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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg tells CNN he is leaving the door open to testifying before Congress in the wake of a data debacle that has upended the social media giant this week

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CNN's Laurie Segall: "Knowing what you know now do you believe Facebook impacted the results of the 2016 election?"

Mark Zuckerberg: "Oh that is hard. You know I think that it is. ... it's really hard for me to have a full...

Where was the outrage when Obama did it?
The firm Trump hires steals info from 50 million of Zuckerberg’s members, WINS, and this fool can’t say whether or not it helped Trump? How did it NOT? Trump was handed the election by less than 90,000 votes across THREE STATES. This might explain how 63 million people were duped enough to actually vote for this train wreck.
This is the biggest partisan sham going right now. It's all smoke and mirrors.. the democrats are vastly superior at the culture war/propaganda game.. it's showing here.
To believe that the spread of misinformation didn't affect the outcome of the election, is to believe that all money spent on advertising is completely pointless.
Is it possible that Zuckerberg did not know that FB info was going to be corrupted for unscrupulous use? I think if he and his associates had any idea, they would not have permitted the data to be mined.
CNN is lame for misleading people, showing 9PM EST Facebook Mark if it was an entire hour interview....#DesperateForRatings #NotCool #NotNeccessary
So now you are in the hot seat; how does that make you feel? Time finally caught up with you, and the Orange Bloviated clown you helped to present to us is still there
Well I'll tell you one thing.....with the mechanisms now put in place by Facebook, Google & YouTube, all Fake News stories will be getting nipped in the bud in the 2018 Midterms AND in the 2020 Presidential Election, that's for sure. So it'll be nice to know that lies like the one where Hillary Clinton & John Podesta were running a child sex ring out of a D.C. pizza parlor will disappear from view the minute after the liar types them up on social media. Thank you Facebook!! Thank you Google!! Thank you YouTube!!
I think Marks intentions are good; the project is huuge covering billion people. There are more pluses than minuses from FB. Lets learn and strengthen the people platform. FB allowed me to connect friends and make new great connections ... Most importantly I could contribute and collect thousands of dollars for people welfare at remote locations.
Hillary was annointed by the establishment. The DNC conspired against Sanders Jeez You put up a flawed candidate
Now that Obama used the hell out of Mark Z, obama is moving on to work on Prince Harry. sorry Mark you just got tricked and used by someone you mistakenly followed.
Yep...and make sure those conservative voices get shut down or muffled when they go against the progressive agenda. Just another voice for the Democrats.
The Privacy Act of 1974, 5 U.S.C. § 552a, establishes a code of fair information practices that governs the collection, maintenance, use, and dissemination of information about individuals that is maintained in systems of records by federal agencies.
Hi this is the facebook zookeeper here! Reminding everyone to #DoNotFeedTheTrolls they are sensitive animals with dinosaur like brains. Thank you and have a blessed day! 😃
Why didn't Anderson Cooper interview him? Love CNN for real news! Keep up the great reporting on all the news stories out there. You are the best station by far. 🇨🇦🇺🇸👍👍
Kapow splat! Okay so Facebook are going to tell everyone who's data was stolen that it was stolen if it was stolen. Fair play Facebook, now let's go and get the thieves - Nigel Fromage, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Aaron Banks, the DUP, the Legatum Institute, LeaveEU, Donald Trump. Heads will roll.
Now they are digging into fb...when they gonna investigate the DNC...why was Brazile fired why did Wasserman resign...poor Bernie
Plain a simple snow flakes . You should have never put Hillary to run . Second of all you never got out the vote . Like you did for Obama or her husband Bill 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😳
They can blame FB. I am an avid FB user. There was absolutely nothing on FB that swayed my vote. I did not vote for Trump.
Misinformation or lets be real straight up lies should not be allowed point blank or if nothing else a disclaimer that the info that is being shared is satire not real..
This guy had a app, sanberg went along for the ride, now both billionaires. If this guy walked into Subway for a job, the response would be, we'll let you know.
Zuckerberg cannot or will not admit what he knows to be true.
Sure did NOT influence me, or even a few folks, probably. CNN for you.
Mark Judas Suckandshit sold us to Russia for 30 pieces of rubles...
