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CNN is live now — in National Harbor, Maryland.13 ago

We’re watching Michael Reagan, son of former President Ronald Reagan, speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC

Ben Derrick Trump, the only President that speaks of real issues concerning real Americans. People will regret NOT standing with him!!!! This man never fails to amaze me. I have never known a leader who would sacrifice so much for the unspoken people, the forgotten people, & the weakest among us.
Joseph J Martin You are fake news
Oliver Goodale #FAKENEWS
Angela Potter You people are a freaking disgrace to the country
JW Lewis Please stop snoring, people!
Ineska Sasonov FAKE NEWS!
Angela Potter HEIL HITLER - Isn't that your motto
Jen Stippich Ronald Reagan Jr is the best
Rose Mary Cantrell Chase Gahanna Ohio watching
Bryan Reynolds Any Lupus here?
John Leopold Joseph, you're seeing this live in front of your eyes, either you're blind or just a troll
Margarett Tiffany Rawles Debro Reality! 💯💯🙏🏽🇺🇸
Yamiley Poitras David I love CNN, #Standup##Resist#
Hasib Shahriar Azizi RIP Reagan, the last sane Republican President.
Tricia Tarrach #impeach the 🍑!
DanDebbie Nunez Poor Ronnie had Alzheimer's for most of his presidency.
Rosey Abuabara He was a HATER!
De McClinton Boooooo
Jen Stippich Ineska - Russia much
Georgia Klay Eeek!
Angela Potter #freepress
Brian Hall FKN vomit
Josh Thurmond Someone please put a knife to my throats. I can't listen to his.
Corey Johnson Regan is rolling over in his grave...
Armando Lopez Jr. Stop talking 🙊
CNN was live.31 ago

We’re at CPAC where Deputy National Security Adviser KT McFarland is making remarks.

Carlos Siverio CPAC is fake news, stop covering this.
Christine Joab If you think CNN is Fake News then WHY ARE YOU watching this?? Get off this channel and ask your crony Conservatives channels to cover this!
Sean Skoda Sounds like a soccer mom who would get mad that kids outside are playing to loud...
Carlos Villarreal Was this a history lesson? All i heard was about what a president from past had done . Speak about now or tomorrow .
Karol Clayborne She said people eating and paying absolutely no attention. Lol what freaks. Oh and she is a foot solider. You just a nut that's it.
Sarah Anderson CNN has multiple lawsuits against them for slander.
Bryan Williams The wall creating greater deficit created on the lie Mexico would pay for it
Dennis Elswick When are you repubs. going t start working for us the ppl instead of lining your pockets with as much of our money as you can.
John Brandon Ronald Reagan brought more minority Americans into the middle and upper middle classes than any President in American history !!!!
William Mosca This is a gathering of treasonous, anti-american kleptocrats, and should be covered as such
J Adele Davis Of course she talks about Regan, it's been a downward spiral for Republicans since then.
Kyle Higdon Yeah that clean blue sky your administration wants to ruin...
Guille Very Everything they say is fake..nothing but alternative facts. Republicans lack credibility.
Aldrich Uyliong I like how Republicans keep fall back on taking care of veterans and venerating veterans but they cut care funding for the VA. Let's be honest conservatives, it sounds good to say you want to take care of veterans but the reality is you think it is communist to do so.
Chris Kallaur
Paul Edward Hamilton We lived off the Clinton prosperity not the Reagan era...BS...
Brian Rittmeyer Funny, "getoverit," say those who STILL haven't gotten over Obama.
Luis Morais I hear they love the russian flag
Martin Kirkham Does her jacket light up???
Luis Morais get those russians out of the white house
Vítor Cardoso CNN is the best.
Sarah Anderson CNN lost its journalistic integrity the day Jeff Zucker was hired as the CEO.
Karol Clayborne These freaks always talk Regan his son hates them. Says his dad is nothing like these fruit loops
Ralph Verano "I love the smell of impeachment in the morning"
Jim Linton Where's the story about CNN being banned from the off camera gaggle?????
CNN39 ago

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi calls White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus' reported behavior "an outrageous breach of the FBI's independence."

