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This New Orleans neighborhood is home to 11 churches -- and a recent slew of slayings

Bill Sawyer So, what do BLACK THUGS demonstrate to America: (1) your ghastly grades in school, (2) Your ridiculous dropout rates, (3) Your colossal out of wedlock birthrates, (4) Your embracing of a musical culture that celebrates the shooting of cops and doing filthy, vile things to someone’s daughter, (5) Your love affair with drugs and alcohol, (6) Your flash mobbing and robbing places and people, (7) Your audacity to blame everybody else for your odious behavior, and (8) Your giant misplaced racist chip on your shoulder. Maybe it is time for you to take responsibility for your own lives instead of blaming others.
Ere Silva D'First Did they really show a guy smoking weed on a news channel? Talk about open endorsement ! Is Marijuana legal in New Orleans?
Josh Wolff Religion is dumb. Money is the root of all evil, so give it all yo the church😂😂 give up the fairy tales, we're adults now.
John Adams The Christian Religion is the black curse from slavery. God does not love black people
Charlie Davis Jesus said, "An hour is coming, in which all who are in the tombs will hear His voice, and will come forth; those who did the good deeds to a resurrection of life, those who committed the evil deeds to a resurrection of judgment.” (John 5:28-29)
Charlie Davis Jesus said: "This is the judgment, that the Light has come into the world, and men loved the darkness rather than the Light, for their deeds were evil. For everyone who does evil hates the Light, and does not come to the Light for fear that his deeds will be exposed. But he who practices the truth comes to the Light, so that his deeds may be manifested as having been founded in God." (John 3:19-21)
Charlie Davis God says: “Everyone who hates his brother is a murderer; and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him.” (1 John 3:15, letter written to churches by Saint John, A.D. 65)
Paul John I'm trying to think what party is in power in that City
Jeff Simoneau Katrina was the worst thing that ever happened to Houston.
Emmanuel Boniface If this headline was about mosques and Muslims liberals would have tagged it Islamophobic but since its about the church everyone has a right to free speech
Chienne Dore Get the Democrats out of your government. They have been in charge for years and years. Give the Republicans a chance.
Ana M. Souza Pretty sure all the 11 churches are empty and the neighborhood representatives are all Democrats.
Chris Simmons Dude looks like he has plenty of money to get out of there.
Kattie Martin But Landrieu had all the statues removed... violence has went down!! Bahaha right!! NOLA is not safe!
Melissa Ann I hate Nola. I pray everyday to get out of here. It is bad!
Jorge Eliecer Ospina Rojas
George Gio Reading these comments i can see what is wrong with liberalism
Bob Harris Anxiously awaiting your Imran Awan story. Or don't you cover Democratic sandals?
Charlie Davis Jesus says: "Treat others the same way you want them to treat you.” (Luke 6:31)
Charlie Davis "God has surely tested mankind in order for them to see that they are but beasts." (Ecclesiastes 3:18)
Howard Smith Where is Jesus when this happens?
Ryland Walter Schella "A slew of slayings", now that is some hackneyed writing.
Salem Ghader Ahmed Walled هذولي يمك 🤔🤔🤔
Jorge Eliecer Ospina Rojas
Sean Geissler Cajun Chicago
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"I am known as a frequent critic of Christianity and have never been de-platformed for that. Why do you give Islam a free pass? Why is it fine to criticize Christianity but not Islam?" Dawkins said

Jared Davis Because Muslims tend to kill people that call them out publicly.
Bryan Scarazzo I'm not a religious person, but Atheists can be as dogmatic as any religious person.
Wyatt Spiegel Liberals prefer politics over friends! How pathetic and crazy is that? 😂 Polls show 52% of Liberals will not be friends with Trump supporters While Trump supporters welcome a good debate with their opponents, liberals are scared to debate, they just want to shut down other people's voice/opinions and not listen at all. And just block, block, block, delete, delete, delete. Trump supporters can have Liberal friends and disagree with them without hating on them or befriending them. While liberals are hateful, intolerant, fascist, bigots who whine all the time and befriend people. Hence..."Snowflakes" #RepublicansWinning🇺🇸 #DemocratsWhining😢
Khanumie Tanha All religions are harmful to humanity. Just be a good human being and do right by all. If you have a God you worship, keep it in your heart and at home, don't shove it down every body's throat!
