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You could soon see whether you interacted with Russian propaganda on Facebook and Instagram during the 2016 election

Peter Karales I can find out if I insulted a Russian agent over his pathetic case for Trump? Has the last year been that good? Not really. Oh, so I guess a celebrity really should not run office with some political experience.
William Horschak Because that's why Hillary was unable to defeat a clown, and win the most winnable election in USA history. $150k in fb ads, half of which were spent after the election. Couldn't have been that HRC was busy at $20,000 a plate donor dinners instead of campaigning in the states she actually needed ... *cough* wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania *cough*
Anaekwe Joe Okey Rubbish! Following a Russian propaganda is not a crime, but rigging election which the democrats are known for is a crime.
Kristine Frost It won't matter to the too many Americans who still approve of Trump. They believe what they want to believe which also happens to be whatever he tells them to believe.
Ahmed Hassan Well, does this include the paid trolls, or the bandwagon who just fell for it?.
Alex Qutikov Facebook should infiltrate cnn propaganda
Willie Jones Can we just forget Politics for a second and avoid eating Dry Turkey on thanksgiving?
Insuline Brown Hi all how are you. We are living in a world that full of mystery?
Andre Acevedo I want to know if I can see what Russian propaganda my friends liked! I am sure nobody who sees they were tricked will admit it to anyone!
Olia Catala Will the trump supporters even care? Nope
Shakeem Dyer Way to go mark zuckerberg, root them out
Mike Milne It used to be called treason- hang em
Wayne Gernon Kelli Silver : this will be just about every one of your news sources.
Guy-Micheal Arrol If you like anything Trump says then you are believing Russian lies
Jasonn Glass Will they tell me every time I read pro war propaganda from the corporate media?
Douglas Noble I WOULD like to see this.
Robert Cazes Я знаю
Mahmuda Islam
Welly Sakwa Thats wrong
Jesse Windt Democrats and paid Russian trolls go hand in hand.
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What does the author of "Mary Had a Little Lamb" have to do with Thanksgiving? Here's a timeline of how Thanksgiving became a holiday in the US.

Adam Borowski Well, Thanksgiving is just another occasion for certain people to whine about injustice like a bunch of Girl Scouts.
Amy Kawczynski not against Thanksgiving in the ‘giving thanks for what we have’ aspect, but I am against how it’s being sugar coated and made out to be some happy gathering when in fact it was a tentative alliance between the Wampanoag and the pilgrims....before, Natives wouldn’t allow them to stay for very long, just for trade. Then Massasoit decided to let the traders stay but only if they ally with them against the Narragansett. This opened the door for more settlers, which...well you know what happened next.
Linda Kirshenbaum This is the pretty cleaned up version that many learned. NBC released the Native American truth with video and interviews containing the massive slaughter of tribes to which President Lincoln knew and OKed, no picture perfect sharing of meals, that Thanksgiving to this day is considered a 'day of mourning' to Native Americans out of respect for history's tragedy. They want their culture which is proud and practiced to be seen and understood and acknowledged.
Thomas Pennell I can't believe people. You can't take one day off from your ignorant babbling and give thanks with your family and/ or friends and give thanks for anything. Go help some needy people and give thanks that you can.
Meagan Murphy I can’t find a place to comment on your report on North Korea. I was at the university Washington lecture and if a citizen of North Korea insults the government they can be sent to a hard labor camp. When you interview these impoverished people who despise America, supposedly- perhaps you should add that dimension of psychological pressure of being physically tortured if they speak out about how they really feel. And make this blatant. So average Americans don’t automatically think they want to be enemies with the US.
Yacine Boukecha Un instituteur demande à ses élèves: 1. Comment peut on faire entrer un éléphant dans un frigidaire ? bien sur, il y avait plusieurs réponses mais une semble plus correct, c'est premièrement, on ouvre la porte du frigidaire ensuite, on fait entrer l'éléphant à l'intérieur du frigidaire et enfin, on ferme la porte du frigidaire. 2. Comment faire entrer une girafe dans le frigidaire ? Aucune réponse est juste ! La réponse est : premièrement, on ouvre la porte du frigidaire, deuxièment, on fait sortir l'éléphant du frigidaire pour ensuite faire entrer la girafe et enfin, on ferme la porte. 3. Si le lion convoque les animaux pour une réunion, quel animal qui va s'abstenir ? les élèves n'ont même pas sus de concevoir la réponse. La réponse, c'est : la girafe. pourquoi ? parce qu'elle est dans le frigidaire. 4. Si vous allez à la ville et vous devez couper une rivière plein de crocodiles, comment vous allez procéder ? L'instituteur donne vite la réponse : nager.
