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The 40-year-old died when he slipped from a slope and fell into a crevasse at around 6,600 meters on Mount Nuptse, expedition organizers say.

Mauricio de Carvalho I'm really sorry for the guy! But why ALL "famed" climbers die tragically?! In Brazil ALL guys akso died practiccing climbing, paraglides and many "radical sports", should we consider it an "sport"? (Not to mention MMA)
Sharon Evans Minton Some really ignorant, misspelled and grammatically incorrect responses. This is another tragic accident by someone doing what he loved...outdoors! RIP 😢
Mallory Miles Tragic :( At least he was doing something he loved. May he rest in peace
Matt Niemeyer Love how the media doesn't respect the wishes of the family asking the media and I quote " to not release any information about the circumstances surrounding his passing for respect of ulie"
Koubru Khagan Lakpa He must have polluted quite a lot..these mountaineers only bring pollution and misery to a fragile environment contributing to the decay of such pristine natural areas..
Fabian Meyer The world need more nuclear power plants, more coal mines, more oil platforms pumping black gold from the deep of ocean! The world need more asphalt, more sky craper, more cars and confort! Human Race first!
Donna Lovelock Put him in a Chuck Full of Nuts can with the rest.'s from The Bucket List.
Cheryl Rice There's a shocker. A climber falling to his death? Whoodah thunkit?
Donnie Williams Hillary had him rubbed out for tampering with her Swiss accounts.
Sonia Nunez Wasn't he one of the climbers who had an altercation with Sherpas a few years back on Everest.
Jason Bavaro Oh well shouldn't have done death defying things and not expect death
Charlie Mullins He didn't Steck the landing
Kamran Malik Abdulazeem Naib Sabiq Al jaba al noor sufi wasn't kidding about slipping on mountains 👀
Marvin-Goss Bo Gossbo (Tragic) full of life..I would have loved to have heard him story in person..sad😂 RIP
Prosenjit Patra There are mentally retarded people who loved❤ this as you can see 😐😠😡 To those people 👈get well soon bustards 😡
James S Nednettirc Trumps fault
Jeff Dillaman Look up his climb of Eiger. Amazing athlete.
Hem Bahadur Tragic
Edgar Figueroa Ha! Noob...
Joe Juarez Prayers go out to this man's family.
Kenneth Gordon What was he famed for? He sucked at climbing.
Scott Zimmerman You had one job dude...
Rosa White Prayers
Catherine Aileen RIP and God bless.
Rachel Martinez He died failing at something that he loved.
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Though a 60% wage hike sounds significant, the price of goods is skyrocketing, making basic purchases too expensive for many Venezuelans.

Adam Franklin Wakefield Just watch the minimum wage increase will fix many problems they have. Proving socialism will work again!! 😂 you believe that, I can sell you air!!!
Cody Cohen Socialism... funny how there was a great deal of derpy college students who thought this would be a good idea..(Bernie voters)
Jorge Chang You can't just raise wages and expect for it to fix all this mess. This is basic economics. Cost of living increases with the wages and you end at the same point you started. You can't artificially create surplus where there isn't any. If the employer didn't have the money to pay the employee to begin with, then he is forced to raise costs to make up for the loss of income thus inflating their currency and accomplishing nothing.
Michelle Nuñez França There's no point in raising the minimum wage if the cost of living will continue to rise. People are WALKING hundreds of miles to the border of Brazil for food, medical treatment and work.
Deric Smith A true socialist society won't work as long as there is money to be made. A socialist society is set to provide the common good of all people, by all people, for all people.. It only works if all people are on board and aren't trying to come up.. Unfortunately that will never be the case. We are too far trained to want or desire more than the next.
Richard Sittel I've been watching this fiasco for 10 years, they're basically screwed. They've been robbed of Billions of dollars by their politicians, they gave money away to buy votes dozens of times, and everything is as corrupt as it could possibly be. The only way to fix it is with a complete reboot of the whole system. And it's going to hurt real bad because they have no friends left.