Gavin Reinert Because you'll hurt the western progressive muslims feelings even though the vast majority of Muslims in the middle east are strict conservatives
Nick Stath Yeap sounds just about right....I'm impressed CNN covered it (unless they are slamming him in this article which i will not read).
Jeromy Baldwin I love my President 🇺🇸, he is the BEST American President ever 🇺🇸, he is the World President, He is the People President, the President of all Americans.. - - - - - - - - - - I love President Barack Obama 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Reza Taheri The biggest threats human being is confronting in this century are Islamic fundamentalism, climate change and over population in third world countries.
Dean Morgan Dawkins is an atheist... fine. People can and should feel free to practice their own belief system without being rude, cruel and disrespectful to others who don't share their beliefs. Dawkins is a jerk... he's got a big mouth.
Kush Bishop that's why Christianity remains a peaceful religion becos we condol persecutions and we don't act...... Even church of satan is 100% beta and peaceful that 1$lam........1slam is not a r£ligion but a cult where u sacrifice blood and everything is a must!!!!!!.and criticism is not allowed becos if u do,u will be beheaded according to their qur@n...and 1$lam remains the problem of the world
Mohamed Sair They made a big mistake , he does only represent himself None care about what he thinks about us He is joke
Wendy K. Bodine The more accurate question would be: Why is it fine to criticize Christianity but not [insert any other religion here]? And if you feel led to respond, please do so with a quasi-logical argument. Insults automatically invalidate any opinions that may accompany them. Thanks!
Salli Yvette Ehhh. I tend to believe that Christians get a pass everyday. Most racists claim to be Christian, anyway. People will gun you down, and attend church on Sunday. Judges will have you swear on the Bible, but will put an innocent man in jail after being paid under the honorable bench. Christians can be just as corrupt as the people they persecute.
Carolyn Rose Milner Our current government is the face of what Christianity is today. If you want to understand how Jesus would act today, this would be it.
Devin Crowl You can't excuse Dawkins by saying he criticizes all religion because he ignores the most Murderous religion of all... Statism! Believe it.
Shawn Lynn Only abusive speech against CHRISTIANITY is accepted by CNN!!! How about Chciritians who are butchered in the middle east!!! It is death sentenced if you even carry a Bible in middle east!!!
Stefen Brozak This is very wrong of Mr. Dawkins, he should know Muslims are extremely peaceful
Cameron Ferguson Because Muslims are primitive and will throw a temper tantrum and kill innocent people. Christians will just pray for you and mostly keep silent. Christians are civilized unlike the primitive Muslims.
Arnel Carin One of the difference between Science and Religion; Science accept failure that something that were taught for years as a fact were found out to be not true or non-existent but religions will fight and sheds blood just to make a point and continue living life in delusion.
Chris Woolaston For years the Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris traduced and denigrated Christianity (and in particular Jesus Christ) in the most grotesque way possible. The worst retaliation they received from Christians was a few strongly worded newspaper articles. Christians are just not as staunch in their defense of their faith as Muslims are. That makes them an easy target. That's why the media will denounce Christians for being in favor of traditional marriage, but turn a blind eye to the fact that LGBT people are routinely executed in tens of countries across Africa and the Middle East.
Brandi Dawn McDonnell It is a good question. I find his approach often abrasive, obnoxious, contemptuous, demeaning, condescending, and unpleasant. He's rather a bit of a sexist too. Still a good question.
Kellie Tolstoy Trump supporters don't want a healthy debate. They want blind faith! Hiding from the truth won't help. You're embarassing yourselves. It's bad enough that you elected him. Don't stay on a sinking ship
Israel Gabriel The hatred with which Dawkins speaks of God is quite baffling. It's almost like God stole his joy and love and he's just have to argue God's existence. I'd like to hear the story of Dawkins last day on earth
Justel Sta Ana Painaga I believe in science but i also believe in god but i don't believe in religion. Am i an atheist?