Donald Jensen And just so everyone is clear. Every single news agency blocked from the White House Press Conference today had broken major stories tying Trump to Russia. This is not an accident or coincidence. That is where the story is.
Louis Idarraga Trump's attempts control the media and agencies/branches of the government are disgustingly similar to how dictatorships start. If Trump thinks the protests are bad now, he's in for a HUGE surprise. The press won't stop. The truth will come out. We will Survive the mess Trump is making, and Make America Great Again with his impeachment. #theresistance
Pamela Guyer The media is our only hope not to lose our democracy. I'm not a journalisr but I believe this is why you all became journalists!
Dwight Rowe RUSSIA. Orange 🍊 won't ever release those tax returns. He'd resign before he'd fess up there. Make no mistake this isn't about the media or any particular network. 🇷🇺 RUSSIA 🇷🇺
Jerry Balkenbush This is absolute tyranny that is going on now, we are now in new dangerous waters. I have no other words to say, this is the United States of America, so I thought??? Please rescue us George Washington!--a disheartened veteran of the United States Airforce
Nathan Terry Trump makes disparaging comments about the FBI, CIA, his own party, prisoners of war, gold star families, Mexicans, Muslims, NATO, China, disabled reporters, women etc.. but not one bad comment about Russia. Not one! Who coincidently interfered with the election to benefit him.
Matt McNally Pelosi talks to plants and discusses conspiracies about Scooby Doo...the woman is senile and the living definition of "term limits" for politicians.
Tina Lawson Idea people BOYCOTT and delete all the other news channels from your remote lineup except CNN. That way anyone visiting or in your house only gets both sides of the track and not the biased idiots at Fox news. Join us in #BOYCOTTFOXNEWS to join in the #resistance of our president who will destroy half the lives of hard working Americans especially the middle class.
Theresa Risaliti She's right! If you don't like CNN, then leave. All of the Deplorables need to Go to Fox and spew your hatred and fake Christianity!! Trump has duped all of you! He didn't drain the swamp, he's giving the rich tax breaks, and he's taking your money right out of your pockets! He's a disgusting pervert, and God will deal with this pathetic excuse of a man! You've drank the KoolAid, and now so many of you are regretting it now. We tried to tell you!!
Jake Kang Nancy Pelosi also believes that George Bush is still president and her african american counterpart Maxine Waters believes that Russia invaded Korea while CNN continues to publish FAKE NEWS! #LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder
Trina Niemants Albright CNN! This is why you are deemed lying fake news! The FBI contacted Preibus about the article, not the other way around! No wonder Trump kicked you out of press briefings!
Keith Sullivan That awkward moment when you are Nancy Pelosi comma and you Justified the Attorney General of the United States suddenly meeting up with Hillary Clinton's husband on an airplane. They had an impromptu meeting on a Tarmac. Just discussed the kids and the weather. All the sudden two days later the federal investigation and all enquiries into the felonious behavior of Hillary Clinton were dropped. Does Nancy Pelosi remember that seminal moment in history?
Wilma Brown Johnson Step one for Hitler was to discredit the media.• Step two was to silence scientists and government employees.• Hate crimes against minorities grew to the highest in their country’s history. Clashes between parties became so extensive that Hitler ended civil liberties (Step three), giving “law and order” as the cause. Those who opposed Hitler were ridiculed and threatened.• In Step Four wealthy supporters purchased media outlets, employing only those faithful to the ruling party.• In his final step (Step Five) Hitler declared that the only way the country could be unified was to restore traditional values. Minorities including gays, the disabled, Jews, Roma, and people of color were considered “inferior” and sent to death camps for slaughter.We're between Step 2-4.This is in case you were always confused by how so many people could go along with Hitler's Final Solution, this is exactly how it happened. And in case you were confused or bothered by people comparing Trump to Hitler. This is why!
Patsy Vanderhoof Then do something. All this talk is getting nowhere. We need action to stop this insanity. This is for the greater good of America which we all live in. For now!
Jim Kulp As outrageous as the lying, HCA repeal, attacks on the press and broken promises are, I think they are smoke screens while 45 and his associates engage in a coup. Please, congress, wake up and stop this while you can!
Debbie Swailes Guiberson I think Both sides have rights! A news reporter can't start writing CRAP to make the people panic. And the government has to share with us most things since it's OUR GOVERNMENT this isn't "TRUMP LAND" We Are The People of the American government. But it seems to Trump, what he wants should be law...
Timothy Joseph Marshall Can't believe the amount of copy paste bots are on here... Like the Russian bots on Clinton's page during the election. Don't think that's a coincidence.
Hernan Tapia The independent media and the FBI are targets. Since he can not supress (yet, hopefully never) he goes shouting and "discredit them". Always shouting. You are my preferred media so, let me tell you. Be much careful and avoid any chance to make a mistake, double check your sources. Do thorough research as there is much información to appear. Thanks.
Nathan Vre Non CNN and Democratic Party just can't take the L and sit down. 4 years right now, keep pushing and #Trump2020 will happen too.
Keith Sullivan Oh really Nancy, you Cockaboo. Was it outrageous in a breach, when Obama had his attorney general, Loretta Lynch, and former employee of Bill and Hillary Clinton, have one of the most coincidental impromptu meetings on a Tarmac and world history? While Hillary Clinton was under federal investigation, the Attorney General of the United States just happened to run into her husband on a Tarmac? They hugged and talked about the kids? And less than two days later the investigation was dropped? I mean that kind of corruption?
Brenda Montgomery So what is she gonna do about it, yes we all know what he did was a violation, now what moves are the Democrats gonna do? Step up your game! For goodness sake you're getting s*** handed to you on a plate.
Lawrence Byrnes Are you happy now [J. Edgar] Comey, election tamperer? Think you're immune from the dictator? You're not.
Vel Champion In 2013 Trump bragged in an interview that he had a personal and close relationship with Putin. Now the liar says he never met him. We want taxes. The wanabee dictator censors the news! Does Donald Trump realize that basic cable does not carry Fox Cable News because it is an entertainment channel, not "real news"? So in essence, by denying access to Whitehouse news briefings to CNN, he is not reaching his poorer supporters that he claims to want to represent? By censoring the news, he is catering to the upper class and middle class. The poor cannot afford to pay the large cable bills to access the "entertainment" channels like Fox.
Jamique Williams Well the F.B.I under Comey tried to help sway the election. Now even after Trump didn't win the most votes he became president, we have an incompetent man child as president now.
Anthony F. Marino III She's a corpse. I wonder what Pelosi said when bill Clinton met Loretta lynch on the tarmac? Again it's nothing. Dems love crying wolf as much as the republicans.
CNN shared their video.1 hour ago