Trevor Himes It's quite amusing to see this article not get much attention by the typical Facebook derpy liberals that constantly promote the socialistic propaganda. Oh that's right, this doesn't fit their narrative.. Ok CNN back to Trump bashing.
Jim Jameson Send Bernie Sanders down, I mean what's the worst that could happen since it was policies like he endorses that caused this right? What you're seeing there is the end game of socialism, eventually you run out of other peoples money. Nothing in life is free.
Kathy Lee Cintron Santiago Since all of you think to have the solution, go down to Venezuela and see if it will work. You will end up in a body bag, the government will make sure of that. Venezuela is completely corrupted.
Rus Jones oh my gosh. of course. what better way to help people than by raising the minimum wage. all their problems are going to blow over in like a week. i love how well socialism works.
George Gonzalez Maburro time go Freedom for Venezuela no more Dictator in latinamerica Bye Hijo de puta Venezuela esta cansada de la Represion Militar libertadad para Venezuela resiste hasta el Final vendran mejores dias .
Dan Costa Yes this is what Democrats want an onslaught of benefits with no way to pay. Sounds familiar?? Yeah it's been done in Venezuela.
Elmer Lee Bechdoldt The cost of doing business has wages factored into the base cost. if you increase cost at the producer level the transport and sale level then the over all cost of said product will raise. Liberals and democrats have the same lack of economic education as socialists, they will never understand basic cost to sale ratios.
Bernardino Vieira REFLEXION PARA LOS VENEZOLANOS QUE SE HACEN IGNORANTES. .- Cuando veo y escucho por alli que ningun partido de la oposicion a dado un programa de gobierno para ser elegido, que no tiene un programa de gobierno para ofrecer a los ciudadanos y pueblo Venezolano... me dan ganas de olvidarme de la raza humana y ser a partir de ese momento un Animal que son capacez de reaccionar de forma normal y no anormal como le esta pasando a una limitada poblacion Venezolana... Mi respuesta es : Que mas programa de Gobierno quieren que es de reconstituir todos los poderes publicos, hacerlos valer por su ley y honor como dice nuestro glorioso Himno nacional. Reconstruir las Fuerzas Armadas en general porque si deben respeto, honor y defensa es a su pueblo Venezuela y no al gobierno de turno. Que mas que abrir y poner en funcionamiento el aparato industrial del Pais con materias primas y asegurar la inversion extranjera para devolver las vacantes de empleo y la produccion nacional porque quien somos nosotros para comer, vestir, calzar todo importado. Como hacerlos entender que nos formamos desde un empleado en el aseo Urbano hasta doctorados y para que, para desempeñar en otro pais cosas que no sabemos, estudiar tanto para no tener esa garantia de trabajar por tu Pais sino en el vecino mientras el nuestro se hunde, estas son mis palabras y por ultimo quiero cerrar con decirles a esas personas y al pueblo en general que ya en nuestro pais no hacen falta mas leyes, que estamos cansados de tantas leyes y decretos aqui lo que hace falta es un Gobierno e instituciones que hagan cumplir las leyes y un pueblo que goze de los derechos y deberes de Ser Venezolano, porque las leyes estan por el piso y como decia alguien por alli.... ASI SON LAS COSAS... aqui en lo que queda de Pais.
Ivan Magallon Venezuela is Bernie Sanders' economically retarded policies in action. The only thing Bernie has in common with Scandinavian Democracies is support for a broad welfare system. Besides that, he's pretty much the opposite of Scandinavian Democracies, which are much more free trade friendly and in many ways have been more economically free than the United States the past few years. Scandinavian Democracies are rather very pro business. Bernie is the opposite. He is a protectionist and very anti-business/pro-regulation. Bernie has much more in common with South American Socialism than Scandinavian Social Democracy.
Fitz Greg And still Democrats think Socialism is the best thing ever smh
David Elias Trying to silence the people with bread crumbs. This battle cannot be won with flags and marching. Don't bring a knife to a gun fight.