Delores Sylvester There are plenty of people that criticise both groups.
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Here is a breakdown of how every senator voted

Brandon Moncrief They didn't vote for the bill they voted to bring the bill to the floor for a debate. The Dems voted against having an open debate about Healthcare
Matt Truttling It's nice that twice now, GOP congressmen have returned from free, taxpayer funded surgery just in time to cast votes to take away healthcare for millions of Americans. For those keeping score, I'm referring to Jason Chaffetz in May and John McCain today. I am utterly disgusted with (almost) every Republican in Congress right now.
Scott Kelley John McCain is a military hero and a political coward. He nearly gave his life for his country, and once freed from capture, has spent the rest of his career making the country he fought for a worse place. He stood up to the Viet Cong, then backed down from special interests who wanted him to strip children of Healthcare. You sir, are a disgrace.
Wyatt Spiegel DemocRATS, keep doing what you do 2018 mid-terms are coming and i cannot wait to vote Republican again🇺🇸 The country is watching liberals and their true colors of hate and racism come out. DemocRATS have no message, just name calling, violence and burning flags, no message at all. Just resist Trump at all cost without a message. Colleges rioting, shutting down free speech. Why? What is it they dont want people to hear?... Hitler would be proud of the Liberal agenda. #LatinosForTrump🇺🇸 #RepublicansWinning🇺🇸 #DemocRATSWhining😢
Joel Gogolin Democrats today ALL voted to not even debate or allow their own party to put forward amendments. They proved this has NOTHING to do with health care for them. It is only to... #1 resist # preserve the one thing obama has for a legacy. Thats it
Dion Jones All Americans should have the same type of health coverage that John McCain used to be back to work the day after brain surgery #isimlive
Wyatt Spiegel Liberals prefer politics over friends! How crazy and pathetic is that? 😂 Polls show 52% of Liberals will not be friends with Trump supporters While Trump supporters welcome a good debate with their opponents, liberals are scared to debate, they just want to shut down other people's voice/opinions and not listen at all. Trump supporters can have Liberal friends and disagree with them without hating on them or befriending them. While liberals are hateful, intolerant, fascist, bigots who whine all the time and befriend people. Hence..."Snowflakes" #RepublicansWinning🇺🇸 #DemocratsWhining😢
Sean Geissler I won't buy insurance or pay any penalty. My body, my choice.
Lyn Larrc Today's vote was a disgrace. But it's not too late for a few of the Senators to redeem themselves. McConnell will now hold votes on specific health care bills. It only takes three Republicans to avert disaster by voting down all of these bills. If you have a Republican Senator, call 202-224-3121 and demand they do just that.
Mark Smith Not one Republican voted for you think Republicans give 2 shits about what democrats think? THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY IS DEAD
Mike Mitchell I don't know that they'll lose them to Democrats, because they can't get out of their own way either, but I'll guarantee you this. The majority of those specific Republicans in that Senate today, will not be there after the next round of elections. Deservedly so.
Jim Ash Another"landslide victory" of 1vote for the Repubs. They are all bought and paid for. They can't pass a vote without pence coming to their rescue. It would be funny if healthcare for millions wasn't on the line. Pitiful
Damian Maina McCain drug himself to the floor to vote away healthcare for Americans all while getting elite care. The dissonance is sickening. You would think that someone in his situation would be more empathetic and understanding of the fact that millions of Americans are on the verge of losing health care coverage
Monty Melford Obama needs to join the Boy Scouts at entry level and learn how to respect American Citizens.
Chris Kern Thank you, to all those who voted against. And to all who voted for, you are heartless to your constituents & their families. They need health insurance that includes everything they need. Not drop them. Not maybe help them. And women need health care. For a family values party you certainly do not care with regard to maternity. Maybe you do not need healthcare but your children, grandchildren & great grandchildren. And I am sure you grandparents & parents needed healthcare. You may lose all your money and what will you do?
Anna Robinson 2018 is just around the corner. Keep up the momentum. Keep in mind those in office who didn't care if you lived or died as long as they could be in control for a little while. Keep in mind those in office who know there is something seriously wrong with this administration, yet chose to turn a blind eye. They don't need their jobs, vote them out.
