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10455578_794607350587420_7286542283370198278_nSteve is a Pennsylvania native and graduate of Kutztown State University. Steve earned his B.A. in Speech and Theater. In 1990 Steve helped launch and became the new afternoon-drive personality at  WXXL-FM 106.7. It was Steve who hired Doc Holliday and Johnny Magic. In 1991 a move to WWLV-FM 94.5 saw Steve become Operations Manager.  In 1992 New City Communications purchased WWLV and decided to go country with the struggling adult contemporary station. With Steve as program director, “Young Country B94.5”;  WCFB-FM 94.5 took to the air. The success of the transition won Steve Orlando Magazine‘s Personality of the Year Award. “Big” Steve hosted the WCFB country music broadcast live from Sullivan’s on Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando every Saturday night, from 10PM until 1AM. In 1998 Steve moved to WOCL-FM 105.9, “Power 105.9”, as program director. Steve has over 30 years of success in markets like Detroit, Cleveland, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Richmond, Norfolk, Tampa, Orlando, and Memphis. Steve owns and operates a state-of-the-art broadcast-VO recording studio in his home. His work is heard coast-to-coast with credentials including CBS, Westwood One, and SuperRadio Network. Steve is a contributing writer and the national imaging voice on ‘Retro Country USA’ heard weekly on over 100 stations. He’s also the show’s national fill-in host!

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Retro Country USA
Retro Country USA19 hours ago

Happy Birthday Craig Morgan

Happy Birthday
Have A Very Wonderful Birthday 🎉🎉🎉
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday 🎈
Happy birthday
happy birthday
Happy b-Day
Retro Country USA
Retro Country USA7 days ago

Happy Birthday Jeff Hanna of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

Happy Birthday
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Jeff Hanna
Happy birthday
Happy Happy Birthday
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday!!!
Happy b-Day
Retro Country USA
Retro Country USA shared a post.1 week ago

This whole thing stinks! And we can thank the "progressive liberals" for all this crap!!!

Im in the UK and we understand the importance of History , good and bad. I really cant quite get my head round why so much history is being systematically deleted. Its there as an education tool as well.
Do a song about it, Charlie!
Tell them Charlie
Amen Charlie! You are so right, something has got to be done.
We need to double our efforts to defend our rich Heritage. It has gotten ludicrous that a few Ignorant people get to make changes the vast majority oppose!
Amen. Love your music and what you stand for. For those PC people have them listen to "3 Verses " it helped when I lost my dad.
You go Charlie!!! I have always admired you for speaking the truth. I love a patriot such as yourself. Thanks for being a great role model.
Before long the terms "South" or "Southern" will be considered offensive. Wait and see.
Amen Charlie! We are in a sad state of affairs and I’m afraid it’s only going to get worse.
I'm with you, Charlie, we ,as a country, are going down a very dark and scary path. Logic and beening responsible are a not popular mindset, and a very rare commodity. Charlie,what can I do to stop this! I am a proud son if a Texas and I can not sit ideally by. It has esculated from an unwarranted attach on the South and heritage, to an attach on America itself. I'm praying hard for guidance and widom. Thanks for listening, Charlie! God bless
If your tired of all this BS. Then exercise your right to vote. Nothing is going to change unless We The People make it change. Our government works for us let your voice be heard. It's time people to stand up for what we believe in and stop worrying if someone is going to be offended. Time to take back our country!!!! #Trump2020
Thank you Charlie Daniels - always been a patriot and good guy in my book...
It’s Illinois so I’m not surprised. State of no good yankees
Thank you. And Confederate Railroad is a terrific band, love their music, and we danced many a two-step when they played at the Lazy B in Charleston SC.
I love Charlie Daniels and he is absolutely correct.
I’m extremely disappointed in the actions of my state, Georgia. I can guarantee you this is probably fueled by Atlanta politicians not the people from the area the fair is actually held, the small town of Perry GA. I know for a fact both confederate railroad and Charlie Daniels have played this venue several times and never been an issue. Next thing you know Charlie won’t be able to play Devil went down to Georgia because it offends Satan.
Thank the democrats who kiss the @$$es of anyone claiming something offends them. Well you know what I'M OFFENDED that my rights & the history of the USA is subject to change based on a few.
It's a very SAD state that the country is in ,,,,,,folks best get there heads and there hearts right
Mr Daniels you are so righteous,and I took my oldest son. To one of your concerts he was about 3 years and he still loves your music as well as me
The purpose is not to stop anyone from being offended. The purpose is to ensure that NO ONE has ANY positive association to the word "Confederate." After all, that's the Left's narrative - that there isn't any positive association with Our Flag and Our History.
Guess what? Snoop Dogg is playing the Illinois State Fair. I've posted that Make America Crip Again album cover of his, the one with a body and a Trump toe-tag on my home page. This is CLEAR political bias - but then, Illinois is another Uniparty state. NOW I'm really outraged. They aren't reacting to anything. This is more Soros-funded level agitation.
Preach it Charlie. You are right, it is out of hand. We are sick of it. It needs to stop.
i noticed that changes started happening in the 60's but probably it started long before. they make these changes little by little so folks don't notice unless they are paying attention.
Amen thank for your voice Danville VA
Retro Country USA
Retro Country USA1 week ago

