mas espesial que se puede dar en estos momentosde incertidumbre en el planeta tierra, yo creo que q es para bien.'
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President Donald J. Trump complimented the president of the Philippines for fighting an illegal drug epidemic - an effort that has drawn international condemnation from human rights groups

Mark Nestorovich CNN can you list the human rights groups that condemn this action so we can context of your hit piece. Hey CNN can you do your own reporting or do you just parrot WAPOST and NYT garbage.
M Hilal Arfeen Trump only praise barbaric leaders of the world and dictarors because all these qualities found in trump and he only likes those leaders who doesn't want democracy but family politics
Shawn Gustafson Schwerman So...instead of money for opiod addiction centers, he'll be killing them off? I'm going to guess his supporters didn't consider this as an option.
David Rubio Wiping out drug dealers isn't a bad idea though. Less families would be ruined and less people with brain damaged and that calls for a brighter future. It's hard to disagree with what that man is doing in the Philippines
Connie Szarek So this is the road we're on now......deplorable, lying under oath, Attorney General Sessions would have those suffering from addiction thrown into jail instead of receiving recovery treatment. And friend to all dictators, President Trump, thinks that murdering them is an even better idea. Wow.
Toni Bompensiero You're so full of hate CNN. Your objective is not to help the American people broadcast the truth. It's to do everything and anything you can to bring this President down. From your whiny , combative, condescending, giddy newscasters to not even carrying the Manchester bombing story until an hour in focusing on RUSSIA RUSSUA RUSSIA story trying to find any stooge to interview to try and convince them the President is the worlds worst horrible human being worse than the bomber. . I hope your ratings continue to tank.
Elliot Spencer Donnie only wishes he can control the people and media like these dictators ... that's his dream 😡!!! He will destroy our democracy if we let him 😳
Mike Anderson Trump doesn't understand the intricacies of the world stage and being the president. If Hitler were alive, he'd probably compliment him as well, mostly because he's lazy and uninformed and doesn't like to read. It's known that he prefers pictures and graphs to words. Couple that with a short attention span, and there you have it.
Mary Grace Imbag Yes in Mindanao he declared a 60 day martial law cus of terror attacks in Marawi City. The Maute group who they said affiliated with ISIS Invaded ,terrored the city and killed some innocent people. So our President declared a 60days martial Law to go after these rebels who are until now spreading some fear to my countrymen . These rebels have been terrorizing Mindanao for many years and killed many innocent people.
Terri Sheehan Mullins Every story has 2 sides but CNN only discusses one side and ALWAYS the anti-Trump side. Are there ANY journalists at this network at all? God knows it's not Chris and Alisson.
Will Ramirez So It's ok for drug lords to kill thousands of people every year but when the government takes the same fight to them, the crying begins.
Mary Amy We seem to forget human rights applies also to victims of drug trafficking and crimes committed by drug dealers. If given a choice, I would rather protect the rights of victims of drug dealers and the big bosses of the crime syndicates and drug cartels. Why hasn't MSM covered the drug problem in the Philippines that Duterte is trying to fix? Friends I know who live in the Philippines are much happier with the reduction in crime and corruption since Duterte came to power. How many of CNN's staff reporters would be willing to live in a drug-ridden neighborhood in a US city? It seems to me Americans are imposing their value system (because we have a superior value system and democracy) once again to a socio-political system that they have no in-depth understanding of. I dare not judge another man unless I have walked in his shoes, much more a whole nation!
Donald Bryant CNN you losing the people,s trust more and more each day with your i think fake news and one sided reporting .Give it up and do something good for the country for a changei with your reporting .
Samantha Gustovich Walker So if they support the extrajudicial murdering of drug users and dealer, why stop there? Can't they just kill all the criminals. Then they would have a crimeless society right? 😐
Ray O Charles 7000 drug dealers dead , millions hooked on their drugs , good 7000 less drug dealers to spread their poison on the streets , keep up the good work ..☝️
Raf Veguilla You people have no idea what that man has had to do to fight not only drug cartels but terrorist. This is a good man having to fight mid evil violence. We are talking going in your house raping your wife and daughter we are talking chopping heads off kind of violence. Please spare me the liberal bull. Go to the middle of the jungle you give up your daughter then come back and tell me.