Charles Rowland The Liar N Chief and right wing extremists in congress keep telling us this is a health care bill. However, the AMA has rejected it as has every professional medical organization in America.
Shannon Touchstone Actually, this was a vote to figure out how to shift money for the poor who need Medicaid to the wealthy in the form of tax reform.
Tina Corbett I hope his cancer comes back and he loses his insurance.
Joan Quadd Huss A nightmare lies at the end of this health care issue. Study now, it is not as easy as any one thinks. Increase pertaining to age will be shocking. So pray they have a back up just like they have for themselves, or start putting $300 a month away NOW! Matters not what party.
Donna Sherman I knew McCain was a yes vote. That's why they drag him out of a sick bed. Shame on you Sen. McCain. They will debate, but in the end they will vote party line and we'll all be screwed.
Shauna OConnery I think all elected officials should have the same health care as the average citizen. They are voting on something that has no personal effect of them.
Louise Parker Excellent work to the 50 Republican members who are working to keep campaign promises. Don't worry about the losing democrats, they will soon have health care with which to have a doctor dry their tears.
David Andrew Democrats should want to debate to improve our healthcare....their refusal to even have a debate to implement the changes needed shows you exactly where his party stands...for themselves and their corruption. See you in November when you lose even more seats!
Rabia Hussain Very sad that McCain wants to take away health care from others when he's getting the top quality care. I hope this doesn't end up being his legacy
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"I am disappointed in the attorney general. He should not have recused himself," President Donald J. Trump said when asked about Attorney General Jeff Sessions. "But we will see what happens, time will tell..." he continued.

Wyatt Spiegel There is no doubt Donald J Trump will go down as one of the best Presidents in American history🇺🇸 Within only 6 months in office President Trump is accomplishing more than Obama ever had in 8 years. There is a long list of accomplishments by Pres Trump: Illegals crossing border with their drugs down 70%, SC Justice who loves the Country and the Constitution, unleased the small business' with relaxing regulations (more small business went out of business than started under Obama and are 70% of jobs), Vets can go to Dr of choice if cannot get in VA, has fired 500 at VA who were crooks and incompetent and suspended 200, and so much more. He's just getting started. Now thanks to Trump America feels/is more safer and productive than ever before... Latinos for Trump🇺🇸 #DefendOurGreatPresident🇺🇸 #CNNIsFakeNews🚫
Chris Bowman Fire him and hire someone who will fully investigate the clintons!
Monica Daniel What I don't understand is why he is just saying this now. Jeff Sessions recused himself when? And you are just now reacting to it.
Innocent Chuka Jr. CNN = #FAKENEWS And president Trump is the best president you guys can have. Of course you guys hate him, it didn't start today, way back during d first phase of campaign. But you know what, he's keeping his promises and that's what matters most
Darith Rudd I am disappointed in Trump for being Trump. Sessions is a twerp but recusing himself is probably one of the most ethical things the man has done in his life!!!
Debbie Doyle Belknap He recused himself months ago. Trump is just talking about this now because he is scared to death of the direction the investigation has taken. He's angry that the Attorney General to the United States has not been "loyal" enough to him to shut down the investigation and allow the president to get away with crimes against the American people.
Kevin Caloca He had to recuse himself BY LAW!! Stop with the lies Orange Julius.
Bob Pugh Washington politics is getting a taste of what it's like to have a real job and be accountable for what you were hired to do in the real world.....stings, doesn't it?
Wyatt Spiegel Liberals be resisting Trump cause he is going to deduct from their food stamps, and make them work in order to keep their Obama phones active. #LatinosForTrump🇺🇸 #RepublicansWinning🇺🇸 #DemocratsWhining😢
Chico Solomon Hey Trump supporters! Aren't you sick of winning? Boy, I am so happy that America is great again. No more Isis! Great jobs brought back from overseas. Great affordable health care. Transparency in Washington. Protection from Russian hacking. It doesn't get any better than this.