Stephen Pendley Maybe they should try not socialism.
Kevin Brown Awwwwwww.....loser snowflakes must mention our President...snowflakes still sad:( ha ha!
Christopher Piecha You can raise the minimum wage to $1000 dollars an hour but when your money is worthless it's a joke.
Nurani Reed The corruption in Venezuela is the real problem and is also the reason why the country is in turmoil
Cynthia Hemingway Well, it's good to hear they even have money again.
Sam McCarthy Fate of a country who turns to socialism. Direction of democratic party led by Sanders and alt left!
John Lair This is EXACTLY what Democrats and CNN pushed for here.
James Harrison New Bulletin !! CNN to announce that it's all President Trumps fault ! Lol . Figured I would beat someone else to it .
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Sebastian Gorka is a deputy assistant to President Donald J. Trump and has been working on the National Security Council and on the Strategic Initiatives Group.

Julian Alexander Dent That's one nazi down. Only...200 to go? Can you even walk down the hallway in that White House without bumping into a Nazi or secret russian?
Jarrett Wilson Trump need to start with extreme vetting in the White House first.😏 Trumps a total fail👎🏻
Dave Amare Joneson THIS IS WHAT, the 6th person? Just 100 days in. What a pathetic administration! Let me also drop this here! "Sebastian Gorka, a top counterterrorism adviser to President Donald Trump, frequently criticized Trump's approach to foreign policy during the 2016 presidential campaign, at one point saying Trump was "full of bluster" on the issues but had "no depth."
M Hilal Arfeen Donald trump is actually working from white house?He is only busy in tweeting and making fun of others,live in a fantasy world and no work on ground Twitter Trump is a big loser
Vivienne Tait And another one bites the dust!! Thank goodness Gorka is leaving, this man is a totally, deplorable, dangerous wackadoodle!! 😡👿😡👿😡
JR Anderson Thanks for you service sir, and thanks for getting Trump elected, job well done. Has anyone seen Hillary lately, has she sobered up yet?
Michael Hughes How questionable do you actually have to be to get fired in this administration?Maybe he's going to go get his actual Doctoral degree and actually learn about security matters, disavow his racist affiliations perhaps?
Rich Petrillo Let me a few days or Week now we will hear how this guy was involded colluding with Russia. Kinda' funny how someone keeps tipping them off before new revelation's are revealed. See the pattern?
Mike Covington So here we go with another misleading headline. You dig into the story and find he was holding a temporary position to begin with. CNN contusion their very fake news cycle. Day 101 but more like 1 year plus of smearing. Still losing credibility in their selective tidbits of propaganda.
Benjamin Crow Oh ok! Dr. Dorka is going to take his naziism and his pompous fake accent somewhere else? Probably back to Fox News where nazis all feel at home although it helps if you rape women too.
Jeremy Letterman More lies. He was just interviewed last night and said he'll be with president trump for 4-8 years. Just like Steve Bannon was going to go. More fake CNN news
Tanya Villanueva If only Trump hadn't run to get a better contract for the "Apprentice".. The world might be a little saner place. Lord!
Mary Jo Woodruff A US citizen for five years, he wore a medal to Trump's inauguration representing a WW II Hungarian nazi sympathizer organization. Duh.
Brandon Horan Looks like they are going to have to disinfect the whole White House, before anyone decent can move in.
Sean Baker Hey Headline Readers, maybe try to read the story....just like most of CNN stories, no one knows for sure about anything!