Linda Conway CNN working so hard to rile your loyal base with whatever negativity you can find. Whatever will you do if all the effort you are putting in to destroying this Presidency fails?
Travis Stevenson Ok... is there anybody who is getting upset at all the "leaked" information. I hope everyone realizes that all presidents play a political game of communication with countries. If you look at Obama's fallout with his spying of countries, he had to say what ever he could to recover the countries good will. If you noticed no other president has been "leaked" as much as Trump, and while I think we dont have a great president we do have something else... A mole leaking government and presidential conversations and documents. And everyone is ok with it it. This comment thread is ridiculous and the story should be about how a growing trend to leak government and political conversations is becoming the standard. Allowing political armchair warriors the position of making the most ridiculous and unqualified comments.
John Rigsby So Trump sees killing people (users, perceived users, and dealers alike) in the street, without trial, as a viable option in the opioid epidemic here. I mean if he is praising the way Duterte is conducting his so called war he must agree with the methods. Duterte is worse than what he is fighting.
Richard Mattis CNN, the only thing you are trying to do at this point is trash this president in your effort to bring him down. You no longer give the people real news, therefore, you are irrelevant
Tuck Buckford International condemnation!! Well now what?? The trump supporters can't blame the Democrats??? Whatever will they do now?? There gonna have to think of a genuine logical response!! Oh my!! What ever will they do???
Katherine Marie Trump doesn't value life so of course he supports this and killing Americans that are poor and sick. "The Purge" is a good movie but in reality, life is invaluable. Once someone is dead, that's it. The End. Do you care? You should.
Brad Stone Con-ald Trump has had a positive impact on our economy alcohol sales are at a all time high...Sponsored by "CULT-45" drink responsibly or not who the hell cares!
Lisa Kohb It's the people's office; we should have known these regular conversations already and especially underFOIA!
Rubea Ross leaked transcript...that just wreaks of obama hold overs committing more's not news....that equals fake news just as everyone says.
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A top court has cleared the way for Taiwan to recognize same-sex marriage

Melissa Crist I'll never understand why anyone would care what two consenting adults do together and how they live their lives.
Mike Grider You people hitting the ANGRY FACE ICON can go and F++K yourselves. You are haters and losers for life. Get over it Gay marriage is here to stay, so once again go F++K yourselves LOSERS.
John Becker If two people of the same sex getting married has any impact on your marriage whatsoever, don't fight against equality. See a therapist or a marriage counselor instead.
Sami Fouad It's a shame the Western world doesn't recognize Taiwan as an independent country because of China's bullying. It's a bit unfair that this democratic country has to be under the thumb of a communist regime and there's nothing anyone can do about it.
Billie Doring Legalizing SIN doesn't make it right!!! God gave humans free will so they can choose their lifestyle, God plainly says in His Word that homosexuality is a sin so God will have the last say...remember God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for that very sin. I know this is not politically correct but it is TRUTH!
Paris Alicia May many more countries follow ❤❤ never understood if marriage is a union, how in the hell someone else's actions can "de-sanctify" your own marriage.
Matthew Cassady Because it's not the way God intended it to be. Plus, research does show homosexuality is learned, and a product of the environment they grew up in. Research does show many were, in fact, sexually abused as children. Not all, but many. As much as the liberal media attempts to make this a social justice issue, working their hardest to shut Christians up, there is a God, he made man and woman for each other. Homosexuality has somehow become so widespread many claim it's discriminating to condemn it. Using phrases like "HOMOPHOBIC" to shut down an argument. On this feed I assume I will be the minority, but it is anti-biblical and the act and lifestyle are sinful. God does love everyone. Yet, he does not love sin. We are all sinners and need Jesus. But that does not mean Christians should be spiritual doormats on the sidelines and not calling out what is wrong.
Cam Gallup For those individuals gay bashing Taiwan, please explain to me how this affects any of you're lives. This is a movement happening in a completely different country and all we want to do is show support for fellow human beings. If you don't have anything good then say then don't speak and move on like the adult you never were to begin with.
Scott Edwards I can no longer support CNN. Your sensationalism has become simply pathetic. And who came up with the nickname "Gig Bomber?" That was bloody embarrassing to read. And now the front page says, "Fears grow of terror cell." Why are you spreading fear and hatred? You folks just are not serious about news.