It's nice to do a story about love every once in awhile. Proud of my team for finding this adorable couple!

Nico and Latoya both have autism. They never thought they'd fall in love, but that's exactly what happened after they met. "I honestly don't know what I did to deserve such an amazing woman like Latoya in my life," Nico says. "But who am I to question a good thing?"
Katarina Bouton "My first thought when I met Latoya was, 'Be still my beating heart, that is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my life. She just looks so amazing. Her glasses were reflecting the moonlight like a disco ball. She had the prettiest smile and her cheeks were so rosy.'" ❤️
Sarah Krusemark "While we are both amazing separately, we are even more extraordinary together" That's really touching. <3
Diana Marji Just wondering why we can't enjoy a story without the negative comments. This story is so pure and far away from politics or anything but still some people can't let go of the nasty comments, and bad words always come out of there mouth. God is watching be nice to the people on Earth so your father will be nice to you at a judgment day.
Daniel Maedowsky "Plus, we both love pizza so that's an extra bonus." That's how you know they're the one.
Tricia L Silva Hey, CNN it's a while. Awhile is only used when you can replace it with "for a while". Come on, guys. This is what happens when you hire millennials who didn't care to learn anything in school but play on their cell phones.
Eric Lagacy I think cnn finally found a story that can bring people together. Bravo.
Noemi Gonzalez Hills Society has recognized autism as a debilitating disease. Truth is that years ago people had problems focusing and it was never diagnosed. These people have gone on to live normal lives. When you label something and teach someone that this is what they have they begin to act as if They are inferior. This is nothing more than a ploy.
Brahma Mishra To anybody who is reading this, I hope and pray that whatever is hurting you or whatever you're constantly stressing about gets better. Stay blessed.
JeannieLaura Kahdijah PedricGranaas That was beyond adorable...everyone should watch this beautiful video of this amazing, sweet and loving couple...of a couple showing us all how life is to be lived...
Deanne Sallese Pizza and love. What more?
Mike Flynn Wow look at that CNN did a story without calling Trump the white devil!
Donald Burkett Only bigoted Trump supporters would object to this
Crampton Rob DO not care about their lives not my problem to in the first place just more stupidity u expect from CNN. SHE'S ONE BUTT UGLY WOMEN MY OPINION.
Sachin Neupane For a sec I thought that was the young version of Roger Federer.
謝靜雅 True love can cross over the boundaries and barriers. Finding true love is not an easy thing for everyone. Cheers to the nice couple!!
Jazmin Schrader This is the best! Omg all the fuzzy feelings! And a laugh at the end! Stephanie Falvo
Dalilah Arja lol looks like the social manager at CNN meant to share to her/his own page and shared to brand page instead. lol.
Clint Westwood I'm so glad you were banned from the white house you don't belong there
Abdi Fatah Moha "Plus both we love pizza,that is an extra bonus" this part is funy
Rachelanne Williams I think you meant this share to be from your personal account but forgot to switch over...
Jamilah Doveysalas Nice story but did they have to ZOOM in on her teeth and lip? #WoohNelly
Kristine Joyce While we are both amazing separately, we're even more extraordinary together. Love this <3
Dora Chanay D Mendez As a mother of a Son with Autism, I love to see this wonderful history.
Isaac Garcia How cute ❤️ why cant everyone in this hateful world be like these two.
Sharon Johnson Some people are so clueless about autism. People with autism are beyond "normal" people in their perceptions, intuition and intelligence.
CNN1 hour ago