Janet Kingh Guess how many people are disappointed in this POTUS! (although it was actually as expected...but still, the gall of him to whine about HIS disappointment!)
Chris Payne Ironically, 2/3 of the country you want to 'make great' is disappointed in you. Please resign already. You're embarrassing yourself, AND the country.
Israel De Souza Donald Trump will be the greatest president of US the people vote for him he make promises and do a good Job for the country. We need another Trump in BRAZIL!! #Brazilfortrump. #LoveAmerica
Joseph Cole Trump, the rats are jumping ship. You're backed into a corner and you're running out of fingers to point at your sorry cabinet. I hope you ride this out as long as possible so we can witness train wreck in its full glory!
James Bass Has Trump been to church since he been in office! He quoted all of those scriputures duirng the presidential campaign just to get the evangelical votes!! Folks who had no spiritual discerment AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shawn Myers And he shouldn't of also President Trump needs to fire Meuller because all of his conflicts of interest in hiring all democrat lawyers and Hillary Clinton lawyers and donors.
Andrew Ellefson March 2, 2017- Sessions recuses himself from Russia investigation. -only in last few days has Trump gone ballistic over the recusal. Why now? -Has Sessions turned and provided testimony confirming Trump/Russia ties? --Does Trump know he's turned and is planting seeds of doubt against Sessions incriminatory testimony?
Joe Kalbo Why is no one asking "Mr.President do you have any idea of how government works and why it was absolutely necessary for the AG to recuse himself ? " Fer pete's sake ! even then he still insinuated himself into the Russian Investigation ( and that should warrant investigation )
Zack Fielder Trump is the youngest elected president to enter the presidency. He is a man with hands the size of NBA player's. He served his country honorably in the Vietnam war. He always pays his taxes, always pays his workers, and gives most of his money to charity. He in no way lusts after his own daughter ivanka or has a fetish for being pissed on by prostitutes. His two oldest sons in no way look like Beavis and Butthead. He always speaks the truth and seems to have convinced the most educated and none racist people to worship him. #ALTERNATIVEFACTS
Susan Wilson Donald needs to go to a home....maybe one with a nice big wall and rubber rooms..... he just says and does the most insane crap....not remotely a fan of Sessions but if any employer were to do this public humiliating and bullying, they would be fired or charged.....
Marcia Thomas Sessions recused himself after he was reminded he met with Russians during both campaign and transition post nomination committee. He recused himself after arriving at DOJ on the recommendation of senior staff at DOJ. He did not know of these events when he accepted nomination.
Robert R. Harrington I completely agree with Trump on this and so should every one else. We need to stand with our President. Full support for our President in his efforts to make our country great again, despite all the fake & dishonest news out there these days. #MAGA
Jane Schofield What I don't get is the AG recused himself months ago and Trump's just now getting upset? Where's he been? He hasn't been paying attention, apparently, which is very worrisome because I doubt he pays attention to anything, briefings, current events, ANYTHING except himself.
Victor M. Rosa Ocasio Breaking News, Apple ceo, Tim Cooks, just announced he is building 3 manufacturing plants, here in the USA, this is real news, and worth putting out.
Ayoba Houston No better way to get the best out of your appointee than to ridicule them publicly. This man is deranged. I dont care for Sessions either. But if you are going to fire the man, fire him in private, instead of all these childish tweets. He was one of the first ones to sukk your political d*ck.
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Senator John McCain, upon returning to Washington after surgery, addresses the US Senate: "We're getting nothing done, my friends, we're getting nothing done ... something has to be done"

Ann Greene That moment when you realize that Republican lawmakers don't care if their constituents live or die - 😳- priceless... start voting 'em out in 2018 😃👍
Anne Garcia Yesterday i was confident that McCain was a decent man and would do the right thing. I was wrong about him!!
Amir Amini Congrats John McCain, kicking 22 million Americans off healthcare will be your legacy. That and Sarah Palin.
Elizabeth Cruse Do you know how many AMERICANS battling cancer can only dream of the medical care you received to have you stand at that podium? POW once, POS forever.
