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Netflix says it took an "unexpected" $39 million charge for content that "we've decided not to move forward with"

Juan Carlos Bonilla Was Kevin Spacey found guilty in a court of law?!! No, he was found guilty in the court of public opinion!! Guilty until proven innocent...The way it works now thanks to social media!!
Michael Pagliarello Maybe next time forget about a person personal issues and focus on his work/career. Destroyed a great tv show for nothing 😡
Francis Asamoah Agyei Well if the 6th season of house of cards is going to be the last they should just release it and let’s get it over with. Some of us are not interested in his personal life buh his movies . Perhaps you need to consider that as well
Arun Lakhia Well, Netflix brought this upon itself! Mere allegations ruined Spacey's career. And no court proceedings were initiated against him.
Isav Taurus Let choose people if they want to see him or not, guilty or not he is a good actor.
Jay Flo This has nothing to do with Trump. What happened to the 24 /7 bashing of trump.🤣🤣🤣🤣 I love all this winning
Sheila Case It wasn't because of Kevin Spacey it was because they decided to fire him based on allegations. They also fired Danny Masterson so Im sure that didn't help...
Kathy Light Schulz Oh well, there are no guarantees for profit or income. As a individual, I already know that concept.
Ken Claphan Explains the non let know of increase in monthly dues!
Karen Mcpherson Maybe it's Karma for offering MO'NIQUE that Crappy deal
Mike Taras They should air the Spacey shows...the dust has settled.
Martin Chandika Kevin Spacey is great actors and his evil acting president superb. He is just profesional actors beside his bad behavior course, go to cops if he doing harrasment. Why u must change the actors ?
Joe Fields That’s your fault Netflix. We didn’t tell you to cancel one of your best shows.
Maria Lis Deveriam seguir, porque quem deve julgar e condenar ele é a justiça, não o trabalho dele.
Jerron J. Bourdeau Well at least we'll know why they raise prices later this year..
Andriy Scherevechenko And we " The Subscribers " will pay extra for that of course.
Jeremy Turner Hey at least his acting is good. He needs to stop being egotistical though that's for sure. 😕
Nguyễn Trường Sơn Let your eyes on our Vietnamese team, create the wonder on the continent. Let's cheer for us. Hi CNN
Nilza Reyes We will pay for it, since they up their monthly. Not feeling sorry for Netflix
Rex Godwin What a waste of resources
James McMichael No. They list the money due to them. They chose not to continue with his employment. Dumb as netfilx.
Peter Pollack It was entirely Netflix’s decision .
Lerato Matabane What will happen to House of Cards' Frank Underwood?
Rachel McGilvray That explains why my monthly bill went from 19.99 to 49.99 a month.
Lawrence S. Lesser $39 million doesn't qualify as Netflix and chill.
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A volcano erupted near a popular Japanese ski resort, shooting flaming rocks into the sky. It killed one man and injured at least 10

Hassine Nasri And a huge earthquake near Alaska almost at the same time... Are we sure the two are not related? Not the first time that big simultaneous events happen at the same time on both sides of the pacific
Sam McManus Lord Jesus in heaven please hurl the heaviest debris to red states. If it be thy will. Amen.
Amanda McAdoo And Alaska has an 8.2 earthquake...she's restless, and will show us quickly who's really in charge.
HeuHau Langel Paite These are all signs telling us we are living in the last days of human race. In the last days perilous times shall come. Heaven's door will be opening soon. Heaven or Hell, choice is ours.
Travis Young Wish we could send Obooooooma Hussian and his nasty big wife there!!! She is so big and nasty she could stop the eruption!
Lawrence S. Lesser Better let Sanjay Gupta watch the video so he can give his diagnosis...
Stephen William Sequerah Edel Chua ... It’s you Wei! U going to some ski resort in Japan next month right ? Melissa Thérèse Ooi Tan Jia Siang DesJr Le Dei Melissa ! U got new name?
Tootsie Sonia I just thought about it last night after I watch the news in the Philippines 🇵🇭 Mayon Volcano 🌋 which has finally erupted, Japan 🇯🇵 volcano is always a link of the Philippine volcano 🌋, it happened before back in 1990s the undocumented volcano the Mt. Pinatubo suddenly erupted, and then, replied by Japan 🇯🇵 volcano 🌋 somewhere on Kyushu. That’s amazing but it’s scary at the same time.