Lester Phinney Could you imagine the fit liberals would pitch today if we tried to establish a federal day of Thanksgiving?
Hatem EL Masry A new laser is operated with a length of about 50 cm. The raw material is gravel. It is the right of the buyer to test the stone for sale
Apu Kim It's about Christianity. Now Americans are becoming free thinkers. They don't know the real Thanksgiving. 😢
Ethan Bernard Thanksgiving is indeed an important part of America's history, but don't let this distract you from the solid fact that exactly 5 years ago today, on 11/23/2008, inside Indianapolis famed Bankers Life Fieldhouse, John Cena returned from a torn pectoral muscle injury and entered the 26th Survivor Series . Cena would face CM Punk and Ryback in a triple threat match where The Shield - approached the ring from the crowd and triple-powerbombed Ryback through the broadcast table, allowing Punk to retain the title by pinning Cena. With Punk's win he became only the seventh wrestler in history to hold the WWE Championship consecutively for one full year.
Jeremy Davis This story is outdated. The story of thanksgiving today is one of consumerism. Black Friday. TV’s and electronics at prices so low we are willing to disrespect our fellow man on this one evening with a smile on our face so we can feel the love of our precious ones opening up this “treasure” on Christmas Day. Yeah, we have our wires crossed
Charlie Mike Waiting for the overly sensitive leftist to, whine and throw a temper tantrum over Thanksgiving, in an attempt to get it banned or replaced. Even the word “Thanks”giving is offensive to some leftist.
Vlad Beliaev No media organization in this country is more treasonous, more hateful, more bigoted, more dishonest and more vile than CNN! Liberals only want to see America fail! Liberals have ZERO respect. They have no respect for free speech, no respect for The Constitution and no respect for our incredible 45th President, who has already proven himself to be the greatest President since Abe Lincoln. America was broken!!! Under the rule of HUSSAIN Obama, Radical Islamic Terrorism was totally and completely out of control, thousands of people who wanted to destroy America came pouring in thanks to him and our country was almost obliterated and our traditional values all but destroyed, many of our citizens died at the hands of these primitive barbarians!!! But each day president Donald J Trump is returning our country to its former glory and making America Great Again once more!!! Every day that President Trump is at the helm of our future we are WINNING!!! We are winning so much now, we are winning with JOBS, we are winning on trade, we are winning with our great military, we are winning at our southern border, we are winning with American Energy, we are winning with our second amendment, we are winning with the stock market, we are winning with our great veterans. Our country hasn't won like this for a very very long time, but now we are winning every hour of every day and you can actually see it! Honestly I feel like the sun has risen over America once more. Citizens are once again filled with hope and enthusiasm, you can actually feel it in the air on the streets of our towns and cities, it's awe inspiring and electrifying! The decent and law obeying citizens of this country yearn for the good old days when America was a rich country, a civilised country, a proud country and a country that was respected and feared by our enemies!! With all my heart I sincerely thank President Trump for sacrificing his incredible life to SAVE the American people and WE THE PEOPLE, stand tall and proud with our POTUS!!!! #maga #winning #thankyoumrpresident #TRUMP2020 #CNNISFAKENEWS
Sylvester Okafor Thanksgiving actually means being thankful not being hateful
Susan Ostrowski The real Thanksgiving: Mary had a little lamb, a little pork, a little jam.
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Allan Du Yaphockun the turkey would have been happy if it was a lamb instead of him.
Kiaraba Hollis The Wampanoag should've used what they brought. P.O.C downfall:Trusting Pale face.
Kenton Finkbeiner Nice little "wasnt sure of war" spin. Get a history book cnn. Quit trying to push a false narrative
Rahman Mohammad And soon after thanksgiving they were eradicated...
