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Retro Country USA Sundays Noon-2pm  plays the greatest Country hits of all time, presented by Big Steve Kelly, with special features like these:

• Interviews with Country Superstars • recent ones include Reba McEntire, George Strait and Willie Nelson.
• Retro Rewind • a look back at a particular year and the artists who had hit songs that year.
• Retro Country Classic • a special look at a major Country hit song.
• Retro Influences • one of today’s stars talks about which Country legend influenced his or her life and career.

Retro Country USA also interacts with its audience through its toll-free request line and Facebook page, where listeners can play contests, view playlists, send messages, link to artists websites and more.
10455578_794607350587420_7286542283370198278_nSteve is a Pennsylvania native and graduate of Kutztown State University. Steve earned his B.A. in Speech and Theater. In 1990 Steve helped launch and became the new afternoon-drive personality at  WXXL-FM 106.7. It was Steve who hired Doc Holliday and Johnny Magic. In 1991 a move to WWLV-FM 94.5 saw Steve become Operations Manager.  In 1992 New City Communications purchased WWLV and decided to go country with the struggling adult contemporary station. With Steve as program director, “Young Country B94.5”;  WCFB-FM 94.5 took to the air. The success of the transition won Steve Orlando Magazine‘s Personality of the Year Award. “Big” Steve hosted the WCFB country music broadcast live from Sullivan’s on Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando every Saturday night, from 10PM until 1AM. In 1998 Steve moved to WOCL-FM 105.9, “Power 105.9”, as program director. Steve has over 30 years of success in markets like Detroit, Cleveland, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Richmond, Norfolk, Tampa, Orlando, and Memphis. Steve owns and operates a state-of-the-art broadcast-VO recording studio in his home. His work is heard coast-to-coast with credentials including CBS, Westwood One, and SuperRadio Network. Steve is a contributing writer and the national imaging voice on ‘Retro Country USA’ heard weekly on over 100 stations. He’s also the show’s national fill-in host!

featured artists:

Willie Nelson
Dolly Parton
George Strait
Tammy Wynette
Ricky Scaggs
Reba McEntire
Vince Gill
John Anderson
Charlie Pride
Clint Black
Loretta Lynn
Garth Brooks
Mark Chesnutt
Ronnie Milsap
Tim Mcgraw
Pam Tillis
Johnny Cash
Billy Ray Cyrus
Brooks and Dunn
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Willie Nelson
In case you missed it: check out Willie’s new video for "A Woman’s Love," from his new album 'God’s Problem Child.' Pre-order it now - Exclusive God’s Problem Child deluxe product offers
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Andy Scott Isn't that the truth today's country music should not be called country because it's not
Mike Blondeau You all have to listen to a guy by the name of Cody Jinks.Get can even hear a fiddle and a steel guitar in his songs.You don't hear that coming out of Nashville nowadays.
Lauren Abner I love luke and other today's "country" singers but it's not country. The definition of "country" has changed. "Country" is garth and strait and hank etc. I love them both but it needs a new category!
Sherry Clift I think they should have a competition! If you can sing it in the middle of a herd of cows, and they don't stampede over the top of you, then you can call yourself a country singer!!
Jason Michael
Rusty Pratt That's for fu☆☆ing sure. I hate our country channels because that's what they play. Back to old rock and outlaw country music.
Jonathan Davimes Take some fuckwit with cut off t- shirt and a Hollywood style celebrity haircut and that is your modern day version of country music. Bring back the good ol'days with the likes of Hank, George(Straight and Jones), Merle, Patsy, AJ and the rest of REAL Country music
Iris Trowbridge Nicholas The current "country" singers, especially the newer ones, do not resemble or sound like country music. I hear so few of authentic country music singers on country station, seldom listen any more.
Elaine Giller I love you George , I'll share your Ocean Front, just say the word. But you will have to sing me to sleep every nite. And all day in the morning. We'll have cornmeal gravy and bean wrap tortes for breakfast ,;);) Yum yum yummy.
Dan Thomas Pop and country doesn't belong in the same sentence...this stuff they're doing is a very lame attempt at southern rock, with a whiney chick and electronic robot flavor kicked in..
Bradley Cole Go George haha i love his music i remember when i found a video of him with Bob Wills Original Texas Playboys what i dont get is Bob Wills doesnt get recognized but when he was inducted he said he was western not country but oh well George is good😂
Virginia Richey Country music- genre where you can hear both the words a and music,where there are not more electric guitars than any other instruments.a must have is steel guitar and can dance to it!
Kurt Dravenstott Can we start a fund me for a cruise for all these "country singers" and just leave em on some random island please.
Dan Free Country music has gone down the tube so far I don't even listen to it on the radio any more. I'd rather listen to the 24 hr news station.
James Rogozinski It's not the country music with the steel guitars and fiddle I grew up with I don't like times changing its not my style
Jessi Thompson Can't aliens just come and abduct all those skinny jeans wearing morons ...never mind they would send them back
Bob Hayes One is a great country singer the other is a pop singer wearing his sisters pants
Alfred Tobia George, that sounds like that could the start of a good old country song. Time to hit the road again?
Vince DeAngelis Gabby DeAngelis Alex DeAngelis took me a little bit to get the Arizona thing.....
Bill Rader Isn't that the truth today's country is terrible if that's what you're calling
Rick Nelson I don't listen to country music because of the new crap music. I also don't watch any awards shows because I do not need "celebrities" telling me how much they are struggling with world affairs.
Steve Sager Don't even show these asshats in the same picture with King George Strait.
Adam Kilduff He's got 3 songs that I can stand. The rest are a comedy schtick
Eileen Sampson Roys I detest what is being passed off as country music these days. Nashville has sold it soul.
Clare McLeod I don't know who you are boy, but you sure are an ugly fish faced prick.😖 The other man can rope from my horse any day! 😍
Retro Country USA
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Jeff Doty Might be has beens but what better way to return our country to the days of greatness then to have some of our great performers playing at the inauguration.
Dee Taylor Legg You've got to be kidding sad you are !! These pictures alone speak for themselves, your article is not worth my reading ! God bless each one of these talented artists and groups !!
Brenda Rollins Center Great job!!!