William Chilton Could this be linked to the earth quake of Alaska? Or the volcano in the Philippians
Allen Dale Blevins Really I have to put up with TROLLS on a page about an eruption. Thanks for the help F--KERBERG!!!!!
Robert Chan And I was complaining about the busy Saturday crowds?😳
Sarah Mayr "Let's go ski on a volcano!" they said. "It'll be fun!!" they said. 🤦‍♂️
Maryanne Razzano Just now ? And we just had an 8.2 earthquake in Alaska . What the he'll ?
Marlenita Enfermo God this is seasonal on Volcanic eruption It happen today also the Mayon Volcano in Legaspi City Albay Philippines
Joseph Lapasanda And mt mayon in the Philippines is erupting as well...
Gio Kl also here in the phil..mayon volcano erupted..
Osiris Ramm So the Japanese get kamazakeed instead of vice versa?
Beatrice Gustave this year a lot of volcanoes will wake up .. mark my word. x from venus psychic
Niva Ramirez-Chanhkhiao Nancy Visak Volcanos, Earthquakes, Tsunamis.. Praying for Everyone's Safety🙏🏻😞
Ali Kemal
Scott Frederick Wow, that's some great coverage. Not.
Don William Walker II You should go and leave I in peace...
Bryan Oakley Matthew 24:7
Mobutu Wazabanga kamikaze
ሚካኤል ኣቦይ ዋሕሰይ Yet coming soon coz we racist
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• 8.2-magnitude earthquake detected off Alaska coast
• Tsunami warning in effect for southeast and south Alaska, Alaska peninsula, Aleutian islands and British Columbia in Canada
• Tsunami watch in effect for California, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii

Bryan Smith Well, I hope they don't start asking the USA for money and aide. We are tired of helping every other country in the world except our own
Rajiv Lal I’m in BC right now trying to make sure family is okay on Vancouver island (north side getting hit) but there only giving us predictions of when the wave will hit. Really bad time for this to happen because apparently everyone sleeps with phones on silent and no one has a landline anymore here. Hope everyone’s families will be safe and no loss of life. A 7.0 aftershock just hit in Alaska.
Agnes Rychnovsky I live in Anchorage and it was one long shaker. I called a friend in Homer and the lower part of town is evacuating right now. My friends and family in Kodiak are all going to higher ground. Villages around Homer have gone to higher grounds. It’s going to be a long night waiting and calling friends. Prayers are needed for our coastal communities.
Saber Silmi Stay cool Alaska,I hope Donald Trump knows that Alaska is an American state and not Canadian.
Rainy Baldwin-stanton We are in Alaska, that was no joke! Felt like we were on a boat.
Georgia Smith Poor California... They've already been through so much with the lazer wildfires, mudslides caused by controlled burns, now this! Praying for all in harms way.
Karen Willard Live in Wasilla Alaska. Quite a ways from Kodiak. This was one of the longest, rolling earthquakes I've felt. People felt it from Fairbanks to Juneau.
Keykukala Smith If you read the Good Book it says signs of the end times will be in the climate. We are surely seeing that. It also said to take notice.
Tiffany Roberts I live in Anchorage and that was definitely the scariest earthquake I’ve been through, and I grew up here. Still shaking and scared- especially for those on the coast.
Brian Lee Some how I feel Hilary Clinton is responsible for this.
Erie Morino There was 6,4 earthquake in Indonesia 4hr ago and a mountain in Gunma, Japan had erupted this morning. 15 people casualties.
KC Carvalho Tsunami warning for the state of Hawaii too!!!!! First wave to come at the earliest of 426am PST , waiting for updates
Jonathan Taylor A lot of trolls and bots here. Much easier than lending a hand.
Adam August Strachan So I live in anchorage Alaska it would be good to know if I should head to big ground or not but it’s cool 5sec to tell us about the Tsunami Warning but the next store you spend 10mins on WTF!!!!!!
Alaina Bartel I live in Ketchikan and got the tsunami warning. Woke me up! Still unsure if it’ll have an effect here.