This is absolute nonsense!

Retro Country USA
Confederate Railroad Banned From Concert Because Of Their Name
Popular country music act Confederate Railroad was barred from a music festival because of their name
If country music don’t step up and defend them now. These guys will be out of business!!!! This is total bull shit!!!!!!
I hope all the other invited artist cancel in the fair
Give it a rest!
I have a steep hill here on the farm and a big flat for the stage with plenty of room for parking. Nobody around here would be offended if they put on a concert.
This is totally bs. I hope all the bands join together and don’t play in support of Confederate Railroad
They've had this name for years and I wouldn't change a thang either ! Its nonsense to me ! Its called follow the Jones !
Ahhhhh this is for your little offended, hurt feelings...🍼 Keep the name!
This should have been taken care of the first time some outsider got “offended” now it is completely overblown nonsense!
Wait 'til those folks learn about the Articles Of Confederation. Their heads will explode.
All this politically correct nonsense needs to go away!!!! The world is falling in around us and people are focusing on names, statues and whatever!!! It’s absolutely ridiculous!!!! Come on people! Get real!!
The railroad was an escape route 😗
Make’em hurt! Sue their butts off and take the $$! Until someone finally fights back, this crap will continue!
Well, it WAS Illinois!
What rubbish. They have had their name a long time
This is so stupid.
Keep your name hell with them people
Reminds me of when Ray Charles was banned from playing in Georgia, or so the movie showed!!!
This is BS
Stupid. I think all the groups should withdraw in support of Confederate Railroad
Why now that has been their name for years!
Total bull crap. Guess I need to buy some more of their music.
Retro Country USA
Retro Country USA shared a post.1 week ago


Had the honor of drinking a beer with George in I believe 80 or 81 I was stationed at Ft Hood Tx went to Austin silver dollar he came and sat with us for a few minutes
Love you George strait you are very awesome I love you music it are inspiration for me
My very favorite male country singer. Love him.❤️
George has my respect,great music and he is a roper as well!!!
You are my favorite country singer of all times..... My son was born a month early & was born on ur birthday! God bless you & ur family! 👍😘
Wish you were our neighbor !! Love your style of good country music.
Love this. This is my 3rd time to share this
I do my best housecleaning when my country music is up loud and I sing and dance around .makes the job much more enjoyable
👍👍👍Great now I can finish listening to your songs
King George, you'll always be the King of Country to me. Love you & your music!
Love your music George Strait! Truly 1st class!!!😊❤️🎸
I wish I had George as my neighbor....... I would be over every day to borrow a up of sugar !!!!!!
Your music is captivating!!! And ya sit a pretty good horse 🐎, please keep on keeping on. Thanks again!!!
Whew!! I LOVE George Strait!! And yes, I've played mine loud enough the neighbors can hear!!
Great picture and good sense of humor 😂😂😂👍
I had the privilege of doing a meet & greet when he flew into Columbus, Oh. Several years ago. The sweetest man you could ever meet.
Thanks for the morning laugh. I needed it 👍
They better not arrest you my dear you are awsome listen to you're music all the time love you George
The King of Country is fantastic and so is his music
All of MY neighbors listen to country music! (Of course, they don’t have a choice!)😀😅😄🤣😆😂
I think our neighbor may be calling the police on my husband. It would be nice if he got arrested.
According to Foxworthy that might mean your neighbor might be a red neck.
Love it. Came down for happy hour and I got fooled. No one home.
I just want to know what kinda whiskey he's drinking!?