Bob Honeybone Isn't a little ironic that the same people that are getting Cadillac insurance paid for by we the people are the same people trying to remove insurance coverage for millions of Americans. It's time we the people stand up and demand that our elected officials must live by the same rules they apply to us! If you think your just one person you can't do anything you are wrong! Together with the millions of Americans that feel the same way we have enormous power!
Lisa Ray And there you have it. Senator John McCain, still bleeding from the life-saving cancer surgery you paid for, returns to the Senate to a standing ovation and promptly votes to advance a bill that takes away your healthcare.
Cerena Wallace You would have made a bigger statement if you stayed in your sick bed and did not return to Washington to vote on a very, very, mean bill!
Shannon Flavin My only question for Senator McCain is this, how do you now face the many people across this country who are dealing with cancer and now facing the very real prospect of losing their health insurance coverage? What would you say to them? What words would you use to justify your vote? Could you look them in the eye and honestly tell them that it's all going to be okay? I think not.
W Scott Cannon John McCains vote should not have counted. When you under the care of a doctor for a brain tumor, the tumor and or surgery could affect your ability to make a rational decision. I might add that any post-op medication he is on can also alter his ability to make proper decisions. This is wrong!
Craig Colt . The Single Payer System ....UK Court Decides That Children Belong to The STATE, Not Their Parents ....Charlie’s parents wanted to do everything to save their baby so they raised the money to be able to bring him to the U.S. for that treatment.In a piece for The Guardian entitled.... “Despite Charlie Gard’s Tragic Story, We Must Respect The Process Of Our Courts,” UCL health professor, Ian Kennedy, expressed sympathy for the plight of Charlie, but ultimately justified it on the basis that “children do not belong to their parents.”
Jennifer Pallotta Gaby "We're getting nothing done" so his answer is to strip millions of their needed healthcare??!! The last shred of respect I had for John McCain died today with his vote. 😡
Jacob White John Mccain is a true American Hero. He knows what it's like to actually work hard and EARN your healthcare. Get a job socialist, and you'll have healthcare.
Jim Barbour If voting to proceed eliminated healthcare for every member of the Senate, we all know how McCain and the rest of his party would have voted. It's so easy to take away healthcare when it never affects them.
Anthony Alapaki Ahkoi I thought for sure that being hospitalized would show him the importance of what healthcare access provides.
Aileen Hernandez Thanks for coming back to deny people the same coverage you're using right now... you're a stand up guy huh. Why don't you just go and spit in people's faces while you're at it... I'm sure Trumplings will cheer.
Bob Reagan A man who receives the best benefits possible manages to make it back to D.C. to vote to take health care away from millions of Americans; this is a hero?
Pila Dawn Concon You better help Trump get the health care bill passed Repeal and Replace Obamacare !!!! if not you will lose the next election.....
Brittney Barr You're brain cancer should remind you that cancer can happen to anyone at anytime and insurance should be there so you don't end up fighting cancer just to be put in debt! Cancer sucks and there's a chance I could have cervical cancer as we speak
Kathy Howe Your right something has to be done, Obama care does not work for the majority. You must start by controlling insurance and pharmaceutical companies or nothing will work
Jeffrey Champagne I hate how he voted, but i respect the man.
Cocoa Taylor I don't know why people thought him having this disease would humble him. Sheeeeeettttttttttt!!!! He got his and can care less about others
Dan Fields Hey John, remember in the first part of the original Planet of the Apes where Taylor's co-pilots were lobotomized by Dr Zaus? Ch UDLiFE
Rodney Williams I thought his comments were very reasonable. He only voted to allow the debate to continue. Hes still not in favor of it. And i dont think he ever will be. I enjoyed his little lecture about being influenced by bombastic outsiders. I remain positive that the gop plan will fail.
Carol Carr Go back to AZ with the comfort of knowing you have taxpayer funded healthcare as you vote to ruin healthcare for the rest of Americans
Matt Britton Taking Healthcare away from millions because a Black Man created affordable health care: This is what's known as Hitler taking over America, with Stalin, Mao Zedong and Mussollini at the Beck and call of their Fascist ruler. May the Lord have mercy on Americans, because their president wants them all dead.