Nadine Fishman Zamir Quite a jump from 1600s to 1800s. What happened in between?
Kanyike Naser Mary had a little was as bright as snow
Gabe Avila American idiots who follows media on both sides
Barron Gurung CNN always find negative and spread false narrative... now thanksgiving also bad for them... liberalism is mental disorder
Angela Philpot Lies
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Tesla has unveiled its new semi-truck, which CEO Elon Musk says can go zero-to-60 in five seconds with an empty trailer

Daniel Farksunarm This really doesn't have much to do with trump but it's a positive and progressive thing so his supporters show up to bash it. Kinda says it all
Michael Barry Scow Elon Musk made affordable eclectric cars but the coin of the realm in capitalism is oil. The old saying applies here: "Any fool can criticize; condemn; complain; and most fools do...
Matt Guajardo Everyone complaining are like the same people who doubted the internet when it first came out. Cool dude have fun with your flip phone gas car for now 😂
Catherine Olivia Apondi Stop using child slave to dig in Africa and india for your metal and give people good security people are dying everyday. Children as young as 7 years are mining cobalt for you and are also dying anyone using tesla should be sick in their mind . We have written a report on this . Everyone should read this
Darren Prior How does a trucker on a single lane highway see around another slower truck to overtake it when he's sitting smack in the middle of the cabin? Also what happens to all those screens after thousands of miles of road vibrations? Here's hoping some real mirrors are added on the production model just in case of computer failures which we know 'never' happen.
Michael Sturges A joke it only has 500 miles range do you have any clue how much that would affect and what would happen to fraught all the food and everything coast may go up and not arrive on time. I have driven over the road and sometimes we cover 600 plus miles per 14 hr work shift which we can only drive 11 so if you chopped 200 miles times how many miles you can drive a shift what do you think would happen to fraught including food and also with battery weight how much less fraught can you transport
Alex Maas We know this. Not only because it happened a few days ago. But because your network has already made other (late) posts about it.
Chard Ducharme Pretty sure no one is concerned about the f**king speed of a semi jumping off the line. No wonder he cannot get laid...
Ana Silva Diesel Tesla !!! did you know that is ugly to get a name of someone and do a diferent thing with that only because money !!! Tesla is about Electricity more precisely FREE ENERGY !!! shame shame shame !!!
Jay Herns This is old news, can't believe they just putting the story out. Should have been covered on the actual unveiling.
Gary Torgerson It’s not Tesla’s it’s the America’s taxpayers, this guy hasn’t spent a dime of his own money! Just like liberals believe electric cars are good for the environment. Surprise they are charged by coal powered plants! Morons
Sabawoon Khan The development and expansion of technology is more of a business than convenience and comfort for the people.
Jimmy Hudson only the very wealthy can develop and purchase these vehicles Which will eventually become more economically viabke for the average person. So yeah, let’s lets the hell out of them.
Dwyght Beasley They keep taking about it but no one is seeing a vehicle totally drive by itself. I say if you put the thing out there on the job for real, it will CRASH!
Dwyght Beasley Demonstrate! Put it on the road with a full load With No One In It to catch it when it starts to CRASH! Only then will you get my attention.
Eroll Xhemaili Am I the only one sick of this guy?
Richard Brown Not many truckers make their living pulling around empty trailers.
Karen Ann Alexander If you want to save the world Elon Musk make cars that the majority can afford 🌍🙄
Andrew Smart Elon Musk is going to improve humanity.
Julian Martinez Diesels don't kill people. Cars in diesel blind spots do lol...
Marvin Suhul One day those Big Diesel Trucks are gonna be gone!!
Simon Teixeira Don't worry America is bringing coal back, that will teach the world a lesson. 🤣🤣🤣
Cameron Dennison It’s only as green as the place you plug it in if the powerplant Burns coil or oil it’s not green it’s still makes pollution
Sam Daleo Tesla is trash. Old tech from govt subsidies. Tech meant to hold the industry back.
Jonathan Palhaniug-Smith He keeps trying to be Tony Stark.
CNN2 hours ago

The 10% raise is good news for 24.7 million Mexicans who work either one or two minimum wage jobs, but it also resurfaces a key complaint by American workers who voted for President Donald J. Trump.