Joaquín Cervantes The first 100 days: Congratulating a Purple Heart recipient. Appointing a foreign agent as the National Security Advisor. Lowest approval ratings of any president at this point. Attacking and ignoring the science of climate change and the EPA. Appointing unqualified and incompetent individuals such as Pruitt, Devos, Carson, and Perry. Rolling back protections for transgender students. Refuses to release his taxes just like any presidents have for the past 40 years. Losing the respect and the title of the Leader of the Free World. Under investigation by the FBI. Failed mission in Yemen. Two failed Muslim bans. Disastrous anti-middle class and anti-environment executive orders. Failed repeal of Obamacare. Striking an already empty airbase in Syria to distract from low ratings and the Russiagate. Awkward and embarrassing meetings with foreign dignitaries. Inviting racist clowns like Ted Nugent and Palin to the Whitehouse. A ton of golfing. Obsession with President Obama. Taking credit for Obama's accomplishments. Accusing Obama of wiretapping him with no evidence whatsoever. Twitting non-sense at 3am. A whole lot of lies. No transparency. Most ethically challenged administration in US history. Most secretive administration in US history. Nepotism by giving family members important jobs and deals. Cronyism by appointing billionaires to his cabinet. Proposing massive tax cuts for the rich like himself. Allowing a banned pesticide proven to be dangerous to be used again. Falsely claiming navy ships going toward North Korea. ISIS remains in large despite his promises. Introduction to connotative terminology such as snowflakes, alternative facts, fake news and bigly... Targeting national monuments created by Obama and Clinton. Signing a bill that allows your private data sold to the highest bidder. Cutting after school programs, and meals on wheels. Wasting millions of tax-payers money by wife and kid not moving in to the Whitehouse. Promoting Mar-A-Lago by Sate Department. Settled multi-million dollars lawsuit against his fraudulent university. Dropping a $16 million bomb on 94 ISIS terrorists. Allowing offshore drilling. Slowest GDP growth in 3 years. (Fair to blame him since he took credit for good jobs numbers in January and February) Worst jobs report in nearly a year in Mach. Making it easy for mentally insane to buy guns. $1-3 million weekly trips to Florida.
Koubru Khagan Lakpa Wats a "Strategic Initiative Group?" That must be the group planning for wars, invasions, looting and pillaging resources from other nations around the
Nalini Singh People here using the word "Nazi" loosely should be ashamed of themselves to call/refer to another person like that!! Be careful what you wish for!
Trista Leigh The irony of people calling this fake news in defense of a guy who worked at Breitbart...Breitbart!
Scott Kelley This is like removing a cancerous tumor from an even larger cancerous tumor.
Cayla Lucier another one bites the dust! One by one they will fall, and eventually Make America Great Again!
Holger G. Armas Reince Priebus: We’ve ‘Looked at’ Changing Libel Laws. The Trump administration demands free speech for Ann Coulter at UC Berkeley. Double standards?
Mike Bingham He's leaving to be the counterterrorism expert on Fox News. 😂
Dave Millar He's a Nazi...period. The fact that Trump cozies up to him is shameful and another example of what a despicable person he is.
Mohamed Abdelhamed Great news. This fool was a much bigger failure than Trump himself. Stay tuned for the exit of the rest of the current White House clowns.
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In this North Carolina city, people on opposite sides of the immigration debate have one thing in common: fear

Tina Rice Watch out now for the ad hominem comments from the Chump supporters. All they know how to do is call names, and blame President Obama or Hillary, or say your candidate lost. It's very pathetic that they have no intelligent defense for the clown in office. I have never seen one intelligent comment giving any facts of Chump's accomplishments. He only brings out hate. Probably cause there simply are none lol.😂
Deborah Cook Our immigrant population here in Detroit brought us female genital mutilation, the doctors are under arrest, wonder how much more of that is coming with the influx of immigrants?
Rachel Haze Conservatives all live in constant fear. Fear of Mexicans, fear of Muslims, fear of women, fear of blacks... thankfully their fear of vaginas keep them from reproducing in high numbers
Adam Franklin Wakefield Conservatives like me love immigrants as it makes this country that much better. Just asking to do it legally, why does the media put all immigrants on one box when it is the illegal immigrants we want fixed?
Stacy Gans If anyone wanted to move to Germany, France, England or anywhere else they would have to do it legally..... there's a process you'd have to go through to get citizenship---aka become legal. The same is if you want to come to the US. You can't just go to another country and live there. You have to follow the laws of THAT country. Why is it so hard for people to understand?
