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Hi! I’m Burks, and I’m not a hat guy, which is why I don’t wear a cowboy hat, but I do like country music, and that’s why I’m proud to be here for you with Biscuits with Burks!
We’ll have the Stupid News at 6:50, 7:15 we’ll check in with country music news, 7:45 we’ll take you back in history with What Happened on this Day Way Back When, then at 8:20 we’ll laugh you up with the Morning Comedy Bit of the Day, and at 9:15 we’ll hit you with the Morning Mindbender plus lots of cool local stuff!

Now, as for me, I grew up with the Dukes of Hazard (I STILL want a General Lee and see one in Vicksburg from time to time) and my parents listening to Moe bandy, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, the Highwaymen, and I still remember getting Alan Jackson’s first CD with one of those 12 CDs for a penny thing so long as you bought a couple CDs at regular price in a year (I never did, by the way), plus I’ve worked country before and I’ll sum it all up for you: if there’s not a dog, pickup, girl in short shorts, a col’ drank, or somebody cheatin’, it’s not a country song. So, have fun with me each weekday morning 6-10 and I’ll hook you up with Biscuits and Burks! Ya’ll come back now, ya hear?