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JUST IN: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on the Cambridge Analytica scandal: "This was a major breach of trust, and I'm really sorry that this happened." He pledges a “full forensic audit” to ensure no more breaches occur.

I can live life without Facebook. I hope Facebook gets dissolved. Facebook was great at first when only young college students used it to stay in touch with friends. Now it’s a platform for everyone including the government, the racist people, the alt right, alt left, politicians, fake news, the haters, the radical Islamics from around the world, etc etc.
Can we please give Mark Zuckerberg a break? Geeez! Everyone is trashing the poor guy! How can anyone expect perfection from any internet platform? It is utterly impossible to keep up with technology that is constantly changing and the amount of crooks and hackers. At this point, we should all be aware that nowadays nothing is safe online. If it’s on the internet, it’s vulnerable.
Personally I don't blame Facebook for this. It's a fact of life that human beings will corrupt everything they touch for personal gain, profit or power. I'm pretty sure when Mark Zukerburg and co set up Facebook it was with pure intentions and they couldn't foresee trolling, fake news etc... The person who sold this information is to blame. People will always find a way to flout and bypass rules no matter what steps you put in place. Look at the dark web etc. The only way to stop such infringements is to change human nature which ain't gonna happen!
He did take responsibility in the interview (as he should). It did seem to take a while to make any statement and oddly until the stocks started falling. It wasn't the most informative or articulate explanation. It's also not being noted that Facebook users are world wide ( not just US) so there are many other countries that have had data compromised.
He also needs to crack down on trolls.
Just watched the full interview. Mistakes were made, he's a leader of the company he founded and he took ownership. He's authentic and real. We could use more leaders like him.
yes , Fuckerberg was only suppose to help democrats, who he freely gave much more info than the GOP received.
Even if Zuckerberg comes clean and confesses, CNN will never publish the truth. They will make up something else..that's all they do.
Who cares. While we complain, we complain on Facebook. How ironical. Well, life is Big Brother and we don't care any more.
#GREED...will cause your downfall. But Your Children will reap all that you sow...Your money is dwindling down, and you helped the Orange man to be in OUR office
Well, just yesterday I watched a documentary (which by the way “could be viewed only in Canada”), where Trump’s campaign manager said that they payed 85 million $ to facebook during campaign and Facebook had it’s reps onsite full time in order to better provide the services. Just FYI. The documentary was posted by CBC docs.
The deep state is concerned of his presidential bid in 2020... this is a smear campaign. Not that I think highly of him anyway.
Facebook cannot be responsable for the idiots on earth ... it is all responsibility to evaluate the truth from fake info ....If you are educated enough and clever a minimum you can make your own statement and make your own decision ....
Should Facebook users be more responsible for the information that they are willing to give in the surveys that appear on their page? I have had friends forward surveys but feel that no one needs that information. Are we so concerned about ourselves that we need a survey to define who we are?
Sad to say too that after the people's settings their Facebook account and profile into friends and family only who can views, but still the public enable to see those photos profile when search that persons..Thanks Mark you the most wonderful man..Dont be like Sir Murdoch..
CNN, the only way anyone reads any of your articles is through Facebook, you’re a completely irrelevant news organization. Don’t worry, Facebook and its other brands will be around much longer than CNN will. You have become a trash one-sided news outlet. No longer do you provide objective reporting
Facebook was just fine while Hillary was leading on Facebook with 90%. Since her epic loss, everyone has now become a Russian 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂!!!
CNN has apparently abruptly cancelled a scheduled appearance Wednesday with Kyle Kashuv, the Parkland high school shooting survivor who has stood out from his stridently anti-gun peers for his articulate advocacy in favor of our Second Amendment civil rights.
The crappiest interview I’ve seen in a long time. And I generally like CNN! This journalist lobbed softballs and failed to ask the most fundamental question - facebooks revenue model is built in packaging user data as their product so what rights can they have and how can he reconcile his objectives with user interests? The answer is he can’t!!!! All his answers were how he will comply with their own policies but their policies aren’t based on user interests. What a wasted opportunity.
Hi this is the facebook zookeeper here! Reminding everyone to #DoNotFeedTheTrolls they are sensitive animals with dinosaur like brains. Thank you and have a blessed day! 😃
Religion and Politics are the opiate of the masses. Without utilizing an God or an politician who promises to make your life better. How does FB better use its power of the masses; some 2.5B users?; other than advertising that can be used to market their products better on what they know about what you searched for on FB...Zuckerberg created something with awesome power; he doesn't quite yet understand; I think..