Welcome to the bee team - scientists have taught these bumblebees how to play 'soccer'

Hosagi Matissmo Taishou The reason why bees are smart is because they think about what is best for the hive instead of what is best for the individual.
Nicholas Trent What happens when ur reporting from the white house side walk. Fake news has the right to media but the white house has freedom of speech and chooses not to talk to CNN.
Glen Boege I miss the old CNN. You guys were awesome 20-30 years ago. 24 hours news live. No spin or opinion just plain old news. Loved it. Now it's nothing but spin and opinion. Total Garbage now.
Derrick Shoemake Bahahahahahahahhahah....Chicken Noodle News. Wow...this is sad, what's next to fill the void "knock, knock" jokes? President Trump...knock, knock, CNN...who's there? President Trump...not you.
Becky Lyle Can we all just stop for a second and think how strange it is that it's actually someone's job to teach bees to play soccer?
Daniel Caudle Bees can be taught to play soccer and have a natural desire to work together in a large group toward a common goal. Meanwhile, humans............. yea.
Mary Beth Sheffield Parsons Now, if we could just do that with Congress!!! Especially the republicans. They need to be taught how to listen to their constituents!!!!!
Ann Parks Heck bees have their place in this world, so do presidents--we just elected this president, we haven't even given him 90 days, just saying
Janet Elsen Bees are intelligent and organized. They live in communities with a set order and they all work together to accomplish goals. Quite frankly, they do a better job than humans. So why be surprised they can do this.
Jon Turner ...this just in, CNN has now been banned from all bee hives for their perpetual biased reporting, good luck on the ant hills.
Randy Boone Now think of how small a bumble bee's brain is compared to a human fetus. How does a small tiny baby in your stomach think and feel. Thank you CNN
Angela Reel Now we know where are the bees have gone they are getting hooked on bee crack in the lab to score goals. :D ( I kid)
Dale Roach Bee's are dying so we are teaching them how to play soccer.
Darci Dixon Hunt I love them! Can we please stop killing them? K, thanks!
Richard Ling If you would like to report illegal aliens, please call Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) at 1-866-DHS-2ICE (347-2423). They will need to know names, locations (either work place or residence) and any other specific information you can provide.
Gaurav Anand Wo wo wo .. you're not allowed to use hands .. that's negative point
Aaron Jay Blakey That looks like they trained 🐝 how to work. Does that work on Democrats
Law of Attraction - Ask, Believe, Receive I used to walk into a room full of people and wonder if they liked me.. now I look around and wonder if I like them.
Micaela Rae No one noticed that they used the word "learnt" in the subtitles? 🙄😒
Yulson Suddreth So what are we supposed to say, "good job? Keep up the good work?"🤔
Kristy Torres Jenny Lee shut the front door!!! Let's train some bumblebees!! 🐝🐝🐝
Mayra Luna-Rivera Wow 😳 they got nothing better to do lol fantastic just fantastic!
Chris Green Good stuff. Anyone who's passed Psychology 101 knows it was done by shaping and positive reinforcement.
Rob Mitchell Hey CNN.....Those are Trump bees. AKA the bees that do things the right way.