Dieter Michaels 4.70 per day is what American republicans are trying to force on US.
Raul D Amezquita But GOP voters picked a businessman! Do they really expect Trump to go against basic investment/profit logic?
Stori L Darnell-Sorrell
Johannes de Jong It shows the lack of respect towards workers in Mexico ..still far underpaid and suffering. For you 6 other people. So you can not complainbl or loose your job. Great for meccan workers..but that 10% will not lift them out of poverrty. It does give a signal that the overall expenses are rising in mexico.. so mecico had little choise to keep the lower class "happy" to avoid bigger problems. Has not so much to do with NAFTA. The gap is getting smaller im wages..even if its a very small one. A free bonus ..not even any negotiation needed..but overall it says more about the state that Mexico is in currently.
Kendall Cook-Stancil So the solution for that is to keep letting them come here and send money back . No wonder why it goes by DAY there...their Government is making money off US by taking it from the people of Mexico. In stead of let our borders overfill , why not enforce some sanctions for them to change their pay scale . Since our Governments’ fix all seem to be to dish out sanctions ...
Leopoldo Cabrera Avelino Thing is nearly all the fees are expensive, it is common to run into a professional that works as a taxi driver without diminishing this activity, more and more youngster are been recruited by drug dealers following the lack of opportunities they have at educational or working class besides we are still dealing with the aftermath of the earthquakes that hit our country.
El Biko A day! Not meaning 8 hours meaning 12 or 16. While the corrup Mexican politicians gave them selves a 400 dollar raise = about 7000 pesos a month they are the biggest reason people come here!
Angel Izaguirre 3.6% unemployment rate in Mexico? People in Mexico depends a lot on informal jobs... maybe (“and really maybe”) counting this as formal jobs you can get close to this rate. This article should be revised... Although it is true that manual (or even professional) jobs are cheaper in Mexico, it is also true that Manufacturing industry depends more on automation in any country nowadays. Also, NAFTA certainly benefits more Mexico in a pure relationship USA-Mexico but, it is more beneficial to USA in a relationship USA-Rest of the world... if Trump government wants to shut it down, fine, so be it... Current NAFTA rules were dictated by USA government trying to to take advantage of other countries in 1994; next time it will be the same with or without agreement ... Just don’t complain in the next 10-20 years because USA government still doesn’t know what he wants...
Garet Handy This is a good step forward. A small step forward, but a good one. If we are ever going to fix inequality locally and globally these are the types of reforms we need. This is why we need more international trade. When these deals happen wages in the country come up as demand comes up. If we do this long enough we will eventually reach an economic equilibrium where there are no places where shipping costs plus international labor costs is cheaper than domestic labor costs. Production would need to move closer retail to save on shipping bringing those jobs back. This is a baby step toward that equilibrium.
Gary Skriba Before you know it Drumpf will need to build a wall to stop Americans from flooding across the border.
Frank Quiroz What an achivement! 🙄 i’m ashame of my own gov...seriously guys, if you want to live well, do not come to Mexico....🙄🙄🙄
Samantha Palacio People here think our government is corrupt. They don't even know how good we have it compared to the narco government they have.
Trina Wainright At least it's progress..meanwhile America is regressing...because fools fell for the racism con again!
Stephen Knizek It’s not about the amount, but what you can buy with it. When in a third world country, someone from the first world can make that dollar go far.
Amie Richardson Gee. Who would have believed that a guy who makes his products in foreign countries would not be doing everything possible to create jobs in the US.
Jose E. Sanabria That’s about $90 pesos per day! About 25 millions of Mexicans live in poverty! 90 x 5 days of work 450 pesos a week! The food is Mexico is expensive also! 1 kilo of meat is about 90 pesos! People can’t even afford meat to eat!
Alejandro De Hoyos They need the raise... in order to pay for the wall. 😂 It's a joke calm down ppl
Matt Maxwell That’s why Trump hats are made in Mexico
Sri Priya That's crazy......that's lower than India's minimum pay
Derek Grady Ridiculous, yet they are smart enough to have government issued voter ID cards to make sure there is no voter fraud.