Jessica Dickinson It was a shaker here in anchorage. A long shaker to, tsunami alert went off right after it stopped shaking
Pam Harris I'm on the south Washington coast. We were woke up by emergency alert phone calls. We are wide awake now!!
Justin Sias STFU with all the political jokes. 8.2 is a big quake. Stay safe everyone on the West Coast, get to high ground if possible.
Aak Clovis I just felt an earthquake while sleeping and it lasted about 25secs...I live in Anchorage and thank God it didn’t happen in my area I hope everyone is safe out there
Alex McNeil ⚠️ There have been warnings sent out to seek higher ground along the warning area and or move inland!!! ⚠️
Kapil Kp i'm sure one of them good guys with a gun i keep hearing about will be able to deal with a poxy tsunami
KT Miller I couldn't imagine feeling an earthquake and then getting hit with a tsunami warning. I would probably be hyperventilating and losing my mind. I hope that everyone takes it serious and does what local officials say to do. Warning or not, there's a possibility and that's enough for me.
Nathan Pellegrini Steve Wynn purchased a plot of land next to Trump hotel in Las Vegas. Plans to build a hotel named President so every time snowflakes look at the Vegas skyline they have to read President Trump.
Craig Morrison Hopefully everyone will be safe. It’s becoming a very disturbing world when you read some of the comments hoping that there is a natural disaster just because of political views. Nobody should wish any harm on anyone.
Anil Jagtiani Just reeling from the aftermath of Earthquake 6.1 on Richter scale here in Jakarta when another one has occurred in Alaska, how uncannily the earth movement plates are shifting and , connected, it was very nightmarish. Stay safe all whichever part of the world, because Global warming is taking its effect as never experienced before
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She is being accused of expressing "anti-Israel" views in 2014.

Mansour Tahboub Anyone who does not express "anti-Israel" views is not a decent human being, because "Israel" = OCCUPATION.
Sefwan Ahmad Really? She apologized for the tweets? Thats disappointing. in 2014 israel was committing Palestinian genocide.
Sam McManus CNN shame on you! Using the term “pull out” and having a picture of a female.... in a hijab!? Your court date will be Thursday. #metoo #timesup #imoffended
Balafama Jumbo Hide under hijab and criticize Israel and neglect your countries human right problems.
Prince Das Adeleke The purpose of hijab is modesty, hide the beauty and not be attract anyone. Um, this is the opposite ☺
Marky Adams Can anyone help? I live in Australia and loved watching CNN NEWS live streamed on YouTube. It's been hijacked got copyright and can't even get a quarter screen feed with a background 🤔
Clinton Daniels She should be in America experiencing a little freedom
Kenneth Migo anyone who roule human dress is not nomal coz in the opening of wold there was neked onwdays there is my dress my choice
Ahmed Jimmy Anti-Israel is one thing Anti semetic is something else !! Billions are anti-Israel already, but that haven’t changed anything for decades !!
Glenda Sims Why shouldn’t she have criticized Israel’s all-out assault on Gaza? Much of the world did. Sorry she capitulated.
Lesley Opie Good - what she said was unacceptable. You can read about her tweets here CNN Why was she used to advertise 'L'Oréal Paris hair products? You can't see her hair.
Ryan Albro I don't really believe that she is forced to wear a hijab...Its just poor advertising for some hair dye company that wants to expand its sales by making themselves look good to countries where a hijab is the norm. And to make them look more culturally acceptable to those who do chose to wear a hijab in countries where that is not the norm. It's just advertising....
Stephen Devine So. Now we can't disagree with a government?
Ashley Olson What's the point of doing a hair care ad if your hair is covered? And if Israel, or any other state or country, is doing something I don't like, I'm going to express it. They want to fire me, go ahead, I'll sue them. Israel is not sacred, contrary to their own beliefs.
Muhammad Suhail Soomro Before taking any action against her, one should go back in 2014 and realise What Israel did that year in the month of Ramzan.
V Denise Brooks So everybody in the Free World is held accountable for the mistakes they make,as it should be, EXCEPT 45
Rick Harover guess it's a good thing i have no aspirations, or an ice cubes chance in hell, of being a model. i have "anti Israel" views.
Jenny Bronson Can't be inclusive of all. You see what happens!!!