Dan Luin This guy in Michigan stands with those who oppose the US becoming a 3rd world country over run by 3rd world people who breed like rabbits and come here with 12 children already.
Bob Johnson What on earth do immigrants have to fear?? Did you mean to include the word ILLEGAL there?? Then, they should be afraid every morning they wake up in our country without being invited in. If they are here legally, I'm happy for you and thank you for doing it the right way.
Mike Covington Exactly what is the debate? Enforcement of laws passed by congress. I guess any law I don't like I shouldn't follow. CNN the smearing alt left bias channel. Don't call them news. Their highest ranked show is sitting at #20. The people have spoken
Gloria Johnson It is FEAR from the possible of Immigrants SOARING to High Levels. God forbid If that Doctor in ER saving My Life is an Immigrant Black, Muslim, Mexican etc, and My OWN-Brats never made it pass High School and Family Inheritance.
Jessica Redthunder I will stand with immigrants no matter what religion before I stand behind racist, Christian conservatives.
George Thomas If illegal aliens are afraid of Americans while illegally residing in America, perhaps they should return to their respective countries of origin.
Sonia Patterson Good live in FEAR, let your children fear ICE, teach them being illegal is dangerous, let them see the fear in your eyes and watch you cowardly go out of the house and when you get caught, think who are taking care of my children, will they eat when i am deported? All these things are YOUR fault get out of America and go back to your country!
Kelly Hastings Thompson This is every small city in the U.S. People requiring basic healthcare are shying away thinking of deportation. Basic needs of our neighbors are not being met. They must know there is a back door. If you provide basic health and well being to anyone, find the back door. You know how to do it. You'll never be thanked or noticed. But please persevere.
Ben Callahan Lke so much of our population, many citizens of WS have fallen victim to "we have to "blame someone" battle cry of conservatives, race baiters and general hate mongers. Immigration has been a tool (actually a hammer) to beat fear into people who see their old way of life and the world around them changing. They don't understand why everything can't be way it was (or the way they remember it) so they find something or someone to blame. Immigrants, African-Americans, "Yankees", whatever. They are always able to cite specific examples "they heard about" where someone was hurt, killed, scared or otherwise victimized by "those people." Today the internet magnifies this 1000+ times. It is the world we live in. "Welcome" is not a word we use anymore. "Go away" works much better.
Vaughn Lynn Deport the illegals and no one has to worry anymore 💁🏻 We have parts in Dallas that are like little Mexico now and not in a good way. I like US culture and I don't live in Mexico for a reason
Cristian Valera They're afraid they might steal the jobs they believe they're too good for? Take the educational opportunities they never took? Buy the houses they can never afford? Gesh. Such fear.
Gina Dunn Well in the reality of things, we are all immigrants with the exception of Native Americans. The Cherokee for example, they lived in NC for centuries before Europeans invaded their country...
Jennifer Boyle I thought it was an excellent article! Really made me see both sides of the coin - and I don't think the author's intention was to incite angry debate, but to instead foster respectful dialogue on the issue. Unfortunately, all I see in the comment section is division & hate. I watched a documentary on 9/11 this morning - and although it was an awful reminder of a terrifying day, it also highlighted a period when Americans were UNITED...something you rarely see these days.
David Greatorex Are we talking people moving to America as immigrants the right and legal way. Or, are we talking about illegal aliens. There is a difference.
Amani Uhuru Winston Salem is rough 35% black (thats being moderate).. a city that has deep roots in the civil rights movement.. why don't ya'll talk to black folks and about immigration?? are white opinions the only ones that matter? why are excluded from this conversation? i guess White Fragility is the only thing that matters in America.. solid..
Peter Karales Fear about what? With new immigrants, you get new labor, new restaurants, more culture, more friends, etc., etc. The American experience is build on perpetual immigration. As it turns out, the new trends in upcoming restaurants is Middle Eastern and African foods. Here is an idea. Have an open mind.