Tony Daigle "I can't do x because of my religious beliefs"= ok, have at 'er. "You can't do x because of my religious beliefs"= oppression. Right wing nuts think they're being "forced" to not be a jerk about gay marriage, nobody is asking them to participate in it. If you don't like gay marriage then don't marry someone of the same sex, it's your life. However, it is the religious right who tries to force their beliefs on others!
Jermaine Thomas Regardless of WHAT you believe in marriage was DESIGNED for a man women. Imagine if all animals followed this way of thinking. There would be no food. What about all you animal lovers no more animals. The union is for a man and a women period. No name calling, no hate speech just facts. Spin it the way you like.
Maria LoConte Amused by the anti gay sentiment. It always comes from misogynists, the undereducated and those who blindly follow what their pastors preach.
Kate R. Kramer Exciting! It's interesting to contrast their court process for this with what happened with Obergefell here. It was clear that SCOTUS was only going to take a case once marriage was *already legal* in a majority of the states here, so couples didn't have to wait to get marriage after the ruling came down - or didn't have to wait for very long. Whereas this court has ruled in a much more proactive manner. It's heartening but at the same time I can't help but feel a little sad that Taiwanese couples aren't able to have the same "rush down to city hall" experience that so many here did. Maybe that will happen next year.
Robert Fresnoza Review your basic science before going to same sex marriage. It's not only between two people that will cherish each other. Go back to the basic foundation of marriage, before going to same sex marriage.
Topher Blaschke The only people who think this is bad or wrong are the only ones who are insecure. Gay is not a choice cause if it was every guy would have to make a choice every time they see a dick to decide whether they find it attractive or not. If it comes natural when you see one then it's not a choice it's nature. Conservacunt religious nuts are just scared cause they no longer have control of society suppressing everyone! Yay equality
Quang Vu Love in same sex marriage is very doubtful. It would not be true Love. It is only an emotional phase. In fact, their main liaison is based on sexual attraction e.g they could do the sexual intercourse at any place, at first glance. The thing that catches their attention is, in priority, the appearance, the attire, the perfection of a body, that' s all. Moreover, they could not give birth to a child whose being in life would bind and intensify love between a normal couple. Therefore, same sex marriage not only has no ground to stand on, but also could jeopardize the moral life of a society. Let's wait and see the result of the so called " same sex marriage ". It would be catastrophic.
Mateusz Chmielarski Historically all countries where same-sex "marriage" was recognised collapsed. I talk about ancient greek countries and ancient Rome. In ancient Rome there was abortion allowed even after the birth. After hundreds of years these things are becoming legal again all over the world. But I hope normality will come back again and God will save us.
Matthew Willcocks Good for Taiwan! There's zero tangible reason that anyone, anywhere, at any time - in any country - should be prevented from marrying who they want to.
Gloria Johnson The rest of the World is moving forward; while America has now moved BACKWARD! And what's with Indonesia lashing gay men? We need to Let God be the Judge and Juror of what we do in our Bedrooms..
William Navarro Taiwan is one step closer to inclusion and equality. 😊
Mark Jumper Homosexuals on CNN like Anderson Cooper unabashedly professes a penchant for bending over every night to penetrate the minds of CNN watchers.
Masako Kobayashi Not only for LGBT rights, but also they say NO to Chinese Communist Party politically. So, this is very important.
Brian Roberts Wonderful 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 people who think that they have any right whatsoever to say who someone can or cannot marry based on sexual orientation are mentally ill.
Bánhegyi Veronika Dear anti gay marrige folks. Its their bedroom and life. Quit getting angry. Use this energy on lets say helping the needy. Thank u
Antonio Sanders Food stamps could take care of itself even making money by building farms. Which you make food stamps receivers only buy products made by the food stamp organization. In the mean time it creates jobs.
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A Muslim man and Jewish woman prayed together at a makeshift memorial in Manchester

Marie KJorsvik There are bad seeds in every race .... But it does not mean the whole race is bad .... This is beautiful to see .... Racial profiling needs to stop ....
Tony Gantt The ones who are calling Muslims terrorist are white redneck confederate Christian's who live in trailer parks, voted for trump and water the dirt that's on their front lawn and is named Roger or Marlene.. but that's none of my business though. 🐸 ☕️
Daniel Taylor Phillips Seems like this is just a push to get people to forget that this was an Islamic extremist attack. 😳 I may be wrong, at which point this is good for them for putting their differences aside! However, it just seems like they're trying to force us to forget that this was an Islamic attack...