Yeah because corporate media isn't responsible for this at all. I think it has to do with the billions of free air time that the Network's gave Donald Trump. Les moonves of CBS said Donald Trump is bad for the country but good for CBS. Hours of airtime given to Trump empty Podium that could have went to other politicians and other issues. The media isn't a left-wing organization it is corporate. Does it ever occur to anyone why Boeing would have an television ad. No CEO is sitting around watching TV going oh yeah I have to upgrade my fleet of jets. It's so corporations can have influence on who we have a choice on in the election.
That was a lame interview. Why would anyone care about "how has becoming a father affected your views?"? I'm willing to bet Woodward and Bernstein never asked Deep Throat that question.
I can do without FB the problem is a lot of apps and games and websites make you “Login” through FB so you kind of have to have it
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If lawmakers and regulators had asked the right questions of Facebook and Cambridge Analytica when the story first broke in 2015, we could've had a debate about micro-targeting, online information and misinformation before the US elected Donald J. Trump and before the UK voted for...

President Trump has restored honor and dignity to the sacred Oval Office by putting Jesus in the captain's chair. Remember, this is a Christian Nation, and as such we need to forgive President Trump for all the things he says and does. All the Russian ties, all the pee tapes, all the porno ladies of the night, and all of the daily, and hourly, lies. In Jesus Name, Amen. God bless President Trump, First Lady Ivanka, and Second Lady Stormy Daniels.
It's funny that when Barack Obama did it during both elections, everyone congratulated him. More evidence the liberal party is either delusional, hypocritical, or both.
So now it's Facebook's fault Trump was elected? I thought it was Russia?
Do the trolls ever sleep or do they work in shifts? Asking for a friend.
Last I checked Facebook didn’t elect Trump voters did. If the voters can’t handle whatever influence Facebook happens to throw at them then they didn’t research enough correct data to make a good enough decision. Buyers remorse take it somewhere else CNN. It’s done and over with move on with new interesting things...
In other words Trump still would have won the election and fake news cnn would still be in retard mode.
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If the authorities would have asked questions and probed social media collusion with the Obama campaign, we might never had had the destructive president.
The chic thats interviewing at this moment on CNN is so good incredibly awkward. I don't think Marks buying the cutesy head tilt. And the giggling isn't cute either. Get some confidence pick your head up and be professional.
CNN, stop with the fake media, lies and anti Trump. It’s amazing how many people are brainwashed and actually believe what CNN reports
Did you ever stop to think that the reason trump won is because Hillary was the other choice? Perhaps a better democratic candidate would have resulted in the results CNN was hoping for!
Hahahaha, Obama used it too but hey Dems, it's not you or the Reps that voted Trump in it was us Independents, now go ahead an attack us again.
PUTIN used " judo" diplomacy. He found America's weakness, And used the weight of said weakness against it. Smartly played, I'm afraid to admit.
The big story here is the confirmation that A.I. more specifically it's algorithms have already begun to shape our lives and that the CIA, the FBI and the NSA are fractured at the core, completely inept at basic policing of the U.S. government.
I'm confused, 95% of Facebook is pro - Democrat, but I've heard about how big corporations influence that. Weird...
Are you getting scared Zuck? You should be 🇺🇸 Vote out Anti American Democrats in the 2018 mid terms 🇺🇸
The fact that Brexit succeeding and Trump being elected both served the desires of Russia should be a huge problem with every single Citizen of both Britain and the US!
An early mentor of zuckerberg told him that his platform was problematic shortly before the 2016 campaign. I guess an 80 billion $ loss in the market was a good incentive to do something.
There are far too many people who for whatever reason get their news from FB and random posts on it. Hence.... If it is on the internet it must be true. Smh
Zuck sold out, cashed in on everyone. Now he is selling FB stock by the millions in the name of philanthropy. Trust? NO.
In all seriousness I don't see how this is news. Many on Face Book devulge all their personal information for the world to see. Like when they go on vacation, their itinerary, where they've checked into, what they had for dinner, etc. To complain that Face Book gave away people's information to another organization is a mute point. Many on FB already do that for everyone. We are our own worst enemies.