Younes George There is all the difference in the world between legal and illegal immigration. Liberals like Canada and use it as an example. So why don't you copy it's merit based immigration system giving priority to skilled and educated immigrants rather than non english speakers who don't have any diploma.
Chris Joannides Here we go again with the same old liberal argument of who's gonna pick your fruit and vegetables? We now have illegals in construction as masons, carpenters, framers, roofers, excavators, plumbers, painters. They cook in restaurants, flip pizzas, they work in warehouses in shipping and receiving and operate fork lifts. I guess those are all jobs that americans dont want to do? I hear these bogus arguments and think, no wonder these liberal hacks lost the election.
Ernest Richards Sr. Pussygrabber and the pubes are lying cowards.Any immigrant is better than any pube.They work harder and pay more taxes.Won't be long before the racist gop will lose it power and there will be hell to pay.
Usama Ghanim We should ask ourselves a fundamental question, what have we benefited from multiculturalism with each culture? Cultures that didn't benefit us should be forced to integrate or it won't be recognized.
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In a nearly one-hour speech, President Donald J. Trump berated the media and Democrats and struck a determined and divisive tone

Torie Montgomery CNN, keep going after Trump! Hold his feet to the fire. We're counting on you! You are NOT fake news.
Sophie Leiton Toomey The election is over, Donald. Knock it off with the rallies.
Susan Watts If this man doesn't frighten you, you're a fool.
Mindy Cherches Nelson This narcissist constantly needs the adulation of his supporters to feed his huge ego, so he continues to hold rallies. He still doesn't comprehend that the job of a US president is to be a unifier and leader. This will never happen because Trump is all about himself and his self-serving cronies.
Andrew Kaplan Because he is to big of coward to go to the correspondents dinner, and face a roast like man. He proves time and again that he will back down when challenged. #cowardinchief
Susan Emert As far as I'm concerned, this rally was ridiculous. It was full of hate. Pure unadulterated hate and jealousy. If that's his base then it's pretty thin. He held this rally in a 7000 seat venue that clearly had empty seats. Even if it was filled, 7000 people is not a base to be proud of. I realize he has other followers elsewhere but even his base is wavering. There was no reason for him to hold that rally when he did. Had he been a "man" he would have shown up at the dinner like the leader he's supposed to be but no, he had one of his hissy fits and acted like the child he is.
Rok OKeefe "I am Der Fuhrer! I am the best Fuhrer. I have accomplished many many tremendous things....things that are great and tremendously big. i am the Best Precedent in U S History! Millions and millions of (really dumb & mislead) people voted for me! This is a record breaking crowd of Nazis and empty chairs.....the most nazis and empty seats in any campaign speech ever! I won the popular vote by milllions of people, if you dont count the millions of people that I dont count. Many many many people are saying this....bigly.
Michael Hathoot Remember the good old days back in Jan.20th 2017 when Forrest Trump said this... "We are one nation, and their pain is our pain. Their dreams are our dreams, and their success will be our success. We share one heart, one home and one glorious destiny. The oath of office I take today is an oath of allegiance to all Americans." April 29th... " I was to afraid of being made fun of so I came to Pennsylvania to talk sh*t about half the country."
Joshua McGlothlin CRYSTAL CLEAR Imagine this scenario: Hillary Clinton is president. It's learned that she has deep ties to Putin and the Russian spy agency. She puts utterly unqualified billionaires in cabinet posts. She pursues public policies that benefit her and her billionaire friends. She puts her daughter Chelsea in a position of influence in the West Wing, gives her her own office and allows her to use that position to forward her own business interests. And Chelsea's husband is her chief advisor. The private business trips taken by Chelsea and her husband are paid for by the taxpayers. She refuses to release any tax returns, she blocks access to the visitor logs in the White House and Bill refuses to live in the White House so our tax dollars are spent keeping him safe in Chappaqua. Hillary spends almost every weekend lounging in her own, privately-held resort. Her private resort gets reimbursed for any and all "official" government functions (including security) because she chooses to conduct all her "business" and personal functions there. She and her family live in three White Houses at the same time. In an interview, she names the wrong country she bombed while bragging about the chocolate cake she was eating while she ordered said bombing. I could go on and on. The point is that the outrage, the outcries, the screaming by Republicans would be heard around the world and impeachment proceedings would already be underway. By the way, this is not about political party affiliation. Let's face it, if Hillary - or any woman or minority candidate - had five children from three partners s/he would never have survived the primary. 🤷🏼‍♂️
Lisa Davis Shades of Nuremberg in the 1930's! Why is someone not discussing the optics of rallies like this with him? He's only been in office for 100 days and he's already campaigning for 2020?