George Abraham Be careful what you say, where and his u say it; we're in the era of global village where archives are within reach..
Karim Aiche lol a new kind of freedom of speech ! hello democratic values !
Seyi Etaje People change. I think it isn't right when we bring out old text and tweets from people. People really do change and see the world differently.
Joel Hammer one day a woman will take over middle east and will change there ways for good. itll be a slow progression but one day it will happen.
Jo Jo Hall Why? Isn’t Israel committing atrocities right now against refugees from African nations? Thanks to the Rabbis who are helping out the refugees.
Mamie Stroud I just can’t get behind this. You want to wear a hijab. More power to you. But millions of women around the globe don’t want to yet are forced to so they aren’t beaten and imprisoned at worst and ostracized at best. Until all the imams and mullahs come out and say ok women you are free to chose to wear or not to wear and no harm or ostracization will befall you I will continue to view the garment as a tool to control women.
Joseph Sorrendino She has done the right thing by withdrawing. If she had made disparaging remarks about black people there would be protesters in the streets.
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Murders in Mexico had been declining in recent years, but officials say a surge in drug-related crime reversed that trend in 2017

Ben Ayt Murder is decreasing because Mexico is sending all it's criminals to the us and the liberals love it
Marc Breslin Well, it ain't paradise and all the cowards are running for the border; sounds like a shthole to me.
Sam McManus Let them all in an send them to the red states with the worst unemployment stats.
David Clossey President Trump is right! #BuildTheWall
Charlie Mike Hopefully the violent criminals from Mexico take over the liberal state of California like a wildfire. Lol
Edward S. Zahar The reason why cartels fight in Mexico is for control of the U.S.drug market, I do agree in building a wall at the border implement a strict enforcement of existing laws, Only people that have reasons to fear getting caught are against any form of legalization.
Jay Anderson Solution? Legalize drugs! Kill two birds with one stone. Help the U.S and Mexico! 😉 But no, that's too easy! Makes sense.
David Emerick They're not hiding as much in the United States. We get our border security act together it will be,higher next year.
Ryan Boehm Hey, I heard California is open. You can walk right in from Mexico, no questions asked. Tell your friends. #Trump2020 🇺🇸👍
Slick Vic Flores They can all come to California we are a sanctuary state...lmao
Dennis Koehler And I wonder why Trump wants a wall....kinda looks like he might be the smarter one....
Skip Rowland By ending the war on drugs we could reduce crime & drug use. The WAR ON DRUGS has not reduced crime, it has increased crime; it has not reduced drug use, it has increased drug use in America. End the WAR ON DRUGS & abolish the DEA.
Mike Lash Only thing you are missing this morning is Jim Acosta. After your HUGE political loss yesterday it is only fitting to bring out all your BIGGEST HASTE guns?
Christopher West Well by all means let's let em on in then
Lisa Brown And there is a surge in opioid use in the US too..!!
David Sanchez Mexico needs guns to defend themselves. This is what can happen when government bans guns. Only the criminal can arm themselves as well as the government. Innocent people have no help.
Jennifer Cantu Drugs again? Odd when it causes pathological disease, dementia, death in the end. What a ridiculous suicide. And a question too: How many of them are actually seeking the same experiences and hence the same drugs if their mothers' used painkillers at child birth or pills/supplements (assumingly) during gestation? It could be the children even grown developed an addiction to it, and are reinacting like a blur the experience for it, but what for if it looks like a proven shock like all drug addiction usually first is and dies to be. It's possible why they made it and turned it into candy in general, or liqueor. or soda or snacks. Because often it's proven an addiction worser in modern times sadly.
Jim De Brock As long as they can’t come here, it doesn’t affect me. 😁
Scott Frederick No wonder the Democrats want open borders.
Chris Sobik Hmmmm anyone know what could protect the United States from the likes of this? I’ll wait.....
Janeth Neal I'm not surprised when the country is full of drug barons
Νίκος Πάφρας The wall just got 10 feet higher.
Dustin Kepple Well ya they got all the criminals back hahaha
Mathew-Michael Hemmer So y'all understand how it is to lose power.
Mark Medal All the Nightmares Aka dreamers as the liberals call them are here