Tim Behen That's why they come here build the wall
Fisher Solorzano Huaman Trump is an Illigitimate President
Josh Foremann Keep waving that Mexican flag and standing for the Mexican Anthem, such a great place to live.... #MAGA
Tim Behen See lib's this why we need a wall
CNN2 hours ago

A heated seat, a cleaning sprinkler and music to cover, er, embarrassing noises. Japan's toilets are taking over the world

Jessica Griffith When I visited, Public bathroom experiences in Japan were always really pleasant lol. Very clean, even in the subways. Many had these super amazing toilets. Very private stalls. It seems silly, but here in the states most bathrooms have still have a gap you can clearly see through between stalls, and I won’t talk about everything else 😂
Michele L Patacsil Japan restrooms are the best! They even had deodorizers, always had hooks or other places to put down your bags, even a seat for your baby or toddler so your hands are free. Totally private! Always clean. Even toilet seat cleaner.
Karl Byriel We just spent a month in Japan, were dubious at first but got used to the bidet seats, so much so that we have bought and installed two for our house. Far cleaner than paper or so called flushable wipes.
Antonet Escuadro Even here in the bathrooms of every manufacturing company in japan, that kind of toilet is used as a COMMON thing. Very hi-tech and very clean.
Amber Noone Love Japanese toilets! Especially in the winter, when it’s cold outside and you stop to use one that is heated! Ahhhhh! Feels so nice!!! 🤣🤣🤣
Jen Hsu Before my retirement, I stayed in some Japanese Hotels. All the signs were in Japanese language. So, I did not know how they worked.
Amili Ramlogan Well that’s enough internet for tonight
Ricardo Solines I have been to Japan a few times and I love Toto toilets, I wish I could have one at home. The price tag is a bit of an issue at somewhere between $3,000 - $4,000 for what is pictured here.
Marie Simms Oooooh water and covered wires by the tush. Sounds like fun fun fun. Bzzzt....Oh no an electrical tush smells like bacon...extra crispy ,slightly burnt. Oh I can't control myself.
Chieko Khan My parents built a home more than 30 years ago and we had a washing system on the toilet already. It was called Washlet !! And it’s still working.
Stacey Friend My parents have these. Only complaint: an odd loud whistling noise ill timed to strike in the middle of the night when no one is in there. A bit like screeching. Unnerving.
Donald Daniels yep, we have them in both bathrooms....brilliant, hygienic, and exciting. sometimes I take my glass of red wine and just sit on the loo for the experience! Oh, and we save on toilet paper too!!!
Jay Lemtru I would sit on it as be like: "Captain's Log, Stardate 41153.7. Preparing to detach saucer section so that families and the majority of the ship's company can seek relative safety while the vessel's stardrive containing the battle bridge and main armaments will turn back and confront the mystery that is threatening us. Picard out."
Gladys PH Lin Yes, it is true since long time ago, no fake news because I have been there before 10yrs ago which were already so high-tech, let alone now but they should be very costly and maintaining them is not easy too.
Faizal Salleh In Japan, even your house is cleaned and sterilised... But if your toilet is filthy, the whole house is considered as a "primitive pigsty"... That what I heard.. That is why, toilet cleanliness and technology is a big deal in Japan.
Peter Steinhauer These toilets are the best. The Japanese do everything right! You can get them at Home Depot on their website.
Rudy Gurtovnik I'm still waiting for the 3 seashells system to become a reality. If I have to wipe my butt, then technology has not progressed far enough.
Ricky Kompkoff Jr. Who's the tech people that we call if our toilet is having electrical problems ? Electrician or plumber ?
Adam Colella People have asked me what I would miss most about Japan if I left. I always say the toilets. They are amazing. I’m currently building a house in Japan and ordered one of these toilets. Haha
Cathy Doyle Michelle Byrne look what Melissa Byrne new luxury is.... you may upgrade your toilets before she comes home 🤣🤣
Faruk Sulaiman Meanwhile westerners still argue the proper way to clean their butt
Anshula Rai High technology country I love japan
Paul John This is the kind of reporting CNN / DNC should stick to
Dema Chenzom Noone can defeat japan in terms of many.....
Jan Snow if it can also help me with my love life then i am sold!