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Sheila Hazzlerigg I'm not a kid but I would so go if I was still in Vicksburg lol
Heather Longmire Logue Wish we dismissed early .we sure would be there!
Celeste East Tillotson Maureen Nichols tell niece
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“I think we need more things like this to bring the people in the community together so they can learn about the problem of domestic violence.”

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“I used the analogy, it is like telling a kid in high school you’ve run the hurdles all year long and we set the hurdles at 20 inches high. You get to the state meet and because everybody has had good times all of a...

Linda Wallace-Walker Some parents are raising Cain about long existing dress codes being enforced. They should use their energy to complain to Jackson about stuff like this.
Donya DeShay Bradley Well let me say this: THIS IS A CROCK OF MANURE! HOW DARE YOU MAKE THE RULES when YOU have NEVER been in a classroom or you haven't been in a classroom in TWENTY YEARS!!! Get me some REAL teachers and principals in charge of NATIONAL AND STATE testing and I will show you REAL scores. And btw... THIS IS Ms Bradley who taught at VJHS and in the STAR program... I'll put my students I taught up against ANY SCHOOL in the state. They'll stand toe to toe. My babies can tow the line every time!!! Skewed scoring doesn't prove anything from Madison or other "high performing" schools.
Sharolyn Miller Othor Cain
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Justin Evans Way to go LA, sorry Warren co ppl it's my hometown ✌😇
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