Michele Mock This wouldn't have been possible if UK had been ridiculous enough to create a Muslim ban. This is what The God of the Bible wants. Peace and tolerance. Hearts are won through patience and understanding, not by dictating and terror.
Logan von Doersten We get it cnn. Not all Muslims are terrorists, rational people already know this. Distracting and deflecting from the real issues is whats been going on. The stories are so overly defensive it's clearly force fed. If attacker where a white "Christian" male things would be different, the narrative would be changed.
Melody Farnworth If only those radical terrorists could learn from this.......but no, they're full of hate and vengeance! They couldn't care less about this image .
Tom Ringlein And cameras were there ready to document it in full, professional grade HD from 3 different angles. Maybe the Muslim Mayor used this as propaganda and set the whole thing up? It looks way too rehearsed.
Jacqueline Garreaux In every religion you have extremists. America had Timothy McVeigh, a Christian extremist and an American citizen who blew up the Alfred Murray Federal Building in Oklahoma, killing 168 people and injuring hundreds. Now we are seeing Muslim extremists blowing up places and killing innocent people. It doesn't end. There will always be crazy people in this world.
Carly Pimlott Angela Lawman This just makes my heart burst. Trying to divide us only makes us more determined, resilient and unified. #ManchesterOne 🐝
Scott Spivak Oh people, get over it and stop pursuing so much hate! Yes, the majority of terrorists are Muslim, that doesn`t mean every Muslim is a terrorist though. How many other mass murders have been of other other faiths? Does that make every believer in that faith a murderer!
Felicia MC You 2 beautiful people are prime examples of what this world needs. God bless you both, as well as condolences and continued 🙏🏾 for Manchester.
Ann Villa Muslims are good people, just because a few of them do these insane things, doesn't mean all Muslims are like that. Speak to some Muslim people , they condemn this behavior ,they have told me that they oppose this behavior. In every nationality, there is good and bad. people regardless of nationalities need to be united,show compassion and respect one another.
Eva Martis Cohen This is what it's all about. Two different religions coming together. It shows there is still good out there, but this should not only come after a tragedy. This truly warmed my heart.
Norma Legarreta-Muela That is exactly what our world needs, be united despite our differences on believes, religion, race, etc. When we follow their example that's when our world its begin to take the right path. God helps us.
Melissa Noël The people of Manchester are a fine example of how civilized members of a community come together to make things better. They get it!
Jim Polo Sr We must understand that Love is the answer. We need to reach out an accept and embrace each others differences. We need to learn as mush about one another's cultures as possible. Knowledge, acceptance and love triumph over ignorance, intolerance and hate.
Monica Barrera All religions have extremist fanatics that use God to do evil. We must all come together regardless of faith & stop the hate.
Leigh Ann Stumblingbear That is how to pray. Together. To God! The Creator hears all prayers in All Languages and Faiths! Take that Losers and Terrorists. You didn't win!
Joe Ruby And our President continues on his tour of Muslim, Jewish and Christian nations to bring unity and peace among all religions. Great leader!!! - Let's support his efforts!!!
Dawson Provost Correction to all those saying Muslims are terrorist this is certainly untrue it is the Daesh who are committing these crimes.
Dawn D'Haeze Terrorists do not represent true religions. There are terrorists that were raised in every religion, as well as atheist ones. Do no hold the religions accountable for these psychopaths.
Martins Croft Having seen this and the way the different cultures in Manchester have pulled together gives me hope that one day everybody will be able to live in peace.
Ryan Bowe Beautiful site to see people of different religion praying together. Now if the rest of the world would just follow this example. Because if I'm not mistaken Muslims Christians and Jewish people all worship the god of Abraham.
Christian Spörl We are all a product of some creation, through either an evolutionary process or, as some believe, a Divine creator. What's important is showing empathy and compassion towards one another, especially towards those who are different from ourselves. This moment encapsulates that, it's just such a shame that a tragedy had to take place for it to happen.
Toby MacDonald Every human has good and evil within them. It is up to the individual which one they want to nurture, love and grow. Love is contagious and will ripple through the world like throwing a stone in the water.... but as to will hate. But remember when you throw that second rock in it interrupts the waves of the first... So let us interrupt the hate. Let kindness grow!