Nurani Reed Rally for what? He's already president. Anyone else notice that he hasn't passed any bills yet? Just a lot of executive orders that can be wiped off the books when the next president takes office.
Scott Miele As expected, Trump is creating a divided nation. One problem tho, Trump's followers has yet to realize that they too will be on the outside looking in. Trump is only in this for himself. Going to be a rude awakening for Trump's cult of followers!!
Corey Bro Because he has noting real to say. Well except saying he can't handle this job. He just needed his ego stroked at a rally. He will be back tomorrow taking rights away from women and trying to get a win at something.
Katy Kiss-Fritzinger Has any one else noticed when Trump holds these rallies, these people looks staged always some African American in the same white T shirt some woman holding a sign that says woman for Trump, man wearing some sort of military garp and a few redneck looking people, okay the rednecks probably bought the tickets
Laura Jean Lock him up. Jail bars or straight jacket and padded cell. I'm good with either.
Raymond Struckman No matter if it's good idea or not the dems/libs will not support Donald J. Trump no matter what...there was a backlash this election, and the rest should be voted out if they remain with that stance.
Diamond Belejack Can't someone rein in this guy and tell him what a president is supposed to be doing? What does he gain by berating the media and the democrats? Why can't he work together with these people instead of alienating everyone? He will get no where. Pretty much what his 100 days were like. If he can't do the job get out!
Diane Marie Donald Trump is so much of an immature man-child, he is the first president in 36 years to not attend the WHCD, but instead held a "campaign type" rally bashing and insulting the media and Democrats the entire hour. He forgets he is NOTHING without the media. This man is an embarrassment to our country, not to mention the 6 or 7 countries he now has us in conflict with. What kind of a person does this? He is responsible for all of us, yet here he is threatening war with other countries. One way or another he's got to get out. I hope they get impeachable dirt on him - and soon...🤡💩👎🏼
Bruce Lerner How many Presidents had an open Supreme Court seat when they took office, especially one that the Senate held open for 9 months? SMH.....
Wanda Hamilton When he has failed (100 days) and things start to look to tough for him. He goes on another campaign-type rally to bolster his ego.
Deborah McDonnell Millett Hey everyone, I need someone to tell me how great I am! Forget all my promises, those were just to get me elected. I just want crowds of people to applaud everything I say and tell me how wonderful I am.
Russ Waldron He only understands what supports him. It's no wonder why he hates the media. I'm not letting CNN off the hook. They suck as much as Fox but in the other direction. But this orange chimp is just pathetic.
Dee Didasko i don't think he should be holding rallies already...with nothing to rally "for" .Obama held rallies after being elected but they were "for" thank his voters, to rally support for forth and so on. jmo
Dan Bean I'll tell you this, kids and campers. Take a minute and listen to this speech. This is some long winded, rambling, disturbing stuff. He skipped the correspondents dinner because he was afraid of people making fun of him. The last President to skip that was Reagan. But he was nursing a gun shot wound not a bruised ego. Sad sad little man-boy.
Carrie Cooper This jackal does not take credit for being an idiot; no credit for being the most obnoxious person we have ever had in the WH; the most illiterate clown that any intelligent individual has had to deal with in political, and ordinary situations of conversation. He knows no better vocabulary than a six-year-old and he communicates as if his brain does not function with sending any comprehension!