He should be sued for letting this happen, because he knew about it and did nothing, nothing at all until it leaked out
This is why lawmakers need to stop being partisan and focus on the issues at hand! Our country is at great risk while lawmakers are bickering like children! Doesn't matter what party you represent it is the issues you are supposed to be addressing that count!
I don't hate you Mark, but You are NOT innocent... You allowed greed to take over, and you AIDed equally with putin to give us the Orange clown..But just know this: you have just passed down a horrible legacy for your very own kids...possible they will be occupying this Earth long after you are gone...and who know, your $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ are dwindling down rapidly...Unfair games play TWICE!
I post cat pictures all the time. I like cats and everything about them. Nothing about this revelation has affected me and my lifestyle. Everyone needs to get a CAT!! ฅ ^. .^ ฅ
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"She's the most frugal person in the world," HUD Secretary Ben Carson detailed his wife's involvement in picking out a $31,000 dining room set for his office

For $31,000 I could decorate 2 houses and have money to spare, very disrespectful of this administration to misuse taxpayer dollars!
I happened to just see his entire explanation of how that happened on CSPAN. CNN has skewed this ENTIRE report. He didn't throw his wife under the bus and not only did neither of them place that order, it was CANCELLED. Geez...get a life people
Have Ben Carson replace it with an IKEA set and he has to put it together. The end.
Killer Furniture? Microwaves that spy on you? Jesus... this is the dumbest administration in history and we lived through George W Bush.
I bet if Trumpo were to split open Ben Carson’s cranium w/an axe, he would find it completely filled w/fruit compote.
Yeah, frugal....with her own money, me thinks.
$31,000 for a dining room table....yeah, very frugal
Frugal with her own money, shopping queen on the government's dime. Shame on Ben Carson for not having more control over his office expenditures.
such a big, strong man to blame his wife. bravo.
Oh, wow! Meaningless platitudes that are clearly not even true, about an unelected, unappointed spouse of a dummy spending taxpayer money on garbage.
Yeah, she is frugal because my wife wanted to spend $58,000 on a dining room set. I told her that the $31,000 is pretty f#$king nice, but she like the other set better.
Considering EVERYTHING going on with trump and his MILLIONS in expenses traveling to Mar a Lago, wife's long stay in NYC, and the daily cost accruing due to his multiple scandals...WHY IS THIS AN ISSUE???
Yeah, she's frugal when it comes to her own money. When it's the government's, that's another story. And by the way...have you heard this guy speak? This is a brain surgeon? In what parallel universe?
Why does an office need a dining room set in the first place? Do they eat all their meals in his office? 🤔🤷‍♀️
Sure sounds like you threw her under the bus, dude. Oh , yeah!!! That’s right!!! She can’t get fired!!!
Um you don't understand the definition of frugal, much like your boss doesn't understand the definition of fake, or how those that voted for him don't understand the definition of patriotism. That's okay, much like a dictionary, reality is about to inform you all.
He was supposed to be the Everyman appointee. Raised in poverty, became a world class neurosurgeon and was going to be the people's candidate. So, he gets appointed and has done nothing but furnish his office lavishly at the taxpayers expense. Till he was exposed. Swamp rat.
What s hypocritical jerk! First he blames his staff and the decorator now he blames his wife. But says she’s frugal?
ya all can try to paint a rosie picture of donald trump trying to be tough like saying theres going to be a scalp for the Putin congrats leak,,,,,Problem is donald will always have the dark cloud over him for being a war coward, thats all we need to know about his integrity,,,,,,,,
When you spend more money on a dining room set than what people make in a year ...frugal is not the right word.
I don't care WHY he needed to buy new furniture. I care that *I* could go spend $1000 on a dining set, and he spent $31,000.
RIGHT.....maybe when it's YOUR money and not OURS. Lame excuses. She shouldn't even have been involved in the process.
Somebody might want to explain to this "extremely smart brain surgeon" the actual definition of frugal. Interesting way to completely throw his own wife under the bus though.
Frugal?!?! The last three dining room tables I've had were gifted to me because they were used by people I know, and none of the chairs matched.
Lol frugal they just throw words out there not knowing the true meaning a $31.000 dinning table is not being frugal its wasteful i will get you a real pretty one under 2000.00 there you